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  2. Finished Cold Steel 4
  3. Horikoshi lied ig. He said there was only going to be two movies
  4. I am in front of the final boss door right now. But alas as it is one in the morning and tomorrow is a weekday, I must save it for tomorrow. If it was earlier, or if it was a weekend, then I might have actually plowed straight through to the end.
  5. In the final dungeon of Cold Steel 4 now. Expecting to finish the game tonight or tomorrow
  6. Oh my god yes. I just passed the point of no return and
  7. Oh right, also, I forgot to post this the other day. It's so great.
  8. I must say I'm surprised by the returning character content. I didn't think they would actually follow up on character arcs, I thought they would just stay the same only showing, like, how their new norm is. But no. Spoilers for up to the finale
  9. In the finale, and I am doing a certain sidequest that will mean literally nothing if you didn't play Sky. Nice.
  10. Well I wasn't considering reading ahead in all the Epigraphs, I was considering reading ahead just in Part 2's Epigraphs. And it was more a general question anyway, since I was actually curious if other people have read ahead in Epigraphs in any of these books.
  11. Because I'm not gonna lie, I am feeling VERY tempted to read ahead in some Epigraphs. The Epigraphs in Part 2 are really juicy and I have literally never had a desire to read Epigraphs ahead of time more than now.
  12. Yeah I can get how one could see a Trails climax as a Sanderlanch.