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  1. I’m so sad I died N1 on this. But I mean, at least the Elims won!
  2. Yeah waitlist is like a year out at this point
  3. Someday I'll be able to run my MR.... someday.
  4. A woman sat down next to Josephine. Shara, she thought her name was. Josephine had seen her around the town and thought she looked quite presentable in her neatly pressed outfit. The woman asked if the bar served coffee, which made Josephine's eyes widen. Not that she would like coffee herself, but perhaps some tea with a shot or two would be better than this wine. Josephine watched her for a few moments before she spoke "I have to say I do not enjoy coffee very much, but it will probably be better then this" she said, gesturing at her cup of wine, "I really don't know why I got it. Its horrible compared to the wine where I'm from"
  5. I think some people are people and other people are not people.
  6. Josephine sat in the tavern, nursing her wine. She hated wine, but it made her appear sophisticated to these low rats, so she was going to take whatever she would. Garnet's wine wasn't even that good. Maybe she'd have a beer after to wash it down although she wasn't much of a fan of beer either. Alcohol in general was rather miserable and pointless. As she sat there drinking, she noticed the patrons around her talking about the days events. How some person had been convicted of being a rebel or something, she didn't pay attention much. The gossip, the conversations, suspects and allies all passed her by like the wind blowing from the ocean. Not that their was any ocean here in this horrible place. She just let it all go away and drank another sip of the foul wine. Who would ever want to drink something that tasted like vinegar but worse? But she supposed she would deal with it, and pay in full. She could always create more gold if she needed too. Money was not a issue in this town. Reputation, on the other hand, was. Perhaps she should actually be paying attention, draw up a battle plan of alliances. But why should she? That was something Sariel or Selephiel would have done. Josephine had always gone off instinct, even if they were on occasion incorrect. And right now her finely honed instincts were telling her to wait here and see what may occur. The door to the tavern opened and Josephine watched and waited.
  7. Did someone say RP?
  8. Dang it I did not realize rollover was going to be this early for me. Should have actually paid attention to the time
  9. Three times, eh? Been sending out some PMs?
  10. Josephine was sick of this Serin-forsaken planet. The sooner she could get away, the happier she would be. But of course it wasn't easy to leave a city as this one, and her disappearance would have been remarked on a little too much. She could perhaps fake her own death, but she preferred to find other methods. Her ship was stashed out in the tundra, a remote place that a person was unlikely to stumble upon on accident. Once she could leave, she woud head out there and return to Endel-se. It had been too long since she had seen her wife Selephiel and she longed to get out of this place. Too much power. Too many gods. Not her favorite place. But she had to stay for now, and so she sat in this stifling room on a planet that had yet to develop air conditioning.
  11. Now that the game has actually started I should probably go read the rules Or I cold just wing it and hope for the best. Rules are for loosers It's been a long time since I've played a game, but yay no more AP tests and so hopefully I'll have the time.
  12. Yeah all I remember was they put the IV in my arm and then the doctor started listing off some gibberish. My muddled experience from waking up was watching how the IV drip works and the nurse putting chapstick on my lips.