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  1. I suppose they can be viewed as a Mafia organization, since they aren't respecting any Rosharan law and they seem unconcerned in pushing their agenda through murders, espionage and thefts.
  2. I've felt the same way as Kaladin very recently: enreasonably exhausted about what i do and convinced that i am impotent and that i am not in control of my life anymore. But actually these chapters have been kind of heartening, i've felt less alone and i am starting to feel a spark of hope about feeling better. I can not wait to read RoW and how Kaladin Journey will continue.
  3. I hope for more Renarin after this chapter, i want to see his growth as a person, and also more about Truthwatchers. The implications beyond their use of Illumination could be really amazing.
  4. The next Hoid's story in Stormlight Archive.
  5. Cultivation is Nocturnal, Odium is Molag-bal and Mehrunes-Dagon is Ruin. I can't figure out Preservation and Honor, lol.
  6. I would like it to be Endurance: the intent, in this case, would be focused on bearing sufferings and tribulations and learning from them.
  7. Many of my favourite fantasy authors, Brandon included, have pointed to the Elric of Melniboné (by Micheal Moorcock) saga as a source of inspiration, so some years ago i started the first novel, but i stopped reading it in the first half. I didn't finish it because i felt very confused by the continuous introduction of new worldbuilding elements and because the pace of the book seemed to me very slow. Now i've found a complete edition of the saga in my native language (Italian), and i was tempted to give it another try, because i believe (from what i've heard about Elric character ) that the saga could give huge payoffs in the end and because maybe now i am a more expert fantasy reader and i could find it less difficult and less slow. Can you recommend this saga? Is the character of Elric as awesome as many have said?
  8. So the powers granted by Prudence could have the purpose of making the user more cautios than normal, granting him the chance to walk in all situations as prepared as possible.
  9. I am completely on board with this theory, at least in its core assumption: Nohadon is still around in some fashion. In my opinion, the whole interaction between Dalinar and Nohadon in chapter 103 of OB is an evidence that Dalinar is interacting with something (probably a cognitive shadow) which fits perfectly the personality of the ancient king (from what we know from him). In the vision Nohadon tries to make Dalinar truly understand the meaning of the words "Journey before Destination", and also the real message behind the teachings of The Way of Kings (when he says that living by principles has a price that is balanced, even if it is hard to see the balance). To me this kind of discussion seems to be something that could come only from Nohadon himself, more than the cognitive shadow of Tanavast. Another strong point to this theory, is the parallelism with the discussion between Spook and Kelsier, showed in Secret history: Kelsier is able to create a kind of "half dream", as he says, in which he comunicates with Spook, and he is able to do so because of the strong connection Spook had with him and also for the cracks in the spirit web Spook has (as Kelsier says All of this can be easily applied to Nohadon and Dalinar too.
  10. I expected to be compatible with Truthwatchers, but being a Windrunner (and being also very compatible with Skybreakers) was a pleasant surprise!
  11. I agree and he seems to be regretful about the way it ended with Tarah. I hope the'll meet again, i am invested a lot in a possible relationship between them.
  12. My biggest hope for a Kaladin relationship is Tarah. Even though we know little about her, it is evident the depth of Kaladin feelings for her (which, i think, are mutual) from the fact that she is able to prevent him to die on grief for Tien but also by the way he describes her (which to me is one of best romantic statements of the Cosmere ).I believe she is the perfect match for him since she knows him very well and so she is not going to be influenced by his status as a Radiant .I really hope that she will reappear in Kaladin life sooner or later.
  13. My hypothesis are three: 1) Adolin acting as Kholin Highprince fighiting to recapture Kholinar; 2) Navani trying to reactivate Urithiru; 3) Rlain and the missing listeners;
  14. Adolin is going to be the next vessel for Odium, based only on two clues: -at the end of WoR, Kaladin says to Moash that he don't want to be a man that kills someone in a dark alley only because of hate or contempt-> Adolin kills Sadeas in a dark alley only because of hate or contempt; - Adolin is going to be angry with Dalinar for the truth about Evi's death