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  1. Okay so this just crossed my mind and I'd like a second opinion. Lift has a unique ability to touch Spren in the physical realm. Can she control this? Because she walks into the cloud made by the Thrill to give Dalinar the perfect gem. If that cloud is the physical form of the Thrill, wouldn't she bump into it as opposed to pass through it? Or does her unique powers let her walk into it but be unaffected? Just curious, maybe a WoB exists for this already?
  2. AHHHHHHH!!!! Holy crem... I never expected to be so attached to Elhokar. And I am so worried for Kal. And I called Vivenna which immediately messed up my hopes for Azure and Kal to become a thing... And Agolin's blade is scary in Shadesmar... I can't contain all these feels.
  3. Time to stop lurking I guess. This whole section was fantastic! I loved how we see lots of moments from Bridge 4 and how other people see Kal. Odium had me saying lots of bad words when he appeared. This section has been completely different from anything else Brandon has written. Rather than slowly moving towards more secrets we are getting tons of impactful revelations in quick succession. Has me worried for what happens next. Finally, after having listened to the first two books from the the Graphic Audio version, I've found that my voice for each character has changed to match the recording. Now I'm very excited to hear this book as well.
  4. I am excited by this. Best of luck to all those participating.
  5. Anyone else catch that he said Dragonsteel was in a different universe. This suggests to me that it pre-dates the Cosmere. interesting!
  6. Commented!
  7. I would love this. Thanks for all the work you put into this josh. You make us super fans pale in comparison to your ultra fandom. I'm consistently a little jealous.
  8. Peter's brother in law taught my Eng 101 class.
  9. Who was the first?
  10. Yeah, the hardback is too pretty to deface. The staff is Rubix (Josh), firstRainbowRose (Mi'chelle), Shivertongue (Will), Ryan, and I. [Note to Josh, has Chris even registered here yet? What a slacker ] Our getting of ARCs is independent of being on the staff of this site. No i know, I just want to know how one persues staffdom.
  11. Could you share how they work or is that need to know? I would like to be a coinshot but i would also use hemulurgy to create a lurcher. (not actually but we are talking theoretical) the bright side is that no crazy ruin voices just sazed condeming you for using hemelurgy.
  12. I'll start by saying that I love Fillion and the firefly cast. That being said, I do not see many of them being good castings (? not the correct term) especially not fillion. When i first read the books i saw Chrisian Bale as Kel, this has changed. Now i t am unsure who is a good choice. I do think that Dr. Tam from firefly could be a good TLR. but thats just my opinion.
  13. i think you're on to something. check my post on general theorys to see if there is correlating ideas.
  14. who comprises the staff? and how can one pursue a position as one?
  15. "we have to consider that the timelines in this case likely stretch for millons or perhaps more/less years. The facts are that adulansium shattering made the other shards . But we are still in the dark (i presume) on how one gets a shard and creates life on a planet. Were ati and lerus from another planet and made Scadrial? what about austure? we don't know enough about where the enitial "gods" come from. and brandon has said there is a distinct timeline with i believe liar of partanel( forgive spelling) at the begining. asking him question about timelines would be good. the shadesmere may be unique to roshar as well. we don't know enough about that yet. We need to find out how many shards there are. if some one could compile a "head count" of the shards we could start detirming how many potential planets in the cosmere support shard-holder dieties. Of corse if the shards can go to different planets and create different magic systems that one shard might be two dieties at different times in the cosmere timeline. lots of unorganized thought here sorry." taken from a post i made on TWG. what do people think?