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  1. I started Way of Kings on March 12 2019, after the massive headache it was to get it. I finished it on March 27. Then after WoK I read Warbreaker, and started WoR on April 8th, and finished it on April 16th. Then I think I had Arcanum and Era 2 fun, and then started Oathbringer on May 14, ended on June 7
  2. Started Dead Beat
  3. Trying to get back into Witcher 3
  4. I know, like, two things for the future of Dresden, and that is that I don't know when those are so I would just assume that its spoilers for the most recent book.
  5. Why are you physically attacking with Toval? He is a magic attacker. His whole thing is that he has reduced arts cast built in with an accessory.
  6. Finished Blood Rites, and that was pretty good. Not sure why Daniel Greene dislikes it so much (especially since we have a new little puppy friend). Gonna need to watch that review,
  7. They look way better at least. They're still not as good as its contemporaries but compared to 1 and 2 they are a significant improvement
  8. I don't believe that a magic build can outdamage Laura or Rean with Tauros. I refuse to believe it.
  9. Oh dear. On the first chapter of Shadow Rising. guys im one chapter in and im already scared send help
  10. I have that type of cover for every book except for Eye of the World. I had Eye of the World in mass market paperback, and I've had it since I was a kid which was weird. Like I was watching a few of Daniel Greene's videos on WoT last year, and he showed a picture of the cover, and I was really surprised because I realized I recognized it. So I went looking and lo and behold, I found it.
  11. This is the cover I have
  12. Well he's not holding the bird. He's alongside a bird. Two birds in fact, but when I first looked at it I only saw the one above his shoulder. The second one sadly makes me think it's just so he looks more cool Also, wow, that is a big jump in page count. From a bit over 600 pages to over 900.
  13. Starting two books today. Blood Rites and Shadow Rising. On the Dresden side of things, we seem to have a new puppy companion and I love it so much. On the WoT side, I really hope that the image of Mat with a bird on the cover actually means he gets a bird. The only thing better than a small puppy companion is an awesome bird friend.
  14. He's not really changing his voice too much for female characters, mostly just making it a tad softer with a different sort of way of speaking depending on the character, but that doesn't have much to do with it.