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  1. Yes. I have tried there. Wonderful art, but alas, no portraits of those characters.
  2. Hello, Have any official or unofficial portraits of many of the characters been posted anywhere on the net? I did a huge search and found many for Sarene, Raoden and Hrathen. One for Galladon and nobody else. I'm looking for the others -Doug
  3. It doesn't have to be complete at all. Any contributions would be great!
  4. Hi, Would anyone like to label the locations in Elantris and Kae from the book maps? Also looking for the division of Elantris on the map between the 3 "warlords" before Raoden's arrival. - Sincerely, Douglas
  5. I'm just going to start listening to Mistborn tonight or tomorrow via Graphic Audio. Elantris was very good by them as well! -Doug
  6. Hi, I listened to the GraphicAudio book of Elantris and then got the recent 10th anniversary printing and read the entire thing! Wonderful. My name is Douglas and I live in Torrance, California (15 min south of Los Angeles, 2 miles north of the ocean) Dat's it!