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  1. Lost Judgement! I got the deluxe edition so I get to play it three days early!
  2. Oh my god. A good Nynaeve chapter. She hasn't had a chapter in her POV where I didn't hate her since, like, book 2. Learned some good things there. The Reds set Logain up, built him up as the false Dragon only to tear him down for glory or something. Thom isn't in Salidar anymore. And there's an emissary from the Tower in Salidar.
  3. The trailer was SO HYPE god I'm so excited
  4. You don't need to do all the NPC dialogue, you can skip if you think it's slowing you down that much
  5. Started the Forsaken chapter, read about half of it. As much as I've criticized the Forsaken, I still find their chapters very interesting. We learned of some new people from beyond the Aiel Waste, we learned that a past incarnation of the Dragon before Lews Therin was actually converted to the Dark One (how did the Wheel survive that I wonder), and we maybe learned that Mesaana is in the White Tower? I don't remember if that was said in the prologue. It probably was but dammit I can't keep anything straight
  6. I said in Reverie that if Trails was just the story of Renne growing up I'd be perfectly content. That's basically what it's become.
  7. I know they were practically confirmed, but actually SEEING them is a whole different thing. Also I love the model and I'm half freaking out about that too
  8. Don't worry, most people don't like love triangles in general, and most agree that this books isn't handled amazingly
  9. Care to expand on those thoughts?
  10. Get them and find out! Also the epilogue is its own full fledged chapter. With its own boss. The epilogue boss is the true final boss.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen its actually happening
  12. I think reading in shorter bursts is helping my concentration. I hate stopping in the middle of chapters, but whenever I feel like I'm losing concentration, I just stop reading and that helps a lot with my motivation to read, I've been reading more consistently (not daily but regularly)