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  1. I made the mistake and read the first chapter and was frustrated after that since I know I want it all if that was just a taste. Stay Away!!!!!!
  2. Assuming Mrall is the kandra, why are we assuming that Day of Brilliance Teravangian didn't know what Mrall was? He might not have understood, but he could have determined something different about Mrall, and the kandra may have done certain things, or shared pieces of information that made him valuable.
  3. I was thinking, how many Greeks didn't see the Pantheon as dieties. If they left, not considering the pantheon to be their God(s), they would still probably refer to the entity as the god(s) since they are commonly known by that name by the populace.
  4. We know Hoid isn't but what about Frost
  5. I really like that example, thanks! I guess this goes into spit-balling about a deity, but if he was in control of what he wanted to do, was he completely just and fair, or could he have been a normal dude that would just kind of do what he wanted? We see shards manifesting empathy for the different races, but that might not have been true to Adonalsium. Who is to say that his Cultivation/Ruin side often prevailed, like for certain humans, or the Honor/Devotion side? Do you think he varied like a person, or was he just on a higher level and wouldn't change that much. Along with that, did he have a purpose of his own or did he just like watching ants scurry around? I love that quote too! It makes you think about even how someone like Harmony is completely out of context making him almost immobile while trying to do things. We could assume that with context, Adonalsium focused on Justice, but could he have enjoyed chaos? A lot of religions these days see more benevolent deities, but in the past, (like greek pantheon) they viewed their Gods as often self-centered or flippant with a passing soft spot for the human race. Would all the Intents that made up Adonalsium have made up the same type of person in another situation, or does Adonalsium manifest different intents more that others? I hope that make sense, let me know what you think!
  6. I thought all we knew is that Adonalsium didn't have a predecessor. Do we know if it was the original, or are we led to simply assume that currently? Also, along that vein, do we know if he was omniscient and omnipotent? Thanks!
  7. Hey all, thanks for the help in the past. I have been trying to look and have only seen one or two things on this. If there is another discussion or something more concrete, let me know! When Sazed combined the powers of Ruin and Preservation, they became Harmony. In effect, a new intent that is a combination of the others. Does that mean Adonalsium had an overarching intent? If so, what would that have been?
  8. At the end of the first Mistborn book, Vin concocts the idea that if she stabs the Lord Ruler's malatium shadow, he would die. She does this with a dagger a few times and nothing happens. If I remember correctly that is because it reveals something on the spiritual realm level. Do you all think there is or will be a weapon that could effectively do what Vin tried to do? The reason I thought about this is when Kaladin stabs one of the spren bugging Elhokar's son and it disappears. (Granted that situation is cognitive vs. cognitive)
  9. I just started listening to Mistborn era 1 again and I didn't realize one of the roles of the Hero of Ages. "The Hero of Ages was not simply to be a warrior. He was a person who united others, who brought them together. A leader. " So at least its in the first era of Mistborn as well!
  10. Haha very true! Thanks for providing the WoB, I haven't seen that one before. Also thank you so much! I was wondering how to get the grey box around it. I am rather new as you have already guessed. Makes sense, yeah thanks for pointing those out, it makes a lot more sense now!
  11. I believe corrupted was the wrong word. I guess, unrestrained, a certain intent could cause problems or even destruction while being true to the intent. claytonphillips Before Adonalsium shattered, was it consciously opposed by something, be it people or another cosmic force? Is whatever opposed it still around? Brandon Sanderson Yes. Yes. With this WOB I feel like there is an outside force that it could have been opposing. I may just be understanding, but I feel like a group can have a personality. For example, I see the Ghostbloods as having a personality and profile, but I understand how that is a bit of a stretch.
  12. Brandon adds a lot of religious ideas to his books, but I think he does a great job at staying away from promoting a religious agenda. After someone dies, they stay in the cognitive realm for a short time and they go somewhere else that even Harmony doesn't know. Since the shards are a collection of Adonalsium I doubt that he knew either. (If there is a possibility that he could know, let me know!) That started to rule out the single omnipotent diety for me in my mind. I then started thinking, would a God with all these attributes be a bad god? Maybe, but bad enough to kill/fracture into the disorder that followed? Maybe. Is it possible that instead of an individual, Adonalsium was a pantheon of Shards? Eric If Adonalsium Shattered with intent, would he always Shatter with the same Shards? Brandon Sanderson It is plausible that it could've gone a different way. Eric So it could've been different Shards? Brandon Sanderson Yes, that's plausible. Words of Radiance Chicago signing (March 22, 2014) It at least allows the idea that there could be a smaller fracturing of shards if they could have had different intents. We already have shards combining so it isn't impossible. This would also lend to the idea that there was a reason to kill it. There may have been some that had been corrupting their power such as Odium, and the shattering crew felt like they had to do something. Some would want the same power that these "gods" possessed, and others felt like justice had to be enacted. I feel like this is a little more depressing of an idea that I had of Adonalsium, so if there is any proof otherwise, let me know!
  13. Any update yet?
  14. Pokémon was genius. One Pokémon is a Pokémon. Many Pokémon would be like, "Look at all those Pokémon!" I vote spren would be singular and plural, or for the sake of losing my own sanity, we should call them sprens.
  15. I think you are right on that. I don't have a WoB but I don't believe that it was implied that Adonalsium was omnipotent nor omniscient meaning he can't do everything. I don't think that necessarily means that it couldn't accomplish what it wanted if it wanted to.