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  1. That be fun, but since B9handan and Shai live in different eras (I think) and Shai hates Hoid with a passion I wouldn't hold your breath.
  2. I'm going to use a cop out answer. This isn't a particularly important question so Brandon wasn't thinking too hard. Slip of the tounge occurs he said Taldain when he meant Yolen.
  3. Definitely no elves, I'm not even sure how I feel about dragons yet. Elantrians are definitely the most elf-like though. Immortal, supernaturally beautiful, and experts of magic.
  4. That's a great idea on the combination of her gift and progression and I like it a lot more then the truespren being "healed" by corruption theory.
  5. Instant noodles. No really, its canon. Wow, that's right. I'd never considered that.
  6. @Frustration it was not, did you spot a pun I didn't?
  7. Him ordering Kaladin's execution was a brash decision that he nearly immediately regretted. I feel the need to take a moment and say yes, Elothkar is a monumentally horrible king worthy of the title "the 11th fool." Yes, Moash has some good traits. In a literal philosophical sense no one is irredeemable, but in storytelling Moash got right next to the line when he attacked Kaladin in WoR, jumped over it when he killed Elothkar, and flipped off everyone still trying to help him when he killed Jezrian. Edit: in hindsight "literal philosophical sense" is a bit of a oxymoron.
  8. Petty does not equal evil
  9. Sure, but I don't see how that matters when talking about him saving Elothkar But Moash does know he just sucks at his job. He works with him! Elothkar demonstrates himself a whiny brat but not a cruel person. Again the difference with Adolin is the future threat that Sadeas was.
  10. I'm sure there's trade going on but I can't think of any reason it would be a blackmarket. On Nalthis its completely legal and that's the only place it would regulated.
  11. But Syl bonded him because he was a good person to begin with. Amaram is actively evil, Elothkar is negligent idiot. Not quite the same. If Moash had killed him to protect the oarsmen you'd have a point, but he didn't. I don't remember this scene, quote?
  12. Compounding Oxygen wouldn't create an atmosphere (at least not a sustainable one) unless you were able to increase the surface gravity as well. You could probably figure out an iron hack to do that though. Growing food isn't an issue with compounded bendalloy. Any and all powers would have applications for the first settlers who have to pave the way for normal people.
  13. But all of the pivotal decisions leading up to the 3rd ideal were made without Syl. Those were made using his conscience, something Moash does have. I disagree. Why? They're have similair backgrounds, lives, careers, recent experiences, etc. Sadeas was actively threatening Adolin's family and still very much a threat. Elothkar was desperately trying to protect his child on a battlefield. Technically true, but Moash is wrong. It doesn't happen on screen but between Dalinar's and Amaram's experiences it's a very safe assumption that it happened. @Eugenides AMEN! In conclusion, storm Moash.
  14. I'm with you, it would have been way more beneficial for him to break over and over again. Additionally someone of that character wouldn't hold out for 4.5 millennia.
  15. I'd argue that the answer is no. Walking on artificial stone does not break the tenets of Stone Shamanism as it is simply a mockery of what the hold sacred. Making a mockery of what the child sacred though . . .