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  1. Are we there yet? I think I remember Brandon saying he was taking time off for the holidays (perfectly reasonable), so I'm not expecting any updates till after New year's tbh, but it would make a great Christmas present to be wrong on that
  2. Apparently dragons in the cosmere *are* shapeshifters. So you can still be a dragon!
  3. They don't call him Ookla the Prolific for nothing
  4. Knights Wadiant The Number 1 Top selling Rosharan childrens bed time story
  5. oathbringer

    Ah so it can fade over time as it loses investiture. Makes sense. Thanks!
  6. oathbringer

    Can you use the investiture from the white sand in other ways or is it just sand mastery? My thinking being, if Hoid's sand is being charged by various investiture, how is that being spent to make his vial of sand turn black again after being charged in these two instances we've read about? (It's not a given these are the same vials of sand of course, he could easily have multiples, but it would be strange to only have 1 time use vials of sand)