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  1. It appears to be ~26 characters that are presented on the front page "Spoiler Alert - " takes up 16 characters, so I guess if something is so unavoidable that you can't not write a spoiler, the OP could start with that and attempt to write a spoilerless 10 characters afterwards. "Spoiler Alert for front page - " Would also completely obscure the title for the front page.
  2. Could the fused spears be made out of silver? As I understand it, the differences between aluminium and silver seem to be that aluminium absorbs/negates investiture, using it up in the process, whereas silver is inert and blocks the investiture without actually interacting with it. So if the spear were silver it would simply not interact with the investiture from the shardblade, hence blocking it's path and blocking the sword. My understanding may very well be flawed, however
  3. I'm actually really enjoying the serialised release of chapters because of all the discussion and theories we can get into. I love these threads, it's like watching GoT having not read the books and discussing everything in minute detail every week with friends
  4. I think this might be the main reason but through different reasoning than you've presented here. I think Gavilar wants to marry Jasnah to Amaram because he cares about her. However, he wants this because he knows that what he's doing is risky, but he also believes in it strongly. He is envisioning a future where he is harnessing the powers of powerful spren, using it for world travelling, potential immortality and bringing about the desolations/voidbringers. This is a dangerous world and a dangerous goal, but if Jasnah were to marry his right-hand man she would be in a greater position of power and safety. He cares for her so he wants her to be safe and to protect her future.
  5. “The wisdom of the Heralds,” Lirin replied. “We should be careful.” Fragments of old manuscripts—translations of translations of translations—mentioned quick-spreading diseases that had killed tens of thousands. Such things hadn’t been recorded in any modern texts he’d been read I quite liked this excerpt as well. A reference to the Rosharan humans being from another planet maybe or simply the desolations destroying knowledge. Even a reference to "The Silence Divine" perhaps? Perhaps there's evidence to suggest that the Humans brought with them a disease that also decimated parts of the parshmen population which added to the conflict between the two races.
  6. He's in a position to help people with his skills and knowledge. If he does not obey the sword to his throat, and consequently dies, then those people that he could help, will not receive that help, and the benefit? Lirin is dead for no benefit at all. This is his mindset, and the mindset of many *honourable* human beings throughout history, especially wartime medical professionals. Despite all of this, he actually is doing something. He literally and directly disobeys his "masters" and puts himself in danger by helping and attempting to smuggle a known and wanted fugitive.
  7. "Death had come to visit Hearthstone today" I'm not sure I will survive if every chapter ends on such an epic tease
  8. dawnshard

    Please don't cough on GRRM, thank you.
  9. dawnshard

    Are we there yet? I think I remember Brandon saying he was taking time off for the holidays (perfectly reasonable), so I'm not expecting any updates till after New year's tbh, but it would make a great Christmas present to be wrong on that
  10. Apparently dragons in the cosmere *are* shapeshifters. So you can still be a dragon!
  11. They don't call him Ookla the Prolific for nothing
  12. Knights Wadiant The Number 1 Top selling Rosharan childrens bed time story
  13. oathbringer

    Ah so it can fade over time as it loses investiture. Makes sense. Thanks!
  14. oathbringer

    Can you use the investiture from the white sand in other ways or is it just sand mastery? My thinking being, if Hoid's sand is being charged by various investiture, how is that being spent to make his vial of sand turn black again after being charged in these two instances we've read about? (It's not a given these are the same vials of sand of course, he could easily have multiples, but it would be strange to only have 1 time use vials of sand)