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  1. It is done. This has probably been my favorite series of posts on the shard and I'm am excited to see it continue! Keep up the good work!
  2. The easiest (read laziest) answer is that a vessel has died there but I don't think Brandon would do that to us. My thought is Roshar. Shardblade are referred to as spren corpses by Syl so maybe Honor's/a god's corpse is a combination of the Honorblades? Dawnshard? I'd leer away from Sel. The problem is all the investure is in the cognitive instead of the spiritual, i.e. not the physical. If it's not Roshar, Threnody does have the right feel. First of the Sun too.
  3. Dark brown here, that rules out any strict vorin nations.
  4. A very meta choice. I'm firmly in the odium wins first arc camp which would make kharbaranth pretty good.
  5. Azir would have to be at the top, maybe thayelean.
  6. It should be noted that because of different Connections to the cognitive realm it appears radically differently on different worlds. For example Scadrial's cognitive realm looks nothing like Roshar's.
  7. I concur, I see how could work as a 4th oath but I really don't see any evidence that cements it as the correct interpretation. Furthermore the herald of the Edgedancers is the herald of surgery and medicine so it would make more sense to have a tie in there. I dont think its impossible, just that you should not let Shallan sneak up on you.
  8. This isn't the WoB I was looking for but its ok. JoyBlu Both Tien and Kaladin are Radiant, you talked about how that wasn't hereditary, and how that was more because of where they were with association. Was it because they were associated with the same person, or the same place? Brandon Sanderson Yes, Connection influences spren. JoyBlu Right, but was the Connection to a person that they were around? Brandon Sanderson Connection to people. JoyBlue So not necessarily the place where they were? Brandon Sanderson Right. Joyblu Because my way of thinking it might be with the people is because, like with the Purelake on the Cognitive Realm there would be more spren hanging out there because that was more land, right; so if you spent more time on that you would have more spren around you. So if you're closer to more water, you're closer to more spren. Brandon Sanderson That is not an irrelevant observation. Skyward release party (Nov. 6, 2018) Basically if a spren checks someone out other spren want to come see what's going on and end up bounding to someone close to the original radient.
  9. Wow just wow. I read through it again and wish I could give you another reputation. Bravo!
  10. It's always going to be Elhokars death for me. I just bawl whenever I read it I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. By WoB his first truth was "I am not a good king." It just kills me.
  11. Elsecallers have always been a close second for me and your take on their ideals is a solid point for them. I do want to see what you have for truthwatchers though.
  12. Wow, I might have to change my name after Truthwatchers comes out. I am curious though, could you go more into your reasoning behind the 4th ideal? Particularly how the WoB ties in? Edit: wait, wait, wait I think I got it. Does if have something to do with good solutions vs the best solution?
  13. All good points, I'm starting to buy in.
  14. Bendalloy can do that. You'd need a separate metalmind for hydration and nutrition but its covered.
  15. I don't know, I sure have a very different relationship with my sister than my brothers. I can see how it might work, but I'm doubtful.