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  1. All very good responses! Thank you! I guess its as Kelsier always says, "There's always another secret".
  2. Just finished Mistborn Secret History and it eye opening! I do have a question though. When Kelsier encounters Hoid in the Well of Ascension, he notices that Hoid's eyes are glowing. My first thought was that Hoid was using stormlight for something during their battle. But after review of when the books are supposed to take place, the first Mistborn trilogy is set before Oathbringer. Since we see Hoid gain a Spren in Oathbringer I assumed that he did not have access to that investiture prior to that time. So my question is: Why were Hoid's eyes glowing?
  3. Well I was first inducted through the Stormlight Archive, so those are probably my favorite, however the Wax and Wane stories come in at a close second. Those are fantastic. But really, all the Cosmere stories are fantastic. Hahaha Glad to be here
  4. Hello! I am John Wayne and I am excited to be here. I am close to completing the currently available Cosmere publications and I look forward to engaging discussion that this community provides!