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  1. (also give three cheers to the Illwei vote count for sending out all the PMs while I had some issues)
  2. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. MR52 Cycle 2: The first to be kicked off the table. They eyed each other, fingering their cards as they watched. And then, the cards we're played, and Elandera stood up in frustration upon seeing her hand. "Augh!" she cried, and stormed off to a nearby table to watch the game unfold with her lost spheres. Matrim's dice joined her after a horrible hand involving some fellow players secretly giving him the worst cards. Elandera was voted off the table! She was a Lucky Knight Radiant! Matrim's Dice is no longer at the table! He was a Clever Knight Radiant! PMs will be sent out shortly. Please be patient. VC: Player list:
  4. And thats time! My vote counter robot appears to be asleep so-
  5. If they talk in their GM PM I'm gonna count that, doc no. And as far as filter kill... Imma gonna cross that bridge when I get to it.
  6. I’m gonna say if you don’t show up to do anything for two cycles we’ll look at finding a pinch hitter
  7. Hey a few clarifications: The honest role only needs to put the tell in the post they lie in, not necessarily the sentence. And if they lie multiple times in one post, only one tell is required (though more are welcome) Me and Illwei have also discussed and decided that Two of spears DOES NOT Block the elims night kill. It would block a shard blade though! Guard cards only block NKs, not exes, my brain was going insane or something Ping me for any further clarifications.
  8. MR52L Cycle 1: the Cards are dealt The players sat around the table, as the guard captain began to deal the cards. "Remember. No cheating. If you get caught you'll forfeit your bets." In the middle of the table lies a pile of spheres, mostly smaller gems glowing with the faint light of stormlight. And now... the cards are dealt, and let the games begin. As this is the first round, I must announce that Kasmir is the Guard Captain! Player list: If you have not received a PM please let us know! A reminder that PMs between players are closed for this game. The cycle will end on August 3rd at 9 am PST
  9. (Sorry for the double post) Ive had a small family thing come up. Signups still will close at 9 but do not expect first cycle to be up til ten or so