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  1. I think he just said wandering priest in CS1
  2. Nope. The Roaring Lion isn't a character in another game. He is a member of a group who is veryimportant, the Gralsritter
  3. Planning on finishing Skin Game today and as luck would have it Peace Talks is available immediately, so I'll be starting that tomorrow
  4. Yeah fair enough. Mavra, Nicodemus (and Dierdre and Tessa), Maeve, and Cowl are the only, like, straight up villains that are actually recurring. I will say that Nicodemus is also probably better than even Marcone as of right now which is quite high praise
  5. On chapter 39 of Skin Game and if Nicodemus wasn't already the best villain in Dresden he sure is now.
  6. Around 133, probably a bit higher
  7. Well it's been a long time coming. I've considered making a reaction chat here for a while, so that I can stop clogging up the "What are you reading" board, and I've finally gotten around to it. As of the creation of this board, I'm on Chapter 33 of The Shadow Rising. I hope that this type of format is fine. Also if there are questions on my opinions to things, feel free to ask Now then for a quick theory to start things off: I think that Lord Luc could possibly be the Slayer. He seems to recognize Perrin, he's a dude hanging out in Two Rivers, and he is confident enough to not be worried about a Warder.
  8. You thought CS1's ending was long but I don't really see how. CS2's ending, especially in comparison, is absolutely insane.
  9. You will not be done by then. The end of this game is LONG.
  10. I don't know either of these people!
  11. I would say get to Changes, because that is the best book and the one with the most shakeup to the status quo, a shakeup which has thus far remained
  12. So uh just finished chapter 30 of Skin Game and THAT WAS AMAZING!
  13. Hell yeah it was.
  14. Gareth Bryne has shot up a lot in how much I like him in just one scene. Very nice.
  16. On chapter 20 of Skin Game
  17. 3&9 is incredible. It helps that it ties directly into Hajimari.
  18. Green because being the warriors of doomsday is just cool.
  19. Well,
  20. Well I didnt even remember there was foul play, so figuring out who actually killed him is entirely different. Though I was told something on the Discord that I think someone got too hasty in explaining and explained way too early and that could well be connected.
  21. No, I don't even remember the circumstances of his death. He was killed while hunting, right? Did they say it was murder?
  22. Started Skin Game.
  23. Your choice doesn't really carry over beyond, like, minor dialogue. And I very much recommend reading the books. Especially Red Moon Rose.