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  1. Finished The Original
  2. Just finished and while I don't have a clue what happened in the ending, I had a thought. That her husband was the original, not a replica, and the government used the codes in order to have Holly kill him by changing her memories. That was my immediate thought when I heard he had those codes. That was what I thought.
  3. I beat Village yesterday as well, I enjoyed it a lot. I think I probably put it about equal with 7.
  4. I finished Name of the Wind :nipah:
  5. Waiting patiently for League of Legends Arcane
  6. Been reading Name of the Wind again and STORMS is this book enjoyable
  7. Imma play dis
  8. Don't worry, Ace Attorney isnt the boring side of legal consultation. It's very fun
  9. Why's that?
  10. Oh I actually forgot to respond to the second half of your comment. It might be hard to get back into Wot after a long break but I do intend to look up plot summaries of the books before doing so, probably Daniel Greene's. I think I need it anyway. As for Blade Itself, it's not that I didn't enjoy it, I was interested, I just found it harder to sit down and actually read. I don't know if that's because I was trying to read it on Kindle, since I usually read physically, or if it's just the writing style, but I was having a harder time wanting to read even though I was enjoying it.
  11. Well, I started Name of the Wind last year and I am honestly loving it and need to finish it. It's honestly really easy for me to read and get sucked into so I'll get through really fast if I just dedicate some time to reading it. I blew threw Mistborn: TFE in exactly a week and it was also easy to read and sucked me in, and Name of the Wind isn't that much longer. Golden Compass and Hobbit are short books and I'm halfway through both of them so they're gonna be even shorter. I honestly don't expect the reading to take very long, so long as I just sit down to read instead of scrolling through my Youtube suggested and watching random crap or whatever. I'm not worried about Kingkiller not being close to over, I can wait. I am a fan of HunterxHunter, after all. I can most certainly wait.
  12. Well I just finished Trials of Apollo. My current plan is to just get through the books I've already started before going back to Wheel of Time, so I'm planning on finishing Golden Compass, Hobbit, and Name of the Wind first because I've been on them for over a year. I'm not gonna finish Blade Itself because I might restart that book in audiobook after listening to all these Shardcasts. That will take longer than it sounds because I'll also be playing Nier remake, Resident Evil 8, Hajimari no Kiseki, and The Great Ace Attorney in between now and that time most likely, so it might be a hot minute
  14. I finished Tower of Nero, and with it, Trials of Apollo. Dammit, Riordan can still freaking get me.
  15. "What are we doing? Actually, I don't care. I need to tell you something. Aladar's axehounds had puppies. I had no idea how much I needed to see puppies until I flew by them this morning. They are the grossest thing on the planet, Kaladin. They're somehow so gross that they're cute. So cute I could have died! Except I can't, because I'm an eternal sliver of God himself, and we have standards about things like that." This just sort of sums up Syl perfectly.