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  1. Ooh I’m glad you finally got around to mine! (I used to be MysticLotus but shortened it when I found out Lotus was avalible)
  2. I’m interested in playing I just need to see how the first few days of school go. So, count me as a ‘maybe?’ I’ll have a answer by the time sign ups close.
  3. Awesome game y’all! Never suspected Illwei until I got killed. Too bad to because Martim had a awesome plan for a secret code.
  4. So, one or two Elims to go? Maybe three? That would be a lot though.
  5. If you need pinch-hitters for this game, I’ll do it. Because I kind of am getting my wisdom teeth out the day after it starts... and I do not want to play this game loopy.
  6. It’s just that in the other forum I belong to you basically upvote everything and I keep accidentally doing that here.
  7. Ok yeah that does it for me Expirience Sorry if you are village, but that last post right their... I’m also mildly suspicious of ash but that is jumping to conclusions left and right.
  8. Uh... I’m willing to vote experience, but I’m just waiting to hear more accusations. Right now the only one seems a little flimsy, but it is better then any other lead.
  9. Hey-o, sorry I’ve had a long week. Today’s the last day though, so Who I trust: Matrim: Mat feels very village this round to me. Even though he has been questioning me, all of his reasoning on doing so are very sound and well thought out. He hasn’t been jumping to conclusions. Sart: Obvious reasons, because of silber’s scan. Still a little wary, but I trust them. Silber: I trust Silber a little less then the other two. Still in my trust bucket, but I worry that his scan claim was to gain village trust. Who I’m suspicious of: Pyro: Haven’t seen a ton of stuff from pyro. Also, hasn’t been up to their usual shenanigans. Mint: Idk why, mint’s stuff just feels off. She did list vapor as being suspicious though, so... shrug? Expirience: Most strong elim read. Agree with everything in your post, Elk, about them.
  10. If anyone has received a alignment scan, I encourage you to use it on me.