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  1. Welp, I'm leaving on a LDS mission tomorrow so all see you all in two years. It just would have felt weird not to say bye. I'll enjoy catching up when I get back. Happy discussion and may all your theories be correct. (I chose to do this in cosmere discussion since this is where I spend all my time).
  2. I think Tanavast tries to do what Leras did. Unfortunately he just sucked at it. Vague hints and 0 physical evidence is not going to cut it so Dalinar will need to do it himself.
  3. There can be mistakes in the chart, but there are definitely 16. I’d bet just about anything he was referring to Cadmium alloyed into Bendalloy and Chromium alloyed into Nicrosal.
  4. Oh, that’s a good point.
  5. Here’s the most detailed WoB on the subject I could find. Questioner What would happen if Hoid held Nightblood? Brandon Sanderson Uh, Hoid would not do that. Hoid would stay very far away. Stormlightning Not even hold it?? Brandon Sanderson He would stay really far away. There are very few things in the Cosmere that Hoid is afraid of, and Nightblood is one of them. Stormlightning I thought he'd be afraid of the blade end. Brandon Sanderson So let's just say if very, very, very few things in the Cosmere had a chance of destroying you, you wouldn't even pick one up. You'd try to be in a different room entirely. R'Shara and Sunbird and JoyBlu *Whispering about Nightblood being able to destroy Hoid* Brandon Sanderson I didn't say, I said theoretically.I said "had a chance of", I did notconfirm. Hoid doesn't know. But there's a chance, and so he is not going to risk that. Skyward release party (Nov. 6, 2018)
  6. I agree that if anyone can it’s Hoid, but Nightblood is the one thing he fears. To me that indicates that it would be a near even match. I also agree that there will be some counter. If I had to fight him I’d go with aluminum plate mail.
  7. I don’t think you’ll find many people that argue they are Kandra, but that still leaves the question of what they are. Stormlight
  8. Wit wins against everyone, except maybe Nightblood. He’d even beat Szeth because I’d argue Szeth wouldn’t have Nightblood since that would be 2 v 1.
  9. Great find, but I wonder if it’s a does not or cannot situation?
  10. I’ll start off with a bold statement. The strength of double pewter is not compounding. The reason for this is because unlike most feruchemical traits strength does have an upper limit how much muscle can fit on the frame of your skeleton. The strength of double pewter is just that the powers work great together much like a-steel and f-iron. F-pewter physically gives you more muscle mass and a-pewter makes every fiber of muscle stronger. With both you have an impossibly large number of muscle fibers that are each impossibly strong. Is there any flaw in my reasoning? And for those that are wondering, pun intended.
  11. I would assume by negative effects you mean savantism. Whether or not compounding savantism is possible is a matter of some debate but let’s keep that conversation here. A mistborn can suffer from savantism, Zane has been confirmed to be a steel savant, but Spook didn’t compound that was just normal burning. Almost certainly. As for the different flavors. I’ll come back when I have more time to think. Edit: mostly based on Spook’s experiences I think savantism would result in only allowing the extremes. A massive amount of the attributes it stores or virtually none. Iron: Wax shattering the floor heavy or literal feather weight Steel: near light speed travel or like moving through molasses Tin: probably looks just like allomantic Pewter: Absolutely massive or skinniest guy you’ve ever seen Zinc: just like steel but mental Brass: your hugs give 3rd degree burns or you die from hypothermia Copper: I really have no idea Bronze: Never sleep or die from sleep deprivation.
  12. It’s a really cool tie in. Especially when you remember that humans are the original invaders. It makes it a direct connection. The listeners are returning to reclaim their celestial home. Amazing catch!
  13. All of the above. I'm sure they wouldn't mind taking turns
  14. But you still have to burn the metal in the first place. If a thug flared pewter for 24 hours straight once a week he would develop savantism just like the thug who has it on a low burn non stop. But like I said, agree to disagree.
  15. I do. Normal F-Gold is obviously powered by the metalborn in question, but when you use C-Gold the source of power is preservation allowing for savantism to develop.