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  1. well i meant the three of the continent, the planet, and the system in that same section she says this is the first time she has come in 100's of years to a partition allowing her daughter the nightwatch to hold court in her absence while this doesn't rule out that she is invested on roshar i think honour is more likely to be on roshar the planet while cultivation is on ashyn cause of honours strict adherence to the letter of their shardic-oath cultivation is the manifestation of change odium would have very easy time convincing her to allow his magic on ashyn eventually resulting in it's destruction
  2. but there are three different roshars and that part i debate, most people assume that it's the planet they went to but i think it the system frankly i think that odium is on braise, honour the planet roshar, and cultivation is on ashyn
  3. i debate the interpretation of that Q&A as we have seen that power easily travels between planets
  4. so my guess is that surgebinding isn't the first dual magic rohasrian/ashyn humans have wielded my theory is that odium and cultivation both granted power to ashyn humans and this combination is what lead to the destruction of the majority of the planet, cultivation and a number of humans fled to roshar and honour being a romantically involved with cultivation and taking pitty on those whom had suffered odium's betrayal allowed them onto roshar
  5. so TL;DR you'er proposing that enhancement atium alloy effect the efficiency of other metals burned? my proposal while poorly worded was that they make permanent dead or boosted areas
  6. i feel that dancer is correct duralumin or aluminium + atium likely makes a area that drains or surges others power when their at that location
  7. Electurm + Atium reveal your future to others
  8. yea these are most likely it
  9. so it seems that anyone can burn divine metals so what happens when you burn atium without being metal born?
  10. what would foresight be?
  11. nightblood (+3 sentient long sword) dmg 1d8 bludgeoning damage or 1d8+1d8 for spell slot level necrotic damage (poorly worded meaning level 1st level spell slot amounts to 2d8 while 8th level gives 9d8) every turn the wielder must make a DC 10 con save or take 1d6 necrotic damage, 5d6 if no spell slot was sacrificed, half as much on a save if the wielder tries to sheath or drop nightblood they must make a DC 5+rounds nightblood has been unsheathed con save or they fail to do so anyone of the evil alignment must make a DC 18 Wis save or be charmed by nightblood
  12. well how would you feel if the shards where all mixed together and had two or three wielders
  13. what do you think the first tri shard is going to be, with the way things are going there's a good chance it could be odium, honour, and cultivation. but my main question is can multiple people hold a single shard/greater shard?
  14. trying to make nightblood in dnd 5e easy parts: sentience blind sense long sword consumes spell slots when drawn telepathy harder parts: alignment LN? how much damage should it do (no i can't make it an insta-kill like it is in the book) i'm thinking damage dependant on spell slot sacrificed
  15. A knight is sworn to valour, His heart knows only virtue, His blade defends the helpless, His might upholds the weak, His word speaks only truth, HIS WRATH UNDOES THE WICKED.