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  1. I think we just don't know enough about Dustbringers yet. I'm not sure why there are no Bondsmiths though
  2. Possibly, but that doesn't matter much because they have to swear the other oaths first. Journey before destination, right?
  3. I think we'll have to agree to disagree here. I don't think skybreaker oaths that don't follow something external would work.
  4. I think we have different understandings of Skybreakers. A Skybreaker isn't just following their personal code, they're following an external code. Whether that be a person, a specific set of rules, the law, or a certain religion. In all situations what a Skybreaker swears to in there third Ideal is something greater than themselves. The whole idea is that they know their own moral code is insufficient or corrupt so they rely on an external one.
  5. Anarchy: Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. If there is a lack of, or a lack of recognition of, authority then there are no rules. A Skybreaker's entire third ideal is based upon swearing to something else as a higher authority than them. There's a difference between being an anarchist and swearing to follow an Anarchist. By swearing to follow someone you are allowing them to be your authority. That goes against the very nature of anarchy.
  6. For the second ideal, you are correct, but you're ignoring the third ideal. The third ideal requires a Skybreaker to pick some sort of code of ethics to follow. I can't see anyone who says we need an external code of ethics being an anarchist. In my understanding, an anarchist would have a problem with any rules or any codes of ethics. They would see this as limiting and restrictive. You can't have someone who's goal is to destroy all rules and laws who also devotes their life to following a set of rules or moral code. I think you have too wide of one.
  7. You don't become a Skybreaker.
  8. Just because it can have a crusade doesn't mean it matches the order's ideals and attitudes. Let's not forget that you have to attract a spren to become a radiant. I don't see spren who usually love all things to do with laws, rules, and ethical codes choosing an anarchist to bond. They simply wouldn't have the right mindset.
  9. I'm not sure you could have an anarchist Skybreaker, they seemed too focused on maintaining some sort of order or code. You could have an extreme libertarian Skybreaker though. Something like "I will allow people to do as they like, so long as it doesn't hurt others." Although, at that point you're getting really close to Willshaper territory. Willshaper politician that thinks the most freedom can be found through good legal systems
  10. Know Our World's Tragedy A reflection on how they lost the war against Odium. It would be written by Jasnah to warn other world's of Odium's power and give advice on how to defeat him. This would of course be reliant on them losing the war in book 5
  11. I think you need to look at what Dalinar struggles with on a personal level. The history of the Blackthorn is fairly common knowledge in Alethkar, and even all over Roshar. He doesn't need to admit it to anyone because most people already know. At the time he says the third ideal he isn't struggling with doing the right thing, he's struggling with believing that he is and can continue to be a good man. I get what you're saying, and I agree that in general that is a better sounding ideal, but for Dalinar it is less important. It was more important for him to personally accept his shortcomings than to do so publicly. It also shows that he is more worried about his own morality than other people's perceptions of that morality.
  12. Ahh, thanks for the quote. I listen to the books on audio so finding a specific passage is a pain. Yeah, I think the ones in currency are pretty small. I think it's noted that gemstones that are cracked by fabriels or soulcasters are cut into smaller pieces to be used in spheres. You can fit three gemstones on the back of the hand with a soulcaster, so I'd guess that makes them like grape-ish sized. If those are broken down, the ones in spheres are probably closer to the size found on most real world rings.
  13. Yeah, but I thought that Honor's drop was noted as being much, much bigger than most other gemstones.
  14. Honestly, I'd rather this not happen. I want Kaladin to just be a normal man who faced incredible challenges and came out on top. I don't want there to be anything supernatural about him
  15. I mean, let's consider the size. The one's that come from chasmfiends are supposed to be huge and how big are they? I think they're like the size of a softball, but someone can correct me. If we then compare the size of chasmfiends to the size of most creatures on roshar their gemhearts must be tiny. Most are probably no bigger than a grain of sand.