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  1. It doesn't seem like Navani is related to any princedoms that are existed now. It's like her country or princedom is gone and she cut off her relation with her family.
  2. As we know Navani's parents hasn't been mentioned by name in the entire Stormlight Archive. But while rereading TWOK ch61, I found this. Is this why we know little about Navani's background because she's from a broken kingdom?
  3. Is Dark a fan fic?
  4. I think Jasnah's book might be 6 or 7 book. I think Sanderson said it before, but he's not sure.
  5. I think gavilar choose navani might because of the political reason.
  6. I've finished reading Stormlight Archive. But I still don't know who Navani's parents are. Well, I looked up the cpm. I think BS didn't write in the book. So, would it possible to have a Navani flashback in the future to know about who her parents are. I hope he write it in SA4.