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  1. If there is the choice between reading and audio books, especially Brandon's, I would say reading. That being said I work a lot and have school so reading isn't the most available thing for me right now so I do the audio. I have loved the two readers and a lot of points have been made that they take their own spin on them, I would agree but they are better than most I have listened to. I think it also helps that the first exposure to the Stormlight series was through audio books so I didn't have any preconceptions. I feel like that would make listening painful if I understood a character one way and they read them another. Since it is Oathbringer and not the first one and based on the comments above I would agree and say read at your own risk. I have loved the audiobooks though.
  2. *clap clap clap* that is actually a really fun theory. The difficulty I have with it is after holding the shard as long as he had, Honor would have had a near impossible time of breaking his oath with his assumed "wife" since he wouldn't have just created the oath to the shard but to the person. Beyond that I think you found Brandon out! (My personal favorite is the last realization that really glues it all together.)
  3. You make a very good point in this in saying that Honorspren (or better yet Inkspren) have a similar appearance. I don't have a solid response to this, but there have been very good thoughts above. I like this idea a lot in relation to the difference. They might be just cognitive shadows, invested enough to stay, or they might just be Odiums version of Honorspren, albeit there are differences that hint more human. Do we have a description of why Honorspren appear the way they do or for that matter Cryptics? We know Honor created Honorspren until the job went to the Stormfather, but what about the others that have human resemblance? Great ideas all!
  4. So I just wanted to throw this out there, I have been wondering about the mental autonomy of Voidspren. There exist many, like screamers, which don't show that they really think, just react and I accept that these can be the spren of Odium, but I don't think this accounts for spren like Ulim. They mention they have eyes like the Shin and often default to human form. Odium is shown to be able to take either shape of Listener or Human so I don't know why they wouldn't get that option if they are merely from Odium. To counter the Oathpact, some of the Humans that sided with Odium at the beginning might have asked to be turned to spren so they could come back, exist, affect, and bond with others to grant power. Their anger intact they will urge and sometimes control other creatures but I am not saying they have taken listener forms yet. I was just trying to also understand why Kaladin was able to kill one, when defending Gavinor, and we have never heard of the death of a spren before. I feel like they might have accidentally killed one with a shard blade before this accidentally at one point, especially with how many spren chill on a battlefield. I just wanted to get this down, sorry it is disjointed but feel free to weigh in however you would like!
  5. Now we are really thinking! I was originally against the Moash for Herald idea but I am on board now. MOASH FOR HERALD!
  6. speculation

    Tagging on to this idea I did have a thought in relation to Preservation. I don't remember well enough to cite what hand Adonalsium had in the creation or promulgation of humans, but is it possible that the entity that opposes Adonalsium needed to be defeated or pushed back somehow? He could have allowed himself to be broken apart to empower those beneath him so that he can give people the chance to exercise their will to maybe develop in a way to stop the opposing entity? Just spit balling here. If Brandon did it once smaller scale I am sure he could up the stakes.
  7. I would also add that Ambition could also claim a certain level of passion. Many times in Elantris it is shown that ambition is rewarded in the religion, and those that are most rewarded are those that pursue it with the most fire. There could be other arguments made for other shards but I think passion or even motivation is too strong of a title to be attributed to odium or any other shard.
  8. Do we know what connection Kelsier has to Spook in current day? We know last we saw Kelsier before the time jump he is a cognitive shadow speaking with Spook. Is it possible he got hemalurgically stapled to someone? Just throwing out a random name.... to Spook? Or am I just stabbing in the dark?
  9. Hoid telling a dad joke would probably be pretty scary.
  10. I also don't think he would settle in land belonging to Sadeas. It seems that Dalinar took good care of his crew after the fighting died down so he would probably on his High Prince's land.
  11. I would also add that we are looking at characters who feel like what they are doing is justified. You can even bring in Taravangian into this conversation. The chances for people to change can't be limited, otherwise that removes the whole point of Dalinar's progression. I hope that we either see a long term redemption like with Zuko or we see his full perspective off and on until he gets killed later. As mentioned by many, he is too good of a character to kill off. You he writes a character well when people fight for both sides with such passion.
  12. Just for more information, the book is 200 pages exactly with 3 maps on the back. It is single spaced single sided appearing as if it was photocopied from separate pages. The problem with it is the books that are in circulation are almost always on hold which makes it extremely difficult to get a hold of. From what I understand we aren't supposed to discuss it normally on the forums sadly.
  13. In multiple threads it talks about how the eyes could be considered a window into the soul. When present in the cognitive realm certain beings may appear differently depending on the investiture they possess. This possibility in light, Hoid's eyes would be shiny enough to make note of indeed.
  14. I have two theories, one for Stormlight and one for the Cosmere in general. Adolin may or may not be able to bond with Maya, but he will take the place in the radiant hierarchy as the weapons master for all future radiance. I feel like it would allow at least one of the main characters to be a normal person just trying to do the best they can. (Still highly likely I am wrong) The other is dealing with Hoid. We know he and Frost/17th shard doesn't agree on their actions in the Cosmere. We also know that Brandon won't just keep making characters more and more powerful continually giving them powerups until there is no level of relativity. Therefore although we are growing to love Hoid he may cause a major problem by his actions by either fixing what was broken which is a possibly bad idea or he will stop something from being fixed when from the audience's point of view it should be done. I can't see him pulling a villain move out of evil or mania but I can see it done on accident.
  15. Since the Stormfather was summoned against his will I don't think he necessarily came as a full shard but as they mentioned above I bet it was something along those lines.