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  1. Still unsure. Definitely not Striker though, he was very helpful and I’d rather lynch someone more inactive.
  2. I hoenestly have now thoughts. Now, Sophia might suspect Vapor, but other than that... Anyway, Sophia will be going to the Study
  3. Lost metal, whoo! I love Wayne, excited to hopefully get his flashback.
  4. Sophia was chatting with the gardener about his plants. All things considered, he was doing a great job with them, but he knew very few about their uses or names. She was just explaining about how the Vinflowers could use a more often pruning when a woman from the party stumbled into the garden. ”Lord Talbot! He’s been murdered!” Sophia stood from the ground and frowned. Sure, she didn’t particularly like Talbot, but he was fine, for a Lord, and she trusted him to make sure that no one came onto the property during Elk mating season, which had unfortunately gotten a few of his servents, before Sophia managed to get them out of there. They had even gone riding, once or twice, although he has not seemed to approve of her study gelding. It was sad, yes, but who had killed him? That was a more pressing question.
  5. Ok, I think I’m starting to understand how blackouts games work. It’s a game of partial information.
  6. After some rough encounters with some noblewoman, Sophia eventually wandered out to the Garden , where she sat on a bench and watched the fountains. Rust and Ruin she should never have come to this party! It was absolutely mess. She’d rather have to pick stinging nettles than be here! Although, their was that one time with the stinging nettle and the cougar that might have been worse, although she tried not to think about it.
  7. Sophia was very glad of the excuse to get away, but as she got a piece of cake, watched the woman from a distance. That dress was showing far to much neck, even if it was a quite lovely shade... She blushed, but did not turn away.
  8. Sophia stepped into the party. Despite her wearing her best outfit, her dark green dress looked laughable against the blue and purple swirling silks. She grabbed a glass of cider off one of the waiters, and began to wander around the room. She knew almost nobody here, only a few she recognized from the broadsheets. “Oh, Sophia! It’s so good of you to come” Sophia turned to see Lord Talbot walking toward her. ”I was in the area.” She replied curtly. He was holding a glass of dark red wine. ”I need to get out to my property by New Serene again. Wow, I haven’t been out there for what, three years?” ”Well, it’s still standing.” Sophia replied. She took a sip of her cider. ”Still own a farm? Still working for that old buzzard of a noble. What’s his name again? Lord Coal, right. He’s still obsessed with saving those big birds...” he continued to yammer on until Sophia managed to excuse herself to get another glass of cider. She was going to need it to get through this.
  9. Had a dream I was Rand yesterday. Except for some reason Rand was pregnant.
  10. Sophie stood on the corner of steel and Dox street, staring down at the invitation clutched in her hand. She wouldn’t even be here if she hadn’t come to a nearby town to look at a litter of puppies. It would have been a few days before she could pick them up, and so she had come here. Sophie had absolutely no clue why she had even gotten the invitation. She only knew the lord because he happened to own a patch of land next to her own, and he once happened to get absolutely lost and almost had a run in with the local bear. So, here she was, in a city. Sophie hated cities. They were loud, noisy, and big. She was staring at the invitation, trying to decipher the poor handwriting when she had almost gotten run over by one of those new fangled horseless carriages. No respect for decent pedestrians! Well, having to attend a party was at least better than the time she had gotten caught in between a patch of brambleberries and that Mama Bear! Although not by much.