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  1. I don’t normally try to do movie casting decisions, because the question of race and what you can and can’t change is way too controversial for me to deal with, but I would love to see Christoph Waltz as either Odium or Sadeas. His acting in Inglorious Basterds is one of the most terrifyingly charming and evil performances I’ve ever seen. Edit: Possibly Taravangian, but I prefer the other ones.
  2. the lost metal

    Retired means he’s not going to be a sort-of-kind-of-constable anymore. I can’t imagine that Wax is the type of person who would sit by and do nothing when two of his best friends are taking down the criminal organization lead by his sister. I would actually be extremely disappointed in him if he does give up on bringing down the Set. Just my own thought. And I know that WoB said that he’d be retired to <a thing>, and I think that thing is chasing the Set.
  3. the lost metal

    I'm thinking it's going to be somewhat of a pattern following the first 3 books. Book 1, Wax and Wayne are hunting down their old pal. Book 2 Wax is trying to figure out his feelings towards Marasi. Book 3 Steris becomes Wax's wife and he discovers he loves her. I think the only major character that Wax interacts with who hasn't been on the cover and that book 4 has to elaborate on their relationship is Harmony.
  4. I agree that Hoid would never bond spren that would place behavioral checks on him. That's why it all depends on how Adolin's bond with Maya plays out. If he gains access to stormlight/ surges without swearing the oaths, I think that's something Hoid would be very interested in.
  5. I was thinking about Hoid and a way for him to get all of the Surgebinding abilities, because this is Hoid and no doubt he does want them all. As has been discussed, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for him to swear oaths to a spren of every order. I wonder if he is going to try and find a deadeye spren of each order and try to revive them, similar as to how Adolin is doing with Maya. Granted this theory depends heavily on how the whole Adolin/Maya relationship plays out. My thought is that when you revive a deadeye spren you can almost bypass the oaths. The Nahel bond is a spren who is attracted to a person who has specific traits, while this bond seems fundamentally different. I’m think that they’ll be able to form a new type of bond with access to a new (albeit related) form of Surgebinding. I don’t think that it would be very difficult for Hoid to revive different deadeyes, seeing how Adolin did it pretty much on accident, and Hoid would actually know what he is doing, plus Hoid has ready access to the CR, which would probably make it easier. I’ve also seen a WoB that said Hoid was very interested in one of the Kholins, and if this were the case I think Hoid would be very interested in Adolin and how his bond with Maya works out. There are probably several hundred things wrong with this theory, so be sure rip to shreds for me
  6. I was thinking about how Kelsier got his physical body back as well as Feruchemical abilities. I imagine that it would take (at least) one spike to get his physical body back, but it could conceivably take several. Then you would need 16 feruchemical spikes and it’s possible that you would need 16 Allomantic spikes as well, depending on whether or not getting his physical body back restored his Mistborn status. So we’re looking at anywhere from 17-35 spikes. That’s a lot of spikes, and not something that I think Kelsier would want to subject himself to, as the more spikes you have the easier it would be for a shard to influence you, and Kelsier is way too careful to have such an obvious weakness. Also I don’t think that Spook would be willing to kill so many innocent people, and finding that many Feruchemists/Allomancers in the specific variety needed that were criminals would be almost impossible. My thought is this: Kelsier used his time in the CR convincing himself that he was a Fullborn. Then, when he got his body back he used a spike to get the Feruchemical ability of Identity (I think that’s F-aluminum, but I could be wrong on that) and then Compounds that Identity to “heal” his spirit web and turn himself into a Fullborn. Not only is this a much more humane way of doing things, it also brings the total number of spikes needed to 2-5, which gives Kelsier the indepedence he would want.
  7. Hahaha so long as I’m not the first causality in your uprising! I can certainly see your reasoning, but there are several prequels out there that are wonderful, such as The Hobbit and (though many will probably disagree with me on this) New Spring. I think the key to making a good prequel is to enhance the characters, not to advance the story line. I definitely understand why you would hesitant to have a novel about Alendi’s entire Well of Ascension plot, but even a novella detalining a smaller plot point (such as Alendi accepting himself as the Hero of Ages) that we have no details about other than that it happened could give some insight into the log book in TFE and Kwaans’ metal plate in WoA, which could enhance those reading of Era 1.
  8. I have no basis for thinking this is possible, but being able to control the size of a copper cloud or speed bubble. If a mistborn could turn on court, limit the cloud to him/herself that could be incredibly useful in concealing yourself while still being able to locate and identify other allomancers. Similar thing with the speed bubble, if you could anchor it to yourself, and restrict the size to encompass your body and nothing else, you've basically F-steel, which is freaking awesome
  9. Just finished a reread of WoA and I decided that I need a novel/series telling the Alendi/Kwaan story. You get so many hints of awesome stuff happening and I want to know more. Also, Alendi to me seems like someone who has Vin's compassion mixed with Kelsier's brutality and I think that's a fascinating juxtaposition that would be very interesting to get some screen time.
  10. I did not know this, and that is super cool! Human bodies are amazing!
  11. This could be a little bit skewed because most of the pewter burning scenes we have come from Vin while she was burning tin, but she often talks about the sense of balance that she gains when burning pewter and when she and Kelsier are running to the caves in TFE she remarks about how without pewter she would never be able to maintain that speed without tripping. Sorry, I don’t have my books in front of me, otherwise I’d be more specific.
  12. But knowing where your body is is proprioception, with specific sensory proprioceptors, which should also be enhanced by tin. This is an interesting thing that I hadn’t considered, but I’m still not sure if that could account for the drastic balance increases that we see in someone burning pewter.
  13. I was just thinking about how A-Pewter enhances someone’s physical strength, speed etc. including balance. This seems wrong to me. It seems like balance should be enhanced by A-Tin which enhances all of the other senses. I know it makes pewter a lot more useful (ie being able to sprint for 2 days straight without tripping), but it still seems to me that balance should be enhanced by tin, not pewter. On a side note, I would have loved to see a savant Spook with a crazy sense of balance doing some crazy Assassins Creed type stuff.
  14. I was thinking something similar as far as shardblades cutting through Knights Radiant, I just don’t know the corresponding level of Investiture between Breaths and Stormlight and if Azure would be considered far more Invested than Kaladin or Szeth.
  15. I was just thinking that in the later books I feel it rather likely that we’re going to see Azure fighting some Knights Radiant (either Skybreakers or Dustbringers who sided with Taravangian) and I was wondering how careful she would have to be with their shardblades. We know that Invested objects are harder for Shardblade to cut through, and I would assume that Azure has quite a few breaths available to her (at least enough to make her immortal, 5th heightening I think?) which is pretty invested, not to mention that she’ll probably have Awakened cloaks and ropes and whatnot that they’d have to get through before getting to her. Just an idle thought I had. Second question, what would happen to the Breaths stored in a cloak if it did get cut by shardblade?