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  1. I'm curious to see where this game goes with expansions. Will there be an expansion for each of the new books? Or will there be one for books four and five? Honestly it's be happy with the game even if there were no expansions, but given the extra room in the box it seems like they are planning on them and that makes me excited as well.
  2. Now, I know a video game is probably a long way off, and personally that's fine. I was thinking about what one could look like and I had an interesting thought. Now, I'm basing this off of a first person rpg or MMORPG. What if instead of choosing an order of Radiant as a "class" but are instead assigned one based off decisions? I see this working most like the KOTOR games. For those who don't know, they are Star wars games where you play as a force user. Depending on your actions and decisions you make you move toward either the light or dark side. As you move closer to that side the abilities linked to it become stronger. I think something similar to this could work really well for a stormlight Archive game. They could even base it off the official order quiz. Different decisions you made would move the sliders and then at a certain point in the game you would attract a Spren based on your decisions. As you went further in the game if you kept making decisions that aligned to your page your abilities would increase in strength. Now, a couple of the flaws with this. I'm not sure how you would do lightweavers or Elsecallers where the oaths are so personal. I also think bondsmith would have to be off the table just because I'd is overpowered nature and limited Spren. The final, and perhaps biggest, flaw is that the surges are so loose that it would be hard to create a game that fully captures them. TLDR: system similar to KOTOR could create an interesting knight radiant game where decisions decide your order.
  3. I think learning to control her new destructive nature and her guilt at abandoning taln is going to be her path to the self control of a dust bringer
  4. Here's the biggest flaw in this ship; Shallan's problems stem from her father's terrifying overprotectiveness, while Kaladin is the next most overprotective character we see in the book. Even if Kaladin was protective in a healthy way, it would always bother Shallan and remind her of her father. She flips out on Adolin for talking about trying to protect her. There's no way she could be in a healthy relationship with someone who's powers and, at this point, identity are integrally twined with his need to protect everyone around him, especially those he loves.
  5. There's a couple of things that I haven't really seen discussed here. 1. On the matter of a Parshendi surrender, I think we need to take into account Sadeus and his actions. I don't have the quote in front of me, but at one point he talks about how a group of Parshendi was surrounded and tried to surrender. He slaughtered them and the Parshendi never attempted a surrender again. This is probably the greatest reason they were so to try to find peace with the Alethi. 2. I'm not sure there was a better option for the Parshendi survival then the forms of power, given the information they had. This brings up a better question: Is it better for the singers to die then Odium to come back? This whole way started because the Parshendi were trying to prevent forms of power, and by extension Odium, from returning. Venli basically throws away the sacrifice of the original five and every other Parshendi that has since died in her last for power. Now, I'm not saying it want natural for the Parshendi to grasp at straws to ensure their survival, just that it wasn't right. Basically, in this instance does the end of listener survival justify the means if returning Odium? I would say no and I think most of the singers who listen to the warnings of the old gods would agree. Here's an analogy. After writing it I'm not sure how good it is, but it took a while so I'll just leave it in. Let's say there are two nations who are signing a peace agreement. At the signing one of the officials if the bigger nation boasts of a genetically engineered virus that they can unleash on their enemies. This virus would move quickly through a population and be extremely dangerous. Seeing this danger, the other nation destroys the virus and kills the scientist who created it. Skip forward a few years and the nations are fighting. The bigger nation is obviously dominating and the smaller is almost destroyed. One person in the smaller nation has figured out how to create the virus that this all started over and decided to unleash it on the bigger nation. While it was slightly more controlled and beneficial for the smaller nation, in the end the outcome would be the same. The virus would spread so quickly that it would quickly move through the bigger nation and spread into the smaller one. The very evil the was was started to destroy has been unleashed on the world anyway.
  6. I agree with you that there would be a breakdown of responsibility, but I disagree with you on the last two. I think the fourth oath would be lawmaker and fifth oath would be judge. My thoughts on the fourth oath come from what we know if Szeth's fourth oath. I can't remember if it's outright stated, or just hinted at, but we basically know Szeth's crusade will be against the leaders of the shin. This seems to be his way of trying to change laws he sees as corrupt, even if they aren't his code. We have also had hints that the 4th oath had to do with flaws in the orders. What bigger flaw could a Skybreaker recognize than an unjust law that must be changed? On the fifth ideal, I think judges are more pure embodiments of the law than lawmakers. While lawmakers have power, judges can declare their laws unjust and get them removed. Judges also can set legal precedence which can act as laws in some cases. In the US many supreme court cases are better known and more strongly enforced then some laws. As a side note, I'm in the US so I'm basing this knowledge off of that. Things probably work differently in other countries and I'm open to hearing about those. I just don't understand other legal systems well enough to use them as examples
  7. Let me clarify a bit. I mean the really obvious ones like windrunner/edgedancer because basically everyone knows that's be easy. Also, Skybreaker swearing to another orders ideals. Stuff like that. I agree with you that it would be overpowered. I don't actually want to see this happen in the books.
  8. We know that it is a possibility that a Radiant can bond to Spren. I've been thinking of some interesting crossovers given the new information. As a not, I know this will depend a lot on soon, but for arguments sale I'm just looking at the oaths. Also, I'm going to try to avoid anything really simple like edgedancer/windrunners. Also, as a side note, depending on the oath the radiant is at, all of these could be swapping from one order to another. Skybreaker/Willshaper: This is the option I find the most interesting. For this to happen the Skybreaker oaths would have to be sworn to a very libertarian code. Basically everyone is free to do what they want until it hurts someone else. Now, looking at it from this angle the radiant could believe they are spreading freedom because they are protecting people from each other and allowing everyone to love their life without outside intervention. This ideology could possibly make them a viable Willshaper Windrunners/Elsecaller or stoneward/Elsecaller: For this the radiant would have to fail at something for their first order. Either they couldn't protect someone or weren't there when they were needed. After this they spend all of their time training and working to become stronger so it won't happen again. This drive to progress and become better could lead them to the Willshapers. Any order/Dustbringer: Now, this one is a little more vague, but I think it could still be interesting. A Radiant was either practicing with their power or in a battle and lost control. Either that or they lashed out with their power in a for of rage. Because of this they killed someone. The guilt if this incident driver's them to gain control of their powers and emotions. This in turn could lead them to the Dustbringers. These are all the ones I've thought up so far. Does anyone else have ideas of interesting ways we could get a dual order radiant?
  9. I think this comes down to the Skybreaker choosing the right external authority. As I've mentioned previously, I feel under Skybreaker on the test and agree that it was correct. That being said, I would never swear to something like following the laws of whatever country I'm in, or even following a specific countries laws. These change too often and these changes usually have more to do with politics then actual morality. I think the better option is something like a religious code or moral ideology. Something that either changes very slowly, or doesn't change at all.
  10. So, I think there's in interesting quote in the recent information. It says, "They tend to attract those who believe in the importance of legal code, those who have strong moral codes of their own, and those who think the best defense against anarchy are things like patriotism, moral fiber, and rules to govern behavior. " Having taken the quiz several times and always gotten Skybreaker I very much and work this statement. The thing I find most interesting is the part about them having a strong moral code, outside of the legal code. Let me explain how, in a free society, you can have both a strong moral code and fight to uphold the rule of law. The way I see law, how I think it should be, is best described by Wax with his sphere analogy. Basically the law is there to make sure that people aren't hurt by the other people around them. Anything outside of that should, in my opinion, not be part of law. With this viewpoint it is easy to have your own strong moral code and also enforce the law. For example, I believe smoking is bad (I don't want to argue this, I'm just using it as an example). But even though I believe smoking is bad, I don't think that I should be forcing them to stop. People have the right to choose if they smoke or not, and until it starts negatively affecting others it's not my place to interfere. Now, if they are smoking a lot with children around or smoking in such a way they could start a fire then there's the line where they've crossed over into being a danger to others and perhaps a punishment should be in order. I know this turned into a very moralistic rambling session, but I'm not trying to make anyone believe my morals. I'm simply showing a perspective from which someone can hold very strong personal morals and still uphold a law or code of conduct.
  11. I think you're forgetting a very important fact here. We know from hints dropped through the books that Jasnah had some sort of mental problem as a child. At one point Dalinar asks Gavilar if he is upset because of Jasnah's lunacy. Now, given that this is Roshar and I don't they know a lot about psychology this could mean a lot of different things. So basically, at some point of her life, Jasnah's parents believed she was insane. After that experience I doubt she would feel comfortable telling the world that a Spren, somewhat equivalent to animals in this world, is talking to her, letting her teleport to a magical world, and telling her to become a knight radiant.
  12. I understand them well enough, I'm just really bad at saying my thoughts. Basically I was wondering on people's thoughts on if these were a full enough and strong enough set of rules to stand as a Skybreaker code
  13. So, given the new information I've been thinking a lot about the different orders and which I would be. When I took the test I got Skybreaker, but here's the problem. I think personal and/or religious morals are just as, if not more important than the actual rule of law. Don't get me won't, law is important and is what keeps society running, but if the law every contradicted my own personal/religious principles I would fight against it. Even now there after things that are legal that I disagree with. So, given all this, I was wondering how far the Skybreaker Oaths could be stretched. We see Szeth swearing to something outside of the law, so I wondered how far this could be stretched. I've come up with two possibilities that we haven't yet seen. 1. An ideology, such as libertarianism or Conservatism. Now, I think these are a possibility, but not a very strong one. Though these ideas can influence people's actions they seem to be a bit to fluid. Many people in this kind of ideology would argue over what to do. The ideology creates a framework, but not one strong enough to hold an external specs of morality for a Skybreaker. 2. A religion. Now, I want to preface this with a couple of things. I'm not here to argue for the truth or not of any religion, in just talking as something for a Skybreaker to follow. Also I know that some religions change over time or by whose in charge, but the same can be said for the law. Also I know that some religions have done terrible things, but again, so have some laws. Finally, I mostly know details about Christianity so if I say something that is inaccurate for a religion I'm sorry. Now, I think this one is much more likely. This leads to a couple of questions that would be very interesting. First, would they hold just the members of the religion accountable out would they try to force it in others? I think this would come down to the religion. If it was a religion that promoted it's spread at any cost there likely force everyone to hold to it. If it was a religion that have everyone the freedom to believe what they want I think they'd only hold the other members of the religion accountable. The second question is what if the religion believes in forgiveness? This would create a very interesting dilemma for the Skybreaker. On the one hand the person may have broken the roles in which case the Skybreaker would feel obligated to administer a punishment. On the other side, if there is the option for that person to repent they would feel bound to give them that choice. TLDR: Thoughts on a Skybreaker sweating to an ideology or religion
  14. I think a 5 oath radiant could pull it off, given they were from the right order. For example, an elsecaller dedicated to becoming a great leader could easily take on a bondsmith role. Also a stoneward that saw no other good options being available could see it as his responsibility and sacrifice to take over the role. In the end it would be up to the Spren, but these are easy ways I think you could have a high ranking radiant also become a bondsmith.
  15. Uh..... Do you realize how heartless that sounds? These are fully sentient beings smart enough to understand and discuss morality and philosophy with people. Using magic power to just merge them together is the equivalent of using genetic engineering on people