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  1. Mine is the one where he talks about voices he heard and he hit his head against the wall for a while until he couldn't hear them anymore.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. ElendVenture


      Thank you! It was fun.

  3. 500!!! Yay!!!
  4. Also, happy 39 birthday Harry Potter!!!!
  5. I think it would be important either way, soo...
  6. Fair enough. My uncle is a nuclear engineer.
  7. I am worried about you.
  8. You did change it to the last post, on February 3rd.
  9. Me: *Re-names myself "Last Post"* I WIN!!!!!
  10. No, you don't, you wish for cherry pie and that is granted I wish that I get good grades (meaning A for all of them) for the rest of my 432 semesters.
  11. Good choice.
  12. No problem, I should be doing dishes, but I am a procrastinator. I have a question and because this is the question of the day topic I am going to have it be tomorrow's question. Let's say you became an astronaut and you somehow got sucked into a black hole and got transported into the cosmere. The time is before the shattering of andolnalsium, and you have the opportunity to join those shattering him. Would you take this opportunity or not? If so why and which shard would you want to be? I would take this chance and I would become endowment because as of yet they aren't a target of odium. I wouldn't choose Odium because presumably he will be defeated.
  13. Is that a type of spren? If not what is that?
  14. Are you saying that you give up often and that you would leave your spren to do everything??? (Also you are winning because even though you are a Lighteyes I am Pahn Kahl. Why.)
  15. Ohh... Yeah, that also makes sense... I feel dumb.