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  1. Ah, thank you
  2. So, what are people's thoughts on Stick, (The one Shallan tries to turn into fire but fails) In stick's copper mind page there is quite a lot of theorization about how he might actually be a world hopper... Probably not true, but fun to think about, right? So does anyone have any theory's or ideas about Stick?
  3. True Neutral. Because if someone tells him something is evil, he'll destroy it, even if they are "Good"
  4. I grew up with English as my native language but learned Spanish from the age of six in a Spanish immersion school. I quit before high school, but recently began learning it again now, and let me tell you, it's odd. I personally think that Connection would somehow allow you to learn a language easier. Some things about Spanish I just kind of instinctively know, even if I've forgotten most of the vocabulary and things like that. Your brain doesn't consciously know it, but then someone asks you a question in Spanish and you suddenly start speaking it. Maybe if someone used Connection to a language for an extended period of time, it might happen like that, where you don't think you know the language but your brain somehow remembers speaking it.