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  1. You can only open it for 2 seconds at a time. I wish to be smart. (Please, no taravangian.)
  2. Here
  3. you get a bloody axe (and a very loud bark of pain) *inserts pig that can fly*
  4. I’m back!
  5. Now your a Reod elantrian. I wish that doorknobs obey my will.
  6. Ho
  7. Dual steel= speedslinger
  8. Narrator: After you world hop, you unsheathe Nightblood. Your storm light diminishes quickly. A single thought courses through your mind: DESTROY EVIL! As you attack Odium, you realize something from a forum post: Nightblood does not have enough Investiture to destroy a shard. So you decide to run. As you jump in the Perpendicularity, one thought remains in your mind: I shouldn’t have done that.
  9. Granted, but all the characters think your a villain. i wish for stereotypes and the ability to create their dreams
  10. I worldhopped. Can we go destroy some evil today?
  11. Sure, but to you it tastes horrible. I wish for infinite kittens.
  12. 000000
  13. I’ll give you old ironeyes
  14. Hello, I’m sword-nimi