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  1. Also, to confirm, do I have to go to the Orem Barnes and Nobles to pick up the book pass, or is it just given to me along with my seating pass if I only go to the high school? The site wasn't too clear about that, at least to me.
  2. Well, when I say I'm close, I mean I'm in the area. But apparently I'm 20 minutes away by bike so I don't even need the bus.
  3. I'm hoping to go, since it's on my birthday and I'm super close by. I'm just worried about a way to get back, because I need to take the bus there and I won't be able to use it to get back.
  4. Makes sense.
  5. Would Cultivation being there change Ruin? How?
  6. All three of the things I said are true. It was Odium's plan, it will be addressed further in another book, and Dalinar has already.paid.rhe price.
  7. In the original Terris prophecies, when talking about the Hero of Ages, it says "His name shall be Discord". Brandon has said that it is possible for Harmony's Intent to turn into Discord. I wonder if the Terris prophecy will still be relevant, or if Harmony will turn to Discord in the series.
  8. I don't believe the problem is in how Brandon wrote the book, and more in how you're LOOKING at it. Namely, in that we're supposed to be just fine with the fact that the Rift happened. That is absolutely not at all what is happening. We are not supposed to be just fine with it. We are still on Dalinar's side, however, because he has changed, he is not the man in the flashbacks and he hasn't been since before the whole series started. He is a changed man, and his change was directly instigated by that event. Dalinar has suffered the consequences of his actions and he has changed for the better as a result, and that is his "redemption" arc. We can still agree with Dalinar in spite of that happening because he will never again commit an act like that, and because he is actively fighting for the betterment of the world as the man leading the charge.
  9. I believe this topic is one book too early. We JUST learned that it happened last book. Distrust and condemnation from the events at the Rift will most assuredly play a part in the next book. Dalinar had a hard time being trusted when he was seen as just a war lord. After learning that he literally burned down a whole town and killed every person who lived there, that will absolutely make matters that much worse. You are claiming that there are no repercussions when Dalinar literally only learned what he did at the tail end of Oathbringer, when he was in the middle of a war with Odium, and has only just started writing a book detailing what happened. There was no TIME in the book for anybody's reactions to be seen, because so few people actually know about it. When it actually becomes public due to Dalinar writing the book, I am storming sure that that will change.
  10. Yeah. Dalinar causing the events at the Rift to happen is kind of how Odium tried to get Dalinar to become his champion.
  11. She did admittedly slip my mind, thank you for reminding me.
  12. Adolin is the only character at present that isn't a Radiant that I count as a main character. Renarin is one of the main Radiants, so I of course count him. Although if one counts Moash as a main character, we have that.
  13. I think Lift is fine so far. She's fun, but she is definitely the main character I care the least about. When I first read her section in WoR, I really did not like her, partly due to the poor placement (it's literally right after Kaladin is arrested, and right before both an Eshonai and a Szeth chapter), so it kind of kills the pacing, the length of the chapter, which also helps kill the pacing, and the fact that it's following some random kid whose relevance we don't know until, like, haflway through the chapter, which made me not really care for her as a result. Even in Oathbringer, when I started liking her a lot more just due to actually knowing her and having her not feel like she's taking away from the other characters, she's still one of the main Radiants I have the least interest in. This will undoubtedly change, since Sanderson is a writing god, but that's just how I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe it is coloring my perception of her a tad.
  14. Well, the original comment was about "a main protagonist not sympathizing with Dalinar and maybe not following him". Gawx, Fen, and Elhokar aren't main protagonists, and Lift is less her not sympathizing with her and more with her being a dumb kid distrusting him for no real reason.
  15. Yeah, but I wouldn't call Elhokar, Gawx, or Fen main protagonists. Lift is one, but her conflicts with Dalinar are less serious and more based in "I'm a child who doesn't trust adults and you're an adult"