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  1. the surface of the mask is very slick, hence why sharpie rubbed off to easy. I was thinking you'd have to paint on the mask ie use something that won't run off. Or, we have a cheep laser printer from China, I also theorized that Lazer printing a pattern symbol from the internet onto the mask would also work. (if you account for the curve of the mask somehow)
  2. I had a cool idea a while back. there are these see through chrome masks, drawing or printing a "pattern" symbol on it, then wearing it with a hood would look really really cool! sharpie just rubbed off sadly and I never finished the project.
  3. Cymatics are mentioned pretty heavily when shallon and cabsil are talking. This adds these two ideas together in my mind.
  4. 1. WoK chapt. 28. dalinar digs a letrine pit using his shardplate. he spends a while wondering why shardplate is only used for fighting, and not for farming or building... why didn't the randiants build shard shovels or picks? - he asks himself 2. the very next chapter is I-4. rysn and her basbsk are trading with an important shin man. rysn thinks he has a lot of slaves. her basbsk corrects her, telling her they are his gaurds. the shin treat warriors as the lowest of society, trading them in ownership with rocks.. he goes on to tell her that farmers are reveared in shin society. and the noble man they are trading with is a farmer. "you mean a land owner?"- Ryan asks. "no, just a farmer"- he replies... in fact, outsiders are not even allowed anywhere near the shin farming villages... supporting ideas : 3. Dalinars vision at Feverstone keep tells us there are many missing sets of shardblade and plate. 4. the shin collected most of the honorblades, is it a stretch that they might have collected regular shardblades too? I've seen this going around on the forum that the shin might have the extra shards. 5. in WoK I-6 - there is a man "recruiting" Szeth on taravangians behalf; he says Szeth is wasted potential like a "shardblade used to cut vegitables" , szeth replies - "you think like a "cukari", he who adds is to be reveared, I am he who takes away." I'm paraphrasing these parts. but any thoughts on this? I jumped to the conclusion that the shins "noble" class of farmers might be using shards? any other conclusions?
  5. cutlivation

    Well all I have is 6 suscpicios coincidences. apparently that's enough to even warrant discussion. Here I thought this was the discussion website to come talk about fun and wild theories. but dang, 6 coincidences of vines being connected to cultivations is just way way way to few coincidences apparently. for future references I'm on my 4th re-read of stormlight archive and am purposely looking for fun forshadowing. yikes, guess this isn't the place for that tho. coincidence 1: OB chapter 77 16:33 remaining. shallan sees vines growing back out on wall in kholinar after everstorm passing, one patch of vines had been specifically struck and burned by everstoem lightning... coincidence 2: Wyndle is known as a "cultivationspren" . and is litterally made of vines. coincidence 3: cultivations dress is literally made of vines. coincidence 4: ithi - has vines growing over her as they souldcast food for kohlinar. "the vines that appear to be growing inside of Ithi and her use of emeralds in her Soulcaster[1]indicate that she accesses the Essence associated with Pailiah" -(dirrext quote from coppermind) "Surge of Progression that can magically heal or grow organic material, which relates to Ithi's abilities." coincidence 5: _(chapter 52 OB) dalinar says " don't let anyone in, not even the night watcher herself" -shortly after he walks outside and litterally steps on vines. then it goes into a whole paragraph about vines and explains how vines grow more and more common going west into vadanar. coincidence 6: -WoK chapter 64. a pile of rockbuds with their vines outstretched is described right next to dalinar and nviani as they have a pivitol conversation. included dalinar saying the chapter title "I'm a man of extremes".
  6. cutlivation

    @Karger I'm simply saying vines are possibly more than they appear to be. that's it. and I'm simply looking to discuss the possibility, not get bashed for having the idea. mist is a common thing on Earth and scadrial, yet none of us guessed it would be more than it appeared at the end of mistborn trilogy. that's it. also that is very observant of you to notice that a cooked cremling would not be part of a sleepless anymore. I'm proud of you. and as that has nothing to do with supporting your argument I will promptly ignore it.
  7. cutlivation

    @Karger any cremling could possibly be a part of a sleepless and you know it. we don't have enough info on sleepless to rule any out and you know it. don't waste my time.
  8. cutlivation

    @Karger We can and do pause at the word cremling because of its known correlation to sleepless. your right, sometimes cremling is used as a curse, but much less so that it's used as a descriptor of an actual cremling. and no, not every time is that cremling a sleepless, be we question weather it might be a sleepless. Hence why I mention it as a simile. and your saying Wyndle is known as a cultivationspren on the coppermind because of human perception? I understand how windspren are shaped by human perception, and flame spren ECT. and when we come to high spren, honor spren may have been based on human perception of the concept of honor. .. so where then would you say a human perception of the word "cultivationspren" would stem from?
  9. cutlivation

    -lifts spren Wyndle is litterally made of vines, and is litterally known as a "cultivationspren". - ishi is an ardent in kholinar who secretly makes food for the entire wall gaurd using a soul caster. she is described as having vines growing under her skin. Vines are definitely important. and should be a "hotword" in the same way we pause anytime we see the word "cremling"
  10. cutlivation

    Sanderson, the forshadowing master. has vines mentioned this many times just because cultivation "likes vines"? I have multiple other references to vines in all 3 books
  11. cutlivation

    yes I know, and I'm sure preservation (seeing as he helped make the world) was in some living plants (when they existed on scadrial). I'm saying cultivation is using the vines to some purpose. why else would everstorm lightning (odium) specifically target some vines. from what I've learned Sanderson gladdly adds forshadowing to his worldbuilding elements.
  12. just tested out my posting abilities. they are fine now. thank you for your help! (*likely a user error on my end I love the theme to that! haha i might have to make mine rosharan themed
  13. 1. when dalinar meets cultivation, she is described as wearing a dress that turns to bark and melds with background. with vines comming out of bottom of dress and going into the ground. 2. there is multiple mentions thats the middle area of roshar is very heavily covered in vines. 2a. (chapter 52 OB) dalinar says " don't let anyone in, not even the night watcher herself -shortly after he leaves the tent to see evi. -he steps on vines. it then explains vines grow more and more common going west into vadanar. 3. -OB chapter 77 16:33 remaining. shallan sees vines growing back out on wall in kholinar after everstorm passing, one patch had specifically been struck and burned by everstorm lightning !!! 4. -WoK chapter I-2 8:20 remain. wall covered in vines at davar estate. conclusion: vines are to cultivation as mist is to preservation.
  14. love that idea. and thanks for moving the post. I purposely posted i "indroducd yourself" because It wasn't letting me post anywhere else yet....
  15. so we recently got a second smart TV, and I started connecting everything via Google home app. I named one of the TV's, "roshar", and the other "scadrial". then proceeded to rename the wifi "shadesmar" any thoughts on improving this?