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  1. Maybe this is cultivation's long con? Make odium fill in the intelligence while Taravangian is his most compassionate.
  2. Thanks for clarifying that for me guys!
  3. I can't argue with this! Also, I wonder if it's possible that vasher was originally from roshar, worldhopped to nalthis where he died doing something worthy from endowments pov who then gave him a divine breath. Does he have to be from nalthis for that to occur?
  4. What about using it to heal the sibling? The fused described it basically as a deadeye. Could be something to use it on, but that makes me sad as it would likely he when the fused attack the tower in the near future and I like vasher too much!
  5. I have seen many people speculate about how he was talking about adonalsium. What if he picked up a splinter of unbroken adonalsium? I know anything that had split prior to the shattering is now "associated" with a particular shard. But does that mean if it was a mix that it divided up appropriately? I.e. if it was 1 part honour and 1 part odium it divided as such or does it stay as the original mix even though the shattering took place later
  6. They don't make the connection in book AFAIK. Otherwise they'd realise where the shin got the honorblade szeth used and that they also have the others. I'm waiting for that penny to drop
  7. I've wondered for a long time if Adolin will awaken his blade with a different surge than its original combination, or just if this is possible with any dead blade.
  8. Willshaper, lightweaver, elsecaller were my top 3
  9. Voting for elsecallers too as most flexible and potentially just OP. They are good in combat, especially 1v1 against things they can soulcast. Although also what is to stop them from just soulcasting big rocks from air above enemies etc. They can also soulcast to feed everyone. Transportation could also be rather handy not only for combat, but for transporting large groups of people depending on its limitations Jasnah also soulcast shallans blood as apparently it's easy as one of the special essences. That would come in handy in many healing applications (obviously not as versatile as what others have though) Leadership qualities can also be learned. Though bondsmiths definitely have a leg up here with connections to people.
  10. Doubled up by accident
  11. he has been tortured for some 4.5k years. There was a death rattle about standing over the body of a brother " I'm standing over the body of a brother. I'm weeping. Is that his blood or mine? What have we done?" which might refer to it from any potential murderers pov. Likewise the one about "You've killed me. Bastards, you've killed me! While the sun is still hot, I die!" could be from talns pov. They just jumped out at me at possibly being this when I read them. No proof, just wild speculation!
  12. I kinda think all the heralds survived the last desolation and then one of them actively killed taln to send only him back. Was thinking it was jezrien but could be ishar too
  13. Honestly, I see Moash as recognising the path to redemption and then actively ignoring it. One of the many faces of depression
  14. Perhaps. But it was ackshually a thread which really spiked my ire.
  15. If nightblood can cut on all three realms, presumably he can cut FROM all three realms and Szeth can transport himself to the cognitive realm along with nightblood if he has all 10 surges. Also, you don't know if he will have the specialities of all classes of radiant as the surges are different depending on what you are. We don't know what effect this will have on the options he's got available, especially if he has "mastered" them all. But let's say he can fly and then soulcast the air around tlr into an aluminium iron maiden from a distance. Perhaps liquefy the ground he's on and encase him in rock, from a distance. Atium shadows? Lightweave a barrier tlr can't see through but szeth can and stay on the opposite side of it while he acts from a distance. I think there is a lot of potential (on both sides) but there is far more known about allomamcy and feruchemy than surgebinding dynamics, hence why there seems to be a large number of people frothing over tlr being op rather than poor old szeth!