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  1. Ah you've finally met C. Also known as my favorite Cold Steel character.
  2. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you ask what arc, but its either the upcoming game Hajimari which is standalone, not part of an arc (tho CS and Crossbell are required) or CS 4 depending on what it is.
  3. I see. That makes sense. I was just thinking in a more pragmatic "Transportation is useful for Hoid" without considering the oaths
  4. Why did Hoid bond with a Cryptic beyond it being a convenient spren to get due to Elhokar's death? You'd think he's try to bond an Inkspren since he already has lightweaving (Yolish Lightweaving, yes, but still lightweaving), and being an Elsecaller would give him a convenient means to jump between Realms since, as far as I'm aware, he currently doesn't have an innate way to go between Realms so he has to rely on the Perpindicularities, and it would be far more convenient for him to have some sort of ability to let him do it himself.
  5. I disagree with Wazy for magical attacker. Wazy is the best evasion tank before Kurt, and even if its practically required to use him as magic in the Ari fight to win consistently, he's not as good at it as most of the dedicated magical attackers. Especially since Renne exists and is literally the best magical attacker in the series. I would also bring up Emma as better than Kloe in pure damage (Kloe is better overall due to how good she is as a healer but Emma does a lot more damage).
  6. Yeah I kept using Brave on Laura for CS1. But come 2, I was Tauros all the way
  7. The handicap actually gets bigger as it levels up. But, at least in CS2, the delay is so negligible that its hardly an excuse not to use it. She gets to the point where she can almost one shot random encounters by herself and on the off chance she doesn't, Rean can easily clean up with a Gale. On bosses she does so much damage with Tauros that needing to wait a few extra turns to get her to attack again haddly hurts. But thats based on CS2, I never used it in 1
  8. That is the overpowered Quartz. In CS1 its really good. In CS2 it literally breaks the game in half. Laura with Tauros in CS2 is a storming monster. She is outright the best physical attacker in the series other than maybe Richard in 3rd.
  9. Meanwhile I'm still on Eye of the World almost half a year later. Though now I'm focusing on reading it and getting through a chapter most every night. I really should sit down one of these days and just start binge reading. I need to stop buying new games :/
  10. Yeah Millium isn't in the prologue.
  11. I got it, as did my friend. The issue on my side was my using a phone, since the moment I tried it on desktop it worked. I don't know what was up with my friend though. He got the same error despite being on a computer from the start.. I ended up redeeming it for him on my computer.
  12. Very rarely do RPGs give you more than four party members.
  13. I actually don't think I've ever seen anybody who was surprised by that. Even my friend, who never played anything before CS, literally figured it out immediately because Alisa got her introduction and said where she was from and then Machias was like
  14. Was he in Ring of Judgement? I read that before doing Crossbell and I don't remember him in it.
  15. Uh guys? Does anybody know about the error I was talking about earlier? I kinda don't want to miss out on this, and a friend of mine who hasn't read the series is having the same trouble.