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  1. Hi SingingMosiac! I don't really know how to make image descriptions or anyone that makes them. But if it helps Padmavaat's soundtrack really helped me come up with the designs. Here's an colored update for anyone still following this project
  2. I'm still low key mad at Shallan but my heart has healed enough for me to do a sketch of her
  3. That's a great idea! Alot of Middle Eastern/ South Asian armor and fashion have metal like bindings to them and it'll be an interesting look to add to the Parshendi
  4. I wanted to share the concept sketches for Navani and Jasnah! I'm pretty happy with these roughs and will proceed to finishing them
  5. Do you mind sharing links for those OT3 fics? I would love to read it
  6. Got some help from the 17th Shard discord and I finally figured it out! I posted the design project in the fanworks forum. Hope to see you around as well!
  7. New member here! So I just finished Oathbringer and my heart just shattered into pieces knowing that Kaladin/Shallan isn't happening. Don't worry, I'll learn to live with it! (or maybe I'll ship the OT3, because why not?) To channel my woes and sorrows, I decided to focus on the other thing I love about this series : the unique world building. In here I'll be challenging myself to design concepts for a mock Stormlight IP (be it a game or a movie, I'm still not sure). DISCLAIMER : The designs I post here will take liberties from the description the have in the book. My mind's eye is kind of a rebel in that sense. The artwork you will see will be a combination of the book's description, Shallan's sketches and my own flavor mixed in. I hope to post every week to keep my skills up and eventually have a complete portfolio for myself. Suggestions and inputs for inspiration and references are greatly appreciated! 07/01/2019 - INSPIRATION I started reading TWoK 2 years ago and only got back to it this year. I got hooked enough to finally finish all three books and the Alethi culture just screamed 1300s Middle East-South Asia. The Kholin Monarchy, where you had one king and a dozen or so high princes with a 'department' assigned to them reminded me of Persia's shah and sastraps system. Another clue that really influenced the design I wanted to make was the concept of a safehand and havah, two fashion elements that brought the sari, kameezes and kurtiz in mind. ladymxdnight from discord, really helped me out on that one. And lastly, the one element that really sealed the deal on how I saw SA's world was the Parshendi singing in battle. When I read that, I knew I had to go Bollywood. Yep, you read that right. If it were up to me, SA would be a Bollywood film. Thankfully, a really great Bollywood film came out a few years ago that got me really excited to design SA in this direction : Padmavaat by Sanjay Leela Bansali INTIAL SKETCHES As any concept artist will tell you, warm ups are important. After seeking out my references, studying them and recreating them to an almost maddening degree, I started doing simple and quick sketches to further flesh out the designs I see in my mind. Below are quick concepts for the Kholin Uniform, Jasnah and Shallan's Kharbranth havah and initial portrait sketches of Adolin, Elhokar and Kaladin. See you next week!
  8. It's been a day since I finished Oathbringer so I guess my torch for Shalladin is still there. I do see myself shipping them with Adolin as a de facto OT3 but we'll see. To be honest, how the romance in Oathbringer was handled kind of turned me off. I was game to ship Shadolin if only it had the same level of depth or intimacy that Shalladin had. Maybe if I saw more of Adolin's struggles (his reluctance to be a King, his insecurity over Kaladin) then I would've found his relationship with Shallan more interesting. I do see that Shadolin is the more 'healthier' option for Shallan (he lifts her up, understands her, was willing to step back for her to be happy) but I guess the reason why I'm still not sold on it is because I want more depth from it (maybe we'll find it in Book 4) My theory is, Adolin will somehow get into a darker path and become Odium's champion. It's unfair of me to make Adolin a plot device because I do like him, but I think it'll be interesting how that situation would impact Kaladin and Shallan. Both have issues about other people hurting those they care about and I'll be thrilled to see how they'll bond over over losing Adolin. As for Kaladin's love life....mmmmm....I kind of want the books to take a break from the whole romance plot. I mean the triangle was one of my favorite parts in WoR because how BS writes character relations is how I get to connect and feel the characters...but if SA is going to keep it's quality, I think it needs to take a break from the romance and look at the bigger picture. I'm up for Syladin to happen but not in a romantic sense...
  9. I'm heartbroken about Shalladin falling through. I see the Syladin ship happening but I don't really ship Syl and Kaladin romantically. It's kind of a Lilo and Stitch situation for me. That kind of bond and love is what I see them having in the future and I'm game for it to happen. That being said, if Kaladin does end up with Syl (I doubt it'll be romantic but Kaladin choosing to staying devoted to his spren and his oaths is something I see him doing), I'll find it really amusing that he's going to be technically 'married' to his honor. Zuko anybody?
  10. I've always pictured the Alethi people as Middle Eastern/ Indian descent. I second Mena Massoud if he could buff it up. Loved Aladdin!
  11. initial sketches for Adolin, Elhokar and Kaladin. Apart from Kaladin, the other two has evolved in my minds eye.
  12. Initial sketches for the Havah. Inspired by the Sari
  13. Initial Sketches for Kaladin's Kholin uniform. Heavily inspired by the Sherwani
  14. Hello! New to the forum but I've been reading BS since 2013 when I first grabbed a copy of Mistborn. I just finished Book 3 of Stormlight and completely heartbroken with the ending that I decided to participate in the forum for some catharsis haha! I've been trying to post a design project I have in the fanworks forum but I'm having a bit of trouble in posting it because it apparently has a link and is considered spam? Yeah, still trying to figure that out but I'm really excited to share my fanart!