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  1. I finished Battle Ground and yeah. That was awesome. Don't get why people hate it. And with that, aside from some short stories, I am now fully caught up with Dresden.
  2. It has almost no filler, in the traditional way. Not many filler arcs and such. It does worse. One Piece is the absolute proof that filler arcs can be a good thing
  3. One thing I'm surprised at is how
  4. Yes. Read the manga. The manga for OP is far and away the best possible way to experience it. The art is beautiful, there are colored scans, reading 1000 chapters is way faster than watching 1000 episodes, and the pacing isn't absolutely horrendous. The anime has one very very large problem, and that is that none of the people making it are willing to do anything but keep pumping out episodes every week of canon content. They have long since gotten to a point where they are only adapting one chapter into an episode, and when most anime take 3-4, that completely shoots the pacing. They have to add, like, seven minutes of credits+recap and then when they get to the episodes, they're a mix of actual canon story, reaction shots that are reused five times or more in the space of a single scene for seconds at a time, and elongating fights that were really short in the manga and thus making characters essentially feel threatened by what is a joke in the manga. The worst part is that if they did what OTHER anime do, and add filler arcs, this wouldn't be an issue. People could skip over the filler, the filler could potentially be good (because OP's anime actually has one of the best filler arcs ever made and with Oda recently taking direct involvement in the movies, he could also get involved in filler content for the anime), and the pacing for the actual story would be a million times better. Not to say the anime doesn't do some things right, when it does a scene good it does it REALLY good, and the voice acting is perfectly on point, dub and sub. But I wouldn't say it's worth it to go through the whole anime just for that. My heartiest recommendation is reading the manga, preferably the colored scans because they are beautiful, and then watching clips of really good scenes in the anime on Youtube. And watching the G-8 filler arc, that is very important.
  5. I think that the "long running world builders" quartet is One Piece, Cosmere, Wheel of Time, and Trails. Wheel of Time is the only one I wouldn't readily recommend to absolutely everyone reading the others (except cosmere), and the only reasons for that is because I haven't finished and some people may not be able to handle how slow it is. It is the slowest of the lot by a mile.
  6. Just finished Chapter 31 of Battle Ground and oh my GOD this book is so awesome. People DISLIKE this?! This is like pure unadulterated hype injected straight into my veins.
  7. So uh. I'm on chapter 22 of Battle Ground and.... wow.
  8. What. How in the world can you be on THE Brandon Sanderson fansite and not know who Brandon is
  9. That is the next entry of the Trails series, in the Calvard arc. It is almost assuredly after Cold Steel.
  10. Oh right I can tell you about some characters you have met that are in other games! First and definitely most important are CS3 is the point in Cold Steel where the previous games become so much more important. There are a ton of returning characters and knowing who they are is important for a lot of things to make sense.
  11. Weird. Just got a notification but it didn't notify me outside of the site
  12. It says it's already enabled
  13. Thanks. I hope it works
  14. I don't know why reading this consistently is so hard for me. It's really frustrating