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  1. How about some freaking armor. I'm not convinced weight woyld be a huge detriment and some chain would go a long ways.
  2. Where did the RoW board go, I've been wanting to check out the discussion on the new chapter?
  3. I'm leaning towards to yes, aluminum in a basic level removes other metals and in a truer sense all investure. I cant think of any reason it wouldn't work.
  4. Theoretically it would be a big maybe. Practically I dont think you could get enough without compounding.
  5. Zinc
  6. Double Zinc. They're my favorite A and F power just as they are, the synergize very nicely, and obviously compounding. In my head they're dubbed Masterminds.
  7. I'd imagine he'd heal from the head, and I doubt he had gold earrings sufficient to regrow everything vital.
  8. I think we're missing the bigger picture. Sure cremlings probably have purple blood but who is going to stomp on enough crenlings to produce a noticeable amount of blood during a battle. There must have been something larger. Axehounds bred for war? Chulls pulling seige equipment? Larkins?!?
  9. @Nick11 I couldn't agree more. Failing is an ideal candidate for Edgedancer. He summoned Maya at the battle of Thayelean early and that already makes him Pseudo-Radient. I would be shocked if he lives through 6 more books and doesn't restore and bond with Maya.
  10. Well I can't say I like the conclusion, but a sincere thank you for the closure.
  11. Magically created real world gemstones could be correct. I'd also find it very dissatisfying.
  12. Picture of uncut emeralds. One could argue lumpy but not bulbous. But that's my point. The lack of pressure wouldn't result in different shapes. It would result in there not being actual gemstones.
  13. They are structurally identical to each other and the color is what makes the difference. I'm just saying that a real world scientist would not look at a Rosharan diamond and identify it as one. On creation from the coppermind In WoR gemhearts are described as "bulbous". In WoK "lumpy." Neither of these, creation or appearance, match real gemstones at all. Finally the WoB states all Rosharan gemstones are structurally identical, but that is not true of all the real world gemstones. For example diamonds and rubies.
  14. Definitely zinc, it has everyday use and easy accessibility. Still I would pick feurchemy instead of allomancy. That would make my choice . . . definitely still zinc.
  15. They're present in Dalinars flashbacks so I'd say at least 20 years old. This is a moot point because Rosharan gemstones have 0 correlation to earth gemstones. All are more akin to pearls than an actual gem.