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  1. But Szeth was a suspected radient.
  2. All recruits are suspected radients? That's why they're recruits.
  3. Put it in a glass jar? Can they?
  4. Capture it, try to reverse engineer the connection to its hordelings to track then all down, systematically destroy each hordeling, and then kill the main body.
  5. But I'm sure they have a lot more efficient ways to teat for radiency. And that's not how they go about recruiting. There's never a mention of that recruiting tactic in Szeths training scenes. It just seems a bit far fetched.
  6. But if they thought he was a Radient candidate they would have killed him or recruited him. Neither of those (especially the first ) involves giving him shards.
  7. My only problem with this is that I do t understand why the skybreakers would just hand out shards without a specific purpose.
  8. A motive for the skybreakers killing Amaram has already been established. I feel like now the goal is to justify the methods. Here's a shot. They can't do it they're normal way. Amaram has a spotless record and is immune to most punishments anyways as a highlord under Alethi law. So the resort to drastic measures to kill a major enemy. Recruit someone that they have no intention of letting into the order, shard him up (with left over shards from the recreance), and cross their fingers. As to why they wouldn't retrieve the shards? The aforementioned legal immunity and if they have one set of recreance shards the probably have a TON. Also the WoB pretty much nails down he is working for the Skybreakers not the GB.
  9. To add the skybreakers don't actually have a problem with Radients. They just think killing them is the best way to stop a desolation. The sons of honor goal is to cause a desolation so Amaram would be a prime target even if he's not Radient.
  10. This is a side note but elsecallers have always felt more honor than cultivation to me. What are the arguments for them fitting C?
  11. I love how these are almost all mistborn
  12. What's everyone's favorite cosmere twist. Mine has to be the whole OreSeur TenSoon debacle. It just blows my mind how well it was played out. Never saw it coming!
  13. I'm a little sad we only have 2 votes for WoA.
  14. It's just a comment Adolin makes.