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  1. If I had to hazard a guess it's just a matter of scale. Using electrum misting for example, it's just there actions, a few seconds into the future, and only when they're actively burning. That just cant compare to a shards power. Also what Regals have futuresight?
  2. I've seen that Brandon confirmed he'd be at fanX this year, but I haven't been able to find dates and times for his panels. Has that information even been released yet?
  3. Ambition is calling my name.
  4. Oops. Sorry
  5. I would do a poor job answering this question so I won't. But l can do this, @AonEne. He'll likely have some insight for you.
  6. @Child of Hodor from this point forth I will refer the Taln as "swol Jesus" thank you for this gift.
  7. Going to say what I always say. Adolin is already a Pseudo-Radient. He summoned Maya without delay in OB that's a big deal.
  8. In short, not really. We dont have specific oaths for either. But as honorless said the difference between self control and self improvement is a place to start.
  9. Handy certainly, but I dont think he matches the ideals well. I dont think he'd make a great Radient at all, but if I had to pick I'd go Dustbringer.
  10. As with most questions concerning mixing magic the answer is "probably but it would be really hard."
  11. Ok I see where your coming from now. I'd argue there still is a big difference between an author announcing that for an ongoing series vs a long finished one *cough* jk Rowling *cough* Another interesting thought is that if we consider that 10 focus characters to be the 10 "main characters" then we arguably have a 30% queer main cast. Jasnah confirmed in RoW and Renarin and Shallan (I acknowledge some disagree on that one) by WoB. Say what you will bit that is very inclusive group. (Bonus points: venli is also asexual but that goes with species. One could argue 40% though I would not.) Edit: @Greywatch I meant that comment to be read facetiously, apologies for any offense.
  12. Scadrial or real world double zinc. Infinite speed if thought plus rioting
  13. Fine. I'll be the one to say it. In addition to all the other amazing points which I agree with. We be simping.
  14. At the risk of missing something here's my comment without reading everything. Outcasts band together. RenarinXRlain has to be the ship that makes the most sense. Also I bet the both get a ton more characterization in the back half where Renarin will be a much bigger deal.