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  1. IT'S TIME FOR PERRIN TO STRIKE! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! PERRIN CALLED TAM HERE! SICK! It's been a WHILE since we've seen him! Alright Masema, time to meet the father. Tam doesn't know that Rand is the Dragon Reborn??? How the hell has word not arrived about that??? OH GOD DAMMIT ARAM! WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE NUTJOB! Well you're dead now. Can't believe all this time spent being loyal ended with you trusting someone you met two months ago who everyone knows as a dangerously insane murderer. F's in chat for Rolan. He didn't deserve to be killed like that after just saving Faile. I was hoping Faile would stop them from fighting and they would come to an understanding LMFAO ALL OF THAT AND GALINA DIDN'T EVEN ESCAPE! SHE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE POINT OF BREAKING OFF THE OATH! Good riddance. And now the Shaido have completely abandoned the wetlands. Good luck staying safe when the rest of the Aiel come back, victorious from the Last Battle, and see you chilling. They ain't gonna be kind to you.
  2. "He did not like battles. You could get holes poked in you in a battle" I love Mat so much
  3. Oh wait the fight's over. Good job Semirhage, you still bungled it. Rand lost a hand but you still goofed
  5. Wow that was a pretty bad trap. Semirhage didn't even get one word out before she was revealed lmao
  6. It's time for things to go down. Rand is walking right into Suroth's trap and we're inevitably about to get some huge scenes for sure. This is probably gonna make his trust issues even worse. He's still messed up from being locked in that box, I cannot IMAGINE what having an a'dam put on him is gonna do to him.
  7. Oh my god Tuon calls Mat toy even in her internal narration that's funny Also I didn't comment on it before, but it's really interesting how it seems the Seanchan also have hand talk. It's very interesting how two very different cultures from entirely different parts of the world have a similar method of private communication.
  8. Mat is a character that really grows on you as the series goes. Perrin gets all the immediate meat right away, but Mat is the slow burn. He starts fairly unremarkable but as the series goes on he just slowly becomes the best character.
  9. BTW may as well rank my favorite to least favorite POVs for the main characters My POV ranking as of KoD are: 1. Mat 2. Rand 3. Egwene 4. Perrin 5. Nynaeve (this one is awkward because nynaeve doesn't get a lot of povs anymore but this is probably where it'd be that last chapter was really.good but it was one chapter dammit) 6. Elayne Its kind of hard because the ranking is changing constantly depending on what's happening. Perrin would normally be higher, Egwene's just more fun rn
  10. I've heard that people really dislike Egwene. I read that on TVTropes and then saw a few people say she was their least favorite of the main cast.
  11. EGWENE HAS BEEN DOING THIS ALL IN A WEEK?! GOOD GOD ELAIDA, YOU BUNGLED THIS ONE UP HARD! SHE'S DOING WORK AND FAST! This book is doing such a good job at portraying Aes Sedai as the most incompetent group imaginable it's insane. It took Egwene NINE DAYS to basically get every Novice in the Tower on her side. Elaida. All you had to do was kill her. You had ONE JOB! It would have been the easiest thing in the world! Good lord.
  12. Egwene is so based this book, this is the most based she's been, people dislike her after this?? Also Nicola is actually being not awful. Wonderful
  14. Nayuta came out! I got the special edition a day early, a few days ago, It's very fun.
  15. Halima's finally been revealed. Too late though. Likely she saw the Asha'man coming in and decided to high tail it out of there