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  1. Also, we ACTUALLY know that the Nightwatcher is Cultivation's spren after we got the Dalinar flashback where he went to see her.
  2. I don't remember when and where a quote would be, I just remember always thinking that the Nightwatcher is the second Bondsmith Spren, and Coppermind backs me up here.
  3. The Stormfather himself confirmed it, as I recall.
  4. No, we already know that the Nightwatcher is one, and she's of Cultivation, not Honor
  5. I don't see Moash getting redeemed, honestly. He's already a good foil to Kaladin, and I think that Sanderson could keep that going through most, if not all, of the series. I can see Moash being Kaladin's final opponent, in all honesty.
  6. Yes, but Sazed is the one we have now.
  7. Tapping thought speed is a thing? I don't recall that. I thought you could only increase your physical speed?
  8. Yeah, I do mean to include Splinters, because without including them, we technically couldn't include any of the Returned, and at least two of the likeliest candidates for being stronger than the Lord Ruler are Returned. As for what "strongest" means, I was thinking "most powerful", or maybe "who would win in a 100% fight". Though I am a bit hesitant to say who would win in a fight because The Lord Ruler has a really massive fatal flaw in his Metalminds, his most important of which he wears in plain view of his arms. If they could take off his atiumminds, the fight is over right there. The fight was over when Vin did that, and that was when she was new to being a Mistborn.
  9. He's easily one of the strongest, but could he be the single strongest? I know he took up the power of the Well of Ascension, but that was only temporary, and I don't think he modified his body or powers at all.
  10. It's just a really strong, exceptionally powerful sword. On Roshar, they have regular swords and Shardblades. It doesn't do the same thing as a normal Shardblade, but it's obvious not a normal sword, so they just conclude that it's some weird Shardblade. And they're not exactly WRONG, either. Nightblood is technically a Shardblade (as said by WoB, it's just a lot more dangerous than your average Blade), and Azure's sword is just a weaker, more controllable version of Nightblood.
  11. The problem here is we haven't seen very much of many of the shards. We've only really had any significant amount of screentime with Ruin, Odium, and Harmony. Honor's got a couple of scenes, but not much (though if you count the Stormfather as Honor, then there's a lot more to work with there), Preservation has the problem that we never see him when he's lucid, because in Secret History we only see him when he's dying so he's not exactly stable personality wise, we had one scene of Cultivation, and any others we've only seen through letters and descriptions by Khriss and WoB. To answer the question, it's Harmony easily just because he was a main character in Era 1. Though I will say I have immense intrigue in Autonomy.
  12. Yeah, it's just foreshadowing. Oathbringer has something similar, where there's subtle foreshadowing that an epigraph is not written by who we assume
  13. I'm sure most of you know about the Kaladin soundtrack by The Black Piper. I was wondering if we knew if there was gonna be a soundtrack like that for Words of Radiance or Oathbringer in the future.
  14. I wonder if all of the fourth Oaths will end up being acknowledgement of their weaknesses? Like, if the Windrunner's is an acknowledgement of being unable to save everyone, I wonder if they're all going to be similar in that regard and be a "weakness"
  15. I think the Edgedancer Fourth Ideal can be worded better as "I will protect those that nobody else is willing to". "Protecting those in need" is the Windrunner thing. Protecting those that nobody else will is an Edgedancer thing, considering their oaths are all about helping people that nobody else will. Funny, I don't remember any Willshapers in Oathbringer