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  1. Thanks for the idea, I've updated the original post with a link to the demo!
  2. That should be under Window>2D>Tile Palette. I'm using Rule Tiles, so each single tile in the palette represents all the different combinations of corners and sides. The Tile Palette window knows what TileMap objects are active, and has a dropdown menu to choose which one to edit. Choose the tilemap you want to edit, choose a tile type, then choose a drawing mode (paintbrush, fill, rectangle, or erase). Then, just draw in the scene window, and the tilemap will be updated.
  3. Glad someone found it!
  4. Running Running, always running. Aldric couldn't remember the last time he had stopped for breath. The nanites that had been forced upon him repaired the constant damage to his legs and lungs, but nothing could slow the endless days and weeks eating at his sanity. This was his duty now. Running.
  5. I just put a macOS build up on the builds branch on github, but I'm on a PC so it's entirely untested, if there's any issues, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The entire unity project is up on the repository's master branch, so if you install Unity 2018.4.22f1 (which is free for non-commercial use), you should be able to view and mess around with the project. If you want to look at just my code, that's all under Assets/Scripts. That folder is an absolute mess though, and the main files you'll want to look at are WaxController.cs and MetalObject.cs.
  6. I love how Wayne has so many dirty jokes that are subtle enough to fly under the radar. My favorite is probably in Bands of Mourning. In Chapter 12, he and Marasi meet up with the banker Mr. Eriola. Wayne sniggers at the name, which sounds similar to areola, the name for a part of the breast. Then, a few chapters later, Marasi makes a comment about how much she appreciated the banker's help, to which Wayne replies "Honestly, I thought he was a bit of a tit." On the surface, this sounds like it's just Wayne expressing his opinion on Mr. Eriola's uptight personality, but it's also more literal, since the areola is a part (bit) of a breast.
  7. I've added a branch to the github repository that just has the required files to play the demo: Current Builds On that page, there will be a green button saying Clone or Download. Select that, then select "Download ZIP". Once this file is downloaded, you'll need to decompress it. In that folder, there will be a file called "Dawnshot.exe," which will launch the demo.
  8. Heyo! I decided to teach myself how to use Unity over quarantine, and after getting a grasp on the basics started working on a Mistborn video game. I decided to start simple and make a game based on Waxillium Ladrian, mostly because his powers are some of the easiest to translate to a platformer without adding any extra mechanics. Additionally, focusing on a Twinborn keeps the control scheme and HUD simple - no need to switch between metals or show a wide array of metal levels. Overall, I tried to be faithful to the physics as shown in the books, though I did make a few decisions based more on what would be fun to play than existing information on the magic. Here's a quick run-through of the tutorial level I made, showing off the Allomancy and Feruchemy. Update: You can now play the demo online here! Basics: It's a platformer. You can run, jump, and climb up ledges. You can jump through the bottom or drop through the top of yellow platforms, while blue "glass" platforms have to be shattered to pass through. There is a slight amount of simulated air resistance, but it's only really noticeable when moving very quickly or when storing weight. I originally wanted to completely remove control while in midair, forcing the player to rely on Allomancy to move around. However, we're so used to being able to nudge characters in midair that this really detracted from the enjoyment of the game. So, while there's not as much control in midair, the player can still move a bit in either direction. This also makes balancing on anchors with Allomancy a bit easier. The player is damaged when colliding with the ground or other obstacles based on the impulse of the collision. Basically, the lighter you are, the faster you have to be moving before you take damage. Feruchemy: There are three discrete levels of storing/tapping mass that the player has access to. The mass at each level is double the previous, and the rate at which mass is stored/tapped in the metalmind is dependent on linear distance from base mass: Level: | Scale: | Rate: -3 | 0.125 | +0.875 -2 | 0.250 | +0.750 -1 | 0.500 | +0.500 0 | 1.000 | +0.000 +1 | 2.000 | -1.000 +2 | 4.000 | -3.000 +3 | 8.000 | -7.000 Like Wax, the player will usually want to be constantly storing, and briefly switch to tapping when they need some extra oomph. Because of the extra air resistance, and the lower impulse on collisions, someone storing at the max rate can survive falls of an indefinite length. Being lighter also means the player can jump higher, while being heavier makes it easier to break glass panels. When changing mass, momentum is mostly conserved, but the change in velocity is decreased from what it should be to prevent some game breaking jumps and steel-pushes. Allomancy: Allomancy was probably the trickiest part to design, mostly because it's the least consistent. Artemos has talked about those issues in depth here, so I won't repeat what's already been said. My decision was to decouple the force on the metal being pushed and the force on Wax. While this completely breaks Newton's Third Law, it does allow for interactions more in line with the books. The force in either direction follows the equation A * (pm1 * pm2) / (r^2), where A is some constant, pm1/pm2 are the perceived masses of the character and the target, and r is the distance. For the force on the target, its perceived mass and the character's perceived mass are their current mass. This means that, if the character is tapping weight, their pushes are stronger and coins are shot faster. For the character, the target's perceived mass increases when it's well anchored, with the amount anchored depending on the angle between the push and the slope of the object the target is anchored against. Additionally, the character always perceives their own mass as their base mass. This means that if the character is storing weight, they can push themselves further and faster. Next Steps: If you want to poke at the code or play around with the mechanics, you can check out the current build on github. I've certainly enjoyed working on this, but I don't really have any future plans for this specific project, mostly because I want to create games that I can freely share and distribute. If I were to continue, the entire code base would probably need an overhaul, since it was written as I was still learning. I may reuse and reskin some of the Allomancy mechanics as magnet-based superpowers in a future game, because jumping around on coins is legitimately enjoyable. Enjoy!
  9. Conversely, if she's only on the third oath and already overpowered compared to other 3rd oath radiants, that would lead to more disparity in the long run. It would make sense if she's overpowered because she's made more oaths, and once everyone catches up to her in oaths they'll also close the gap on power.
  10. In the Cosmere, my favorite is probably Bands of Mourning because the humor is great and we get the first glances of magitek on Scadrial. Outside of the Cosmere, my favorite series are probably C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy and Terry Pratchet's Discworld (Specifically the Sam Vimes and the Moist von Lipwig books). I got that - as far as I’m aware, the mods prefer that we only have one account at any time. I only have the one account. I made it a year ago, then went on vacation and forgot it existed. I tried to create an account a week or so ago, and it told me my email already had an account, but I was able to log back into that one. So there was only ever one account, it just sat unused for quite a while. Should have been more clear about that in my initial post I finished White Sand prose about a week ago, and got the Graphic Novels over the weekend.
  11. Heyo! I'm DqwertyC, and I'm new to the forums. Well, mostly... Apparently I created an account like a year ago when I finished Mistborn and then didn't do anything with it since then... I've read almost everything in the Cosmere, I'm just wrapping up White Sand right now. I've been somewhat active on the various Cosmere subreddits for the past year or so, and have read through several Coppermind articles and WoBs. I recently discovered the Shardcast and have enjoyed listening to the in depth analysis and crazy shenanigans that go on there. Outside of the Cosmere, I enjoy TTRPGs and video games, mostly leaning towards indie games and platformers. I work as a computer engineer, and work on Minecraft datapacks and whatever other code projects catch my attention in my free time.
  12. With enough breath, it would be fun to create an Anti-Nightblood with the command to "Preserve Good". Like Nightblood, the armor wouldn't have a good grasp on what good and evil is, or even what it's purpose is. I imagine it doing the same sort of judgement that Nightblood does when determining who's evil, and when it finds someone who's "good," it forcibly equips itself Iron Man style. Unlike Nightblood, it would never drain Investiture from the user, but it may drain Investiture from anywhere around them in order to protect them. Maybe it would even require Investiture to keep the user alive, because part of its overzealous mission to preserve them would involve keeping them from accessing potentially poisoned food or water. Like Nightblood, it would be a very powerful tool, but also very inconvenient more times than not.
  13. Since soul stamps work better the more plausible the scenario is, I think it could be exploited by creating scenarios where several outcomes have a near equal probability. For example, you could turn an entire library into a single book like so: Give each book in the library a number. Use some uniformly random system to choose a number. Copy the entire contents of that book down into a new, blank book. Now, whenever you need a book from that library, create a soulstamp for the book you copied the information into. In this soulstamp, the only thing in the object's past that changed was the random number that was chosen in step 2. While we don't know much about the mechanics of soul stamps, such a small and plausible change should be a fairly straightforward soulstamp, and should take well. With the right tools, you now have portable access to an entire library!
  14. I got Truthwatcher (71%), Edgedancer (64%) and Elsecaller (57%). The description for Truthwatcher was almost an uncanny match even beyond personality traits, since they have Progression and are most likely to be Artifabrians, and I'm an engineer who works in the medical device industry. Can't wait to see more of what the Truthwatcher oaths entail.
  15. I got Soother. Probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but I can definitely see how it would fit my personality.