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  1. Okay... so, Ruin created hemalurgy. Preservation created allomancy. Their interference created Feruchemy. God metals will steal anything. That is likely the case with ALL god metals. Burning god metals might be innate, except Preservation put a lock on Atium so that his body could be hidden. Or The shard would have to invest in new humans or another means to change spiritwebs to allow its use. The Trellium Kandra could have been mist wraiths before their Trellium spikes.
  2. If you've never got the free book from Audible I can send you one for free. Same goes for anyone, btw.
  3. Are you presuming storing a spiritual quality wouldn't augment your cognitive aspect?
  4. I believe storing virtually any of your spiritual traits would effect gold allomancy. Time does not exist in realmatics. It is a function of strengthening and weakening connections. Fortune sight is a function of reading the connections. Therefore if you are storing parts of yourself, your gold shadow OUGHT be changed.
  5. Yeah, but you're conflating your belief now with what you would believe in another life. Those two things aren't the same. You don't get religion by chance. You get religion by being taught it or through trauma that instills it. So, just because you believe in a god in your human life is not an indication you'd believe such if you were born on Nalthis.
  6. I think it'd be way easier to come around on Atheisim in T'Tleir than almost anywhere else, because you can see the -fallibility- of the court of gods. But, the question is entirely 'What religion were you indoctrinated into at birth (as religion is typically passed)?' 'Did you encounter events that contradicted those beliefs?' 'Are you Cosmere aware?'
  7. I mean, I think, technically if you're operable and possessing hemalurgic spikes then you're probably a hemalurgic construct, spiritually speaking. You are a spiritweb with multiple identities.
  8. No I don't think of it as him feeding her stormlight. Their spirit webs are bonding and they -get- some of that cognitive presence from their bond, right? Though, I suppose, you could bond them easily, I don't think you could -elevate- the same one, because the idea is an important part of letting those spren bond with you, right?
  9. I don't think it's an energy expenditure. The spren is sharing "Knight's Radiant" Investiture. The Person is sharing the "Physical Investiture" the stuff the helps shape Syl into a person in the Physical Realm instead of the windspren type thing she begins as.
  10. He might be trying to accumulate enough varied sources of investiture to mimic 'prime' investiture?
  11. Preservation, based on effect would most likely be Cadmium. Cultivation should be the opposite of Ruin, rather than Honor. Ingenuity should be the other side of Honor. (Ingenuity/Wisdom being the supposed Survival Shard) Dominion and Autonomy are likely in the same Quadrant either connected via x or y, depending on what else needs to be in those quadrants. I believe the Physical, Cognitive, Temporal, Spiritual will be based on inherent rather than actual effects.
  12. Well, just on the concept as it's mentioned, ...yeah.
  13. I would think that she does a complete cognitive capture of the moment. I do believe that her identity and the process of the art will allow for those changes. Which is a cool concept, right?
  14. Right, but it's not a matter of When one leaves and another comes. If Something happened to Syl (who is part of Kaladin's Spirit Web) it will hurt Kaladin in some fashion. But, presuming he's still fine enough to move around and one comes to bond with him, sure...He is invested enough to fuel the growth of One Spren to a level in accordance with the Third Ideal. There is an energy exchange between Radiant and Spren, and that energy increase seems to have a lot to do with the ideals.
  15. I mean, it does use red investiture.