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  1. Ah ok that makes sense
  2. How did Hoid slap around Kelsier anyway?
  3. Sounds a bit like a free-for all game. Sounds fun though.
  4. I thought it was Dalinar, because later in a Dalinar POV we get Dalinar saying that he 'accepted Kaladins words"
  5. Ah good to know!
  6. So I was thinking about how it seems to be that quite a few shards have a number specifically related to them. Honor has the number ten, Odium 9, Preservation 16 (Although that one does seem to be a bigger coserme thing) Do other people think that every Shard has a specific number or no?
  7. Mistborn: Wayne and Marasi Roshar: Venli and Leshwei (Although I guess she's kind of a god) so Rlain Nalthis: Nightblood, I mean come on, and Vivienna Taldain: Just a whole bunch of sand First of the sun: A couple of those death-seeing aviar Yolen: Hoid because he's the only character we've met
  8. Cards wouldn’t all be the same chances. I haven’t worked out what but soulcasting/Shardblades is going to be pretty hard to get. They would submit the action and revive the replacement card the next turn. It would take up a card action. Because the role actions are like ‘out of game’ and the card actions are like ‘in the game.’ Like, ‘every time you lie you have to have a question mark somewhere in that post’ Something fairly small but if someone paying attention they might be able to tell. I’d love to have a actual deck but it will probably be RNG. The 0-2 is random, except if you have the lucky role, in that case it would be 1-2. Voidbringers have the same deck.
  9. 4-ish minutes left in the cycle
  10. I have a game idea... Yes another one https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bEqkC4UaTv-DnLgmt543qnXDJNNB_m0GjsS8mo6DY94/edit?usp=sharing