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  1. Butt screamed, the 4th wall is broke, narrators!
  2. It made an extremely loud and long kazoo sound, and the Ghostbejewelers were frightened.
  3. Wielding this ghanderflaffle:
  4. The Ghostbejewelers (Who are now in my autocorrect) trapped the largish kazoos down with more ugly fabric in webs.
  5. The Ghostbejewelers blindfolded them with ugly fabric.
  6. Smiles
  7. wInNeR!
  8. They punched what kicked them out with bedazzled fists.
  9. Hole
  10. They played catch with the Cryptic, and the Ghostbejewelers were on their way.
  11. The largish kazoos stampeded the Cryptic!
  12. It was, coincidentally, the largish kazoos’ mating call!
  13. There’s always another win.
  14. Suddenly a rogue Cryptic jumped them!
  15. To sell their Stormlight for money. Ghost compatible materials don’t come cheap.