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  1. I now know the endgame of Stormlight. They're gonna go back to the past and kill baby Odium. It's fine because it's Odium (thanks Rhodey)
  2. It's not supposed to be clear that it's Sazed. You're supposed to think it's Vin writing it.
  3. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm dumb and managed to forget all of the characters call signs. Can't find anywhere they're listed, and I don't actually own the book. Could someone help me out and tell me them? Thanks
  5. Girlfriends?
  6. It's because Vin got rid of his Metalminds. When Compounding, you need to have a Metalmind, otherwise you can't use Feruchemy. So when Vin got rid of his Metalminds, he became unable to burn Atium feruchemically, which aged him to his real age.
  7. Another hint to Vivenna is that she talks about a princess who left her kingdom rather than rule it, which is all but said to be her.
  8. That's what you said. You said "The Heralds left the Taln behind". I'm just quoting you.
  9. THE Taln. He's not just Taln, he is THE Taln.
  10. A few days ago, I began Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora, and am planning on reading about a chapter a day (considering I'm also playing three different games at the same time. I'm really bad about finishing what I start before starting another.)
  11. Nah. I did forget about Mraize's showing up in Urithiru beyond the end in WoR, but I don't think I confused it. I think I just assumed that both tellings of the Girl Who Looked Up were in the theater, and as a result assumed the scene took place in Urithiru. I do feel like I remember Wit's first appearance to Shallan being in Urithuru, not the capital, but I could just be confusing it with his actual first appearance which, if I recall, was outside of one of the Oathgate platforms.
  12. damnation double posts
  13. For all you WTC fans out there (assuming there are any here), Ciconia's OP has released!
  14. I coulda swore Wit's first appearances was in Urithiru, but ig my memory is just bad. Ah well, thanks for the help
  15. Well, I didn't mix them up, I just forgot the details of the Wit scene. I knew there was a scene with Pattern in the theater where Shallan told the story, I just thought the Wit chapter also took place in the theater