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  1. Lotus was here (;

    Straw if you beat me too it....

  2. Four? AG, WoT quick fix, one more? and this one
  3. Hopefully this game will end my insane elim streak
  4. I was just thinking that may be fun for my LG idea, just don't know how much effort I would want to put into it
  5. Does anyone know how much work it is to have areas like in the most recent AG where people can talk in docs on like different planets?
  6. Just putting a call out there that I would like to Co-gm a game soon, if anyone wants a co-gm
  7. Can confirm I successfully got more chalk last night for a total of 3
  8. A lot of forgetful people and a lot of forgotten people. Sorry it was too good of a joke
  9. Waiit-wow I didn't notice that we have 5 rainbow chalk
  10. When does the clock take effect again then? Is it the turn it’s used or the turn after or idk I can’t remember
  11. Ugghhhhhh I was so focused on doing some stuff that I forgot to submit a action AGAIN Maybe next time I should submit it like, as soon as the cycle opens. Actually hang on yeah thats what I'm going to do.
  12. In that case can I sign up for a LG spot?
  13. I'm quite interested to see how long it takes to get through the list because it varies so much
  14. Made some edits to my LG game idea https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RbmFDO9KFonreDcBV8vD3bTnhyfaC4o5EaW8iAk-LMo/edit?usp=sharing