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  1. There has to be more to this though , I just feel theres more
  2. I understand what you saying , All im saying is that what destroyed Ashyn could not be the humans or not entirely, BUT even if this were true it still weren't the same surges or magic system used on Roshar , so why were the KR even bothered by this ?
  3. I think this is what confused me , the fact that they swapped gods and humans served Honor and the Dawnsingers changed to Odium . Why would that happen ? And also if the humans trashed their planet due to surges then it was obviously surges granted by void spren and not normal spren as they served Odium at the time so why was the Radiance so disturbed by this if they werent bonded to void spren anymore
  4. So I've been thinking ,If mankind was really the void bringers and took Roshar from the Parshmen (Their shell like skin also proves this ). Did not the void bringers drive mankind out of the Tranquline Halls ? and also why does the Parshmen have everything to do with the void bringers and void spren , they also refer to them as their gods? this doesn't make sense to me
  5. You really made sense to me when you mentioned how Oathgates look from the Cognitive Realm. Thank You
  6. Sorry ,when I said type of Shard I meant those things , from what I understand is that whether it be a fork ,shield or spear it's still made from the same material as a Shard Blade. Yes that does make sense but isn't the socket made only for different shapes of Shard Blades to activate the Oathgate. The StormFather said he "will" not become a blade not that he "cant"
  7. Okay I understand the physical manifestation part , but what is the physical manifestation of a spren? its always a type of shard because that's basically what they are splinters of shards. The only thing that makes sense to me is that it was a type of shard ,if not a blade then something else.
  8. So I have recently read the SA books for the first time and I'm really into it ,but I'm confused by something. In Oath Bringer when Dalinar is excommunicated from the Vorin Church He rushes to the Oathgate to get back to Urithiru ,he uses something bright in his hand to activate the gate. If I didn't know any better I would say this is a living Shard Blade ,since only blades activate the Oathgates. Is this the Stormfather manifested as a blade ? Quote: "Dalinar ignored him, reaching beyond and pulling power through. Something bright white manifested in his hand, and he rammed it into the keyhole."