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  1. Guys, what if Pattern's voice was like Nigel Thornberry. MAKE IT HAPPEN HOLLYWOOD!
  2. I'm guessing that since he was always quiet, he'd be more observant and saw himself as seeing more than anyone else, despite the glasses. And so, his eyes healed when he got his Radiant powers (if there's a WOB on this, somebody please feel free to correct me).
  3. Depending on the what is healed part, it depends on how the person sees themselves. Lopen always believed himself to be as capable as someone two handed (or something like that) and so his hand growing back was just how he sees himself. For Kaladin, the reason his scars haven't healed is because he sees them as a part of his identity.
  4. I feel if you just had his symbol on a shirt with the words Hmmmmmmmmmmm, that would sum up Pattern
  5. Well, given that fungi share more in common with Kingdom Animalia than Kingdom Plantae, I'm guessing they might fall under the 10th Essence, though that might just be due to how closely related they are and nothing more.
  6. I'm guessing to stop it from being spread out widely. For this reading, you gotta know where to go, so this would help prevent too many people finding it?
  7. Cool question, though I'm wondering if they would actually be able to push on iron in the blood due to it being so fine that its almost impossible to detect. Maybe if they got a larger piece of metal in there?
  8. Wouldn't a better name for this thread be Oathbringer cognitive shadow chapter? Get it? Anyone?
  9. Hiya, welcome to the forum! I too found my way into the Cosmere with The Way of Kings, though my first Brandon book was The Rithmatist, definitely a recommended read! Looking forward to hearing all your theories and thoughts!
  10. Stick. Because he is not fire. He is Stick.
  11. Yes, there are also the epigraphs from Way of Kings which say that Ati was a kind and generous man before taking on the Shard of Ruin, and we all say what became of him in Mistborn. Though I do believe that some of their original personality may be slightly left, which even so, isn't great for Odium as Hoid described Rayse as being one of the most crafty, dangerous and loathsome individuals he had ever met. So Odium, if still with a part of Rayse's personality, will not only be Hatred personified, but will also have a master plan more complex than Ruin's.
  12. New theory (maybe): Stick is a Type IV BioChromatic entity. His command? To be a stick!
  13. It would make a lot of sense due to the last book focusing on Szeth, so there is obviously something big planned for him and this might be it.
  14. Can't wait for your collaboration with Brandon! Solid theory, definitely would be an interesting read!
  15. Hello, welcome to the forum! Don't worry, I too was pretty worried when first joining because it does seem pretty daunting but it's all collaborative and fun so you should definitely have a blast! Also agreed, posting topics first takes priority. Your way is actually smarter than mine, because I posted a topic discussion in my hello post, so kudos to you!