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  1. Such a good Direct. Absolutely fantastic
  2. That was super hype. A culmination of so many things
  3. I beat the demo a bit ago, and it's fantastic. Need to finish Golden Deer before this game comes out
  4. Hi I just noticed this, I'm here now
  5. I'll probably go Dark Mage Lorenz again too, but that's not even a weird build I think. Lorenz is literally a mage that the game wants to make a cavalier for some reason.
  6. Its absolutely fantastic. I chose Blue Lions because Dimitri is best. And I dunno about any builds, I was just gonna make my characters how they were in 3 House's, where the only real deviation was Dedue being a Brawler instead of an axe wielder
  7. Well it's been a long time coming. I've considered making a reaction chat here for a while, so that I can stop clogging up the "What are you reading" board, and I've finally gotten around to it. As of the creation of this board, I'm on Chapter 33 of The Shadow Rising. I hope that this type of format is fine. Also if there are questions on my opinions to things, feel free to ask Now then for a quick theory to start things off: I think that Lord Luc could possibly be the Slayer. He seems to recognize Perrin, he's a dude hanging out in Two Rivers, and he is confident enough to not be worried about a Warder.
  8. Finished Chapter 5 I love how Rand is clearly hesitating to have a woman executed, and that's his primary reason, but the punishment for Colavaere is such that she would probably rather be dead. The most satisfying way to punish someone so high and mighty is to force them into commoner life
  9. The Fire Emblem Three Hope's demo. Someday I'll finish Golden Deer route in the original game
  10. I figured there'd be an important plot reason for why he died now. You don't just kill off someone who up to this point has been a major antagonist for no reason, without a confrontation with a main character, if you don't have a plan.
  11. We got some Kuro news! It seems they're bring back Reverie's chapter select, and there will be a third person shooter minigame along with stealth missions. For some bizarre reason. For more of a minor spoiler in news,
  12. Finished the prologue. Probably one of the better prologues in the series, certainly one of the easiest. The only real thing I have to comment on though is Niall. God damn he's dead, I didn't expect that. And killed after learning about a threat bigger than Rand. What in the hell.
  13. Don't worry about the confusion. Turns out naming one of your chapters after an event that happens in every chapter can be confusing. And yeah, the restaurant scene is one of the scenes I was talking about. If you want, you could probably make a Higurashi channel and just post your thoughts there. Idk how much traffic it would have but I would probably be there
  14. Huh? I'm fairly certain they do change something more than the name.
  15. Alright, I finished Cytonic. Now, for real, I shall read Crown of Swords.
  16. I finally finished Cytonic. And now, it's time for me to finally continue on to Crown of Swords
  17. Just finished Demon Slayer season 2. Fantastic stuff
  18. Just weird jokes that a lot of people find distasteful. You'll see in Watanagashi and Tatarigoroshi, that's where some of people's most problematic parts are. Don't worry, I doubt you're anywhere close to solving the mystery. Higurashi has this special way that it makes you think something that is in fact entirely wrong. On top of the layers of things happening, as you suggested
  19. Yeah, if you want to play both of them, then it's best to play Higurashi first. When I say "it can be a bit much if you're not prepared", I mean more than just the gore and similar stuff. I also mean some....... weird things. There's some WEIRD crap that happens in the SoL scenes. Not everyone is prepared for it when that happens.
  20. Ooh, Higurashi. Umineko, its sequel, is my favorite story ever. Higurashi is a bit more divisive, and can be a bit much (in multiple ways) if you're not prepared, but I hope you enjoy it. I'd say Higurashi is less of a game of Clue than Umineko. Higurashi isn't as built for you to solve the mysteries yourself. It's not impossible, just less likely
  21. No, you're fine. Ultimate weapons are exclusively made with Zemurian Ore. That's basically just a weapon skin.
  22. I went ahead and read the final two volumes of Attack on Titan, because I'm done waiting for the anime
  23. Ohhhh THAT'S what you meant. I see
  24. Yeah, I did of course notice that aspect And yeah, tell me, I don't remember what they were talking about