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  1. I would definitely say that SA is my favourite series of his so far. I didn’t like Mistborn when I read the first book but then I got suckered in at the second one and was amazed at how fantastically he tied all three books together I’ll try being cautious but sometimes it happens to you when you least expect it
  2. I’m fairly new - I’ve only been reading Brando’s book for about 4 months. My addiction started when I read WoT and I went on to Warbreaker because I really enjoyed his writing style for the end of WoT. I’ve been selling off my smaller possessions to buy SA and Mistborn the first Era. I had a sample of Elantris recently though and I’m definitely going to have to sell something else In all seriousness though, I’m really glad that I found Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere because I’ve found several new authors that I also love. I never would have found them if I hadn’t picked up Brando’s books when I was done with WoT