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  1. These have actually given me an idea- specifically regarding the “the Luck fails” part of an arc- if it’s only her that is lucky, maybe having the cost of her being too reliant on it gets someone else hurt in her stead- a kind of wake up call that it’s not all about her
  2. So one of my character’s magical quirks is being blessed with supernatural good fortune- but I fear straying too close to just writing her into Deus ex Machina after Deus ex Machina. For example- the opening scene that both features this ability and gets the party together involves her being chased into a broken down transportation hub by anti-magic raiders at just the right moment that our Main Protagonist is fiddling with a transportation hub near her own hometown, activating it and starting the plot. Is there a way to write Luck that doesn’t feel contrived?
  3. From the album My Art

    It's everyone's favorite pair of Alethi brothers who AREN'T dead! Yet!
  4. From the album My Art

    I can't believe nobody's drawn Wax and Wayne as Zenigata and Lupin before, it seems so obvious in hindsight
  5. You know, harvesting rock from quarries in the surface and scooping up ash to transmute both into useable goods does provide a certain worker aesthetic that goes with the sort of late 1800’s style I’m trying for (coal miner types and soot stained chimney sweeps and all that), so having a profession of folk who brave the surface for such things makes a lot of sense. As for the second half, I absolutely do already have Plans (TM) Involving whoever may or may not have been left on the surface after those wealthy enough rode up on their islands in the sky I also suppose such limitations would also force a kind of culture where nothing goes to waste- anything not useable for goods off of organic things would go for composting and such, and things carved from wood would be a luxury as opposed to more easily transmuted mineral objects
  6. I've run into an interesting worldbuilding dilemma- the main setting is a gaslamp fantasy series of man-made floating islands, sailing along leylines to gather magical energy to do stuff with. One of the things this magic can do is transmute, similar to soulcasting, which helps a bit with the resource problem, but there's still a very finite source of material to transmute into needed goods- and the islands are in the sky to begin with is because man-made disasters choked the surface with smog and ash. How can these sky islands collect new resources without mining the ground out from under them for stone, or leeching the limited nutrients from whatever soil they have for wood?
  7. Awwwwwwwwww sparks
  8. Yeah basically what I meant was had anyone asked Sanderson, if Earth was hypothetically part of the Cosmere, what kind of magic system he might make for it. I didn’t know this information about the Rithmatist everyone else is mentioning in the thread- I think I’ll have to pick that book up once I’ve gottwn through Words of Radiance and Oathbringer
  9. Has anyone ever asked, hypothetically speaking, what form Investiture might take if it were on Earth?
  10. Oh, I meant how the 16 metals fall into a pattern of the internal/external and pushing/pulling metals that, even with a few of the metals missing you could figure out what they’d do in allomancy. I felt like what the shards represent had some kind of grander pattern to it or something?
  11. Well that answers that, then. The out-of-world answer drives me absolutely feral though, I thought it would have been something a bit more... I guess mathematically elegant, like the sixteen metals
  12. Why specifically do the shards of Adonalsium embody those particular aspects? Are they supposed to be axiomatic aspects of the universe? Of people? What makes Ambition, Honor, and Odium a shard but not something like Apathy, Deception, or Ecstasy?
  13. After developing a bit, I think I’ve got the solution- the MC will entrust the Adventurer with the secret that she’s been secretly studying magic, and proves her skill in it. Adventurer will go to the mom, explain her daughter is brilliant in this field, and on a more equal adult ground convince her to let the Adventurer hire her on so the MC’s talents don’t wilt out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to really challenge her. An offer of mentorship- the Obi-Wan to her Luke, except less Alec Guinness and more Ewan McGregor
  14. The big thing keeping her in town is her mom- both pressuring her to stay emotionally and MC’s perceived responsibility to stay and not leave her to run the bar mostly alone
  15. Ah, no that’s not what happened- she just teleported the adventurer to her, not herself to the adventurer and then back. That’s a good point- I’m thinking now maybe the adventurer gives her like a secret test of character type thing before offering to hire her on. The MC does hide things from her mom that the adventurer picks up on because she was still conscious when magic happened, and probably does a “hey why are you lying to your folks?” Bit, where we get MC’s I Want moment