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  1. I strongly believe that Nohodon is a bondsmith. From what we know of his personality I don’t think he would match terribly well with the Stormfather or Nightwatcher, so maybe the sibling? I do think there’s merit to @Karger idea. He could definitely be an Arthurian figure who’s 99% myth and 1% truth.
  2. I really like this! It makes sense for surgebinding to be the magic native to Ashyn and the gemheart/fabrial magic native to Roshar. Excellent deduction!
  3. IIRC inquisitors are classified as constructs. I would guess that the line between human and construct is a question of “are the physiologically changed” So a spike that grants a power (like steel) would not necessarily create a construct but one that steals physical strength (iron) would.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I’m kinda at a point where I don’t know what I don’t know so I’ll just hope the question is answered in the next two years.
  5. I think duralumin fueled electrum would be your best bet. (Sorry if this counts as necroing I’m not really sure what the threshold is).
  6. I was reading the coppermind page and wasn’t terribly pleased with the amount of info. Is there any speculation on the what and why of the spiritual realm that wouldn’t make it to the coppermind, or is it just a mystery to everyone? Please enlighten me if you can.
  7. Well shoot, guess I should read more carefully before posting
  8. No more discussion needed this is correct Edit: though this is an excellent addition You know how to really up the game? Being a post Reod Elantrian that’s spiked with a Blessing of Presence. That way you can’t go insane! No respite for you, no no no. You’re going to be aware and conscious every moment of the day as the pain just keeps getting worse and worse . I know, I’m a sadist.
  9. Not a thing so much as a mental image but The horror on a parents face and hilarity that ensues when their toddler discovers that he is metalborn. Rioting to get cookies, flaring pewter to actually beat dad at wrestling, tapping copper and quoting exactly what was promised to them if they behave.
  10. Im kinda with @Karger on this one. I don’t think he is a full shard, but I would not be surprised he he holds the left over bits and pieces of Adonalsium.
  11. I’ve always assumed that not being able to push on metals in a body and not being able to push on invested objects are two different things. You can’t push (easily) on metals inside a personbecause of some sort of hemalurgical interference. edit: to answer the original question I think it would be no easier to push on metal in a drab
  12. Kelsier ascended to ruin instead of preservation
  13. Sazed described compounding as creating a new allomantic metal that only you can burn. Thus a compounding savant would be an allomantic savant, not a feruchemical.
  14. Haha, got beaten to it
  15. That’s right, thanks guys. My confusion was that I was thinking Ishar was windrunners and Jezerian was bondsmiths. Side note, I don’t recall a defaced statue. I remember a missing one, but I had assumed that had something to do with Jasnah’s soulcasting. Edit: I was mistaken I just opened up my copy and it is Shalash that is missing.