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  1. Gunter contacts Mike, phone rings "Hello I am Gunter."
  2. Gunter "Where can I find Mike?"
  3. Gunter nodded, "I accept this mission." @Sorana
  4. Gunter shows the guard his tattoo and says "My name is Gunter."
  5. Gunter answers, "I am a Ghostblood and I would like to be hired."
  6. I arrive at the gates.
  7. Hey, is for horses. why did you start following me? Just curious, I am completely chill with it...

  8. Hey @Voidus can you add to the AV PM.
  9. I would like to join.
  10. Can you add Gunter to the list
  11. Hey guys this is my character what do you think? @[email protected] (Ax drew the picture for the profile.)
  12. Thanks for the advice, but I have aaxe here showing the ropes.
  13. Hey guys im joining the rp. Where can i start? Hey boyos, this is Axe confirming that this person is legit. I'm introducing him to the RP, but he's never read any Sanderson. Go easy on him. PS: I took his phone from him to type this.