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  2. Tarah gave up on him too easily. And he gave up on her too easily. I don’t see them being that much in love.
  3. Does anybody else think or hope little Gavinor will have some influence on Adolin becoming Radiant? Some have said Kaladin will be super protective of him, but I think Adolin will be, too, sort of like his father was for Elhokar, plus the guilt of the whole lost the king situation.
  4. Ok, a couple of you made some good points on a Kaladin /Jasnah relationship, and if Brandon does that, he will write it so I will be happy with it, I am sure. But I would need to see a lot more sweetness in her for me to like her for Kaladin. Maybe he can bring that out in her. I also agree she (sorry Adolin shippers—right personality, wrong sex—neither has ever shown a romantic interest in men) should be lighteyed, and I would like her to also be royal. And I agree that Gavinor will be of special interest to Kaladin, but I also hope he will have a roll in Adolin becoming Radiant (a whole new topic!!!).
  5. For one thing, Jasnah is about 15 years older than Kaladin, which is a bit much. And he needs a happier person, more of a Syl/Tien personality to help him be happy. I just see them as too similar in nature to compliment each other. You know, the old opposites attract and likes repel thing. A good couple needs to have the same values but fill in each other’s deficiencies. Their deficiencies are too much the same. And I didn’t think he and Shallan would make such a great couple, either. She’s better with Adolin.
  6. But she’s been that old for years. So maybe more 15. Seems like the “boons” and “curses” stop, and she may start “changing” again. Then she’ll be a good age for Kaladin in a few years. He could use her silliness and skewed view of the world. (Adolin is way older than Shallan.)
  7. I agree with all of you who think Kaladin NEEDS a romantic relationship. I don’t think we have either met her yet ( yes, HER, since he’s never shown any interest romantically toward a guy) or had a character developed to the point of being right for him. I think Rysn and Tarah could be possibilities with a LOT more development, but Jasnah? No. Just no. Kaladin hates killing and Jasnah lured men in to kill to teach a lesson. Too far apart to ever be compatible. Some say he isn’t ready or needs to be strong on his own, but being (probably) MUCH older than most of you, I have seen that those things aren’t true. I fell in love at 19 with a 20 year old, married at 21, and 44 years later am still married to a very Kaladin-like man who is still my hero. Kaladin needs support and security. It is so much easier to be strong and confident and forgiving of yourself if you have love and support. And yes, Bridge 4 “loves” him and supports him, but there’s something very different and special about a romantic partner’s support. Dalinar had Evi, even though he didn’t appreciate her at the time. She was right about him. And I love Navani’s supporting for him now. Kaladin needs the same. I want him to go into occupied territory and save a “Navani/Evi” character.........please, Brandon? I really need him to have a girl to love and hug the stuffin’ out of him like I want to.
  8. I agree that Kaladin WANTS a relationship and Syl thinks he NEEDS one. Don’t know about Tarah. She left he he needed her.
  9. LOL! Actually I see Kaladin marrying a “Daughter of Cultivation”. I think an Edgedancer would appeal to him. That is why I wrote my story about a love interest for him as an Edgedancer. It’s in the fan fiction. Elebet Kholin is the name of the story.
  10. I don’t see Kaladin under pressure to marry. I just want him to have a girl (yes, he’s always been attracted to women—forget Kadolin) who will give him what he needs to be happy. She needs to be sweet, wise, and patient like his mother, see the joy and beauty in the world and point it out to him with childlike innocence like Tien and Syl, and be able to smile through her own terrible pain like Shallan. She needs to love him more than anything on Roshar, and he love her the same way. We don’t have that character yet. I have been married to a Kaladin for nearly 44 years. I know what it takes to keep one happy.
  11. Maybe. Interesting. But Tarah wasn’t developed enough to make me WANT her to be back in Kaladin’s life. He wasn’t really in love with her or he wouldn’t have let her leave so easily. Brandon would need to do a HUGE storyline with her for me to like them together. Kaladin needs an INCREDIBLE significant other.
  12. THANK YOU for reading and for the feedback! Syl thinks he needs a love life and I agree with her (and you). People argue on the Facebook group that people (ie the characters) shouldn’t need help to overcome “being broken,” but my life experience says differently. And I desperately love Kaladin and want him to be happy.
  13. Yep. Can’t develop a character and relationship with much less. I appreciate you reading and will appreciate feedback. I’ve never written anything before!
  14. Sorry. I wrote it with pages and chapter ends like a book would be. When I shared it to this, it left long gaps between if there were only a few lines on a chapter ending page. I am not computer literate, so I don’t know how to fix this problem. And it is about 100 “pages” long.