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  1. i would classify each magic system by which shard/s it draws power from so feruchemy, alloymancy and hemalugy are all different as they draw from different shards or combination of shards and it seems to be a pattern that each planet with two shards (we have yet to see a true tri shardic planet) has 1 magic for each shard and a mixed magic which is where i get the formula *2+1 for each shard that invests a planet and allows for it's magics to mix freely it will double the magics on that planet and add it's own as well resulting in this table No. of shards 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 No. of magics 1 3 7 15 31 63 127 255 511 1023 2047 4095 8191 16383 32767 65535
  2. im not including invested creatures so Chiri-Chiri and chasm fiends do not count other then that roshar only seems to have 4 magics 1 of honour, 1 of cultivation, 1 of both, and 1 of odium taladain only seems to have sand magic what's the other? sel is a special case as it doesn't have shards it has multiple splinters of two shards causing the diversity of magic seen there
  3. so from what we can see every time a shard fully settles on a planet they add there magics to that planet but when 2 settle on the same planet or neighboring they can allow their magics to mix creating a third magic meaning the total magics possible if all 16 where to settle on a single planet would be drum roll please.........65535 different magic systems this was calculated assuming that every shard allowed their magics to mix with every other shards effectively doubling the total magic systems for every shard added
  4. in most cases the gem doesn't matter but for soulcasting it does aside from that the focus seems to be the spren in question
  5. chroma, colour, command they're needed for the magics in warbreaker
  6. another thing that soulcaster specific is the focus much like a mistborn and feruchemist the power is almost irrelevant and what's more important is what metal is use so when soulcasting what metal do you think will do what?
  7. the mists are gaseous manifestation of investiture the special case with vin was that she was moulded by preservation to become the next holder of that shard and so when she drew on the mists it was like regular allomancy as the power didn't diminish as she used it
  9. in the example given i mean what the smeg would a soulcaster, radient or fabiral, be able to achieve if instead of a gemstone they had another planets focus be that scadrian metals, nalthis's three C's, or any of the multitude present on sel as for the topic in general how would a given system of magic work if it was using another systems manifestation of investiture
  10. so this is a topic about how one systems magics would work in another system the one that i would like start this topic on is what would soulcasting do with different focuses, be that of metal, or the three C's
  11. wax's resonance is most likely control over push points normally it is only your centre of mass but considering that he has control over his weight he might be able to shift his centre of mass or maybe just the push point without changing his mass as for wayne i think he's resonance would be when he stores health he is drawing a little from the near future as well
  12. well what happens with a human that take up a shard is to my understanding is that their physical essence is spread across the planet but with the planet it's already that way so is unlikely to dissolve
  13. is the planet of sel going to become the new shard holder of devotion and dominion? we know that it is becoming more sentient as the power settles into it's cognitive aspect and that since it cognitive realm reflects all sentient creatures thought so the planet does have all three aspects necessary to properly wield a shard but the thing that might be very fun to have happen is wishing for something to happen a city might wish that an invading army fails/ are stopped this might reflect onto the planet that then acts upon those wishes
  14. well i meant the three of the continent, the planet, and the system in that same section she says this is the first time she has come in 100's of years to a partition allowing her daughter the nightwatch to hold court in her absence while this doesn't rule out that she is invested on roshar i think honour is more likely to be on roshar the planet while cultivation is on ashyn cause of honours strict adherence to the letter of their shardic-oath cultivation is the manifestation of change odium would have very easy time convincing her to allow his magic on ashyn eventually resulting in it's destruction
  15. but there are three different roshars and that part i debate, most people assume that it's the planet they went to but i think it the system frankly i think that odium is on braise, honour the planet roshar, and cultivation is on ashyn