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  1. It is a prayer that people say, because they are not actually sure while they are alive that they will be reborn. They hope it is true, due to fate being a massive part of their world. Readers know that everyone will be reborn, even those that are victims of balefire.
  2. You are welcome. I own that graphic novel, it is a brilliant piece of art and literature.
  3. That armor Wonder Woman is wearing comes straight from the Kingdom Come graphic novel. It is the armor she wears when in a major part of the story, and is DC's Amazonian Royal armor, instead of regular soldier armor, which is tan.
  4. Mat would take over Rand's role, since Fain intended to kill Rand, thus taking over the Dark One's role in reality. But, because Rand made the choice not to kill the Dark One, Fain died. That is what I meant. I suspect that the Heroes are not aware that one of Mat's possible roles in the story is Rand's replacement if Rand killed the Dark One. His conversation with Hend the Hero is an indication of this potential. If Rand DID kill the Dark One, then the Pattern and the Wheel would have no further use of the Dragon soul, since it fights the Dark One. The Wheel and the Pattern needs balance, or reality goes the way of The Never Ending Story's first film. Mat balances Fain, so he would be needed and vitally important to existence in this scenario. We have seen many times that the Pattern keeps people around only while they are important to what it needs them to do, then kills them once their part is done, and some times permanently. Look at Rahvin vs Pedron Niall as two examples of what I mean. The Pattern would use Fain to consume Rand's soul, since it would need Fain to fill the Dark One's position permanently. It also explains why the Dark One wanted Fain dead so badly, and badly enough to expose Slayer to Perrin; he knew Fain was exactly that purpose.
  5. I am reading Doctor Who The War Machines. Read this plenty of times, but it is too good not to read again.
  6. Yes, but with different details. Rand's soul will be there to fight, as will Ishy. But in that fight, he will need to do different things. Some have disliked the ending, but, if Rand had killed the Dark One, then Mat takes over his role. Because Padan Fain in the books is not filling Gollum's role; he is Saruman's, and he was heading to Shayol Ghul to fulfill that role. That would make Mat Fain's Nemesis, since he was immune to his corruption. That threat is why Mat had to be at that fight at that moment. Perrin's role is clear, too for equally nasty reasons. What did you think of Logain? I am interested to hear your views on him.
  7. It depends on the True Power side effects. We saw what happened when Demandred created a shield on Taim. We saw it turned him into a sort of link with his ability to tap the True Power. The same with the fact that the True Power can control animals, but only rats and ravens give full control. These two things makes me think that there is more to why Cuendillar failed. Shai'tan does wear them down, but we saw both how abrupt it was when a seal failed and the amount of energy he had to exert to break the first, but was able to break them faster up till the final three seals remained. I suspect that in the War of Power the Cuendillar would fail quickly, since he had mostly a free hand until the Bore was resealed.
  8. Anyone finish Season 10? What do you all think of it??
  9. This is a long time until now, so here goes: Cuendillar would not protect against the True Power and any weaves made from it. It would fail. It is how the Cuendillar seals failed. The reason for this, is the True Power has side effects that ignores the rules of the world around it's channeled location.
  10. It is not a slog to read for me. I would go so far as to say this series requires advanced reading and comprehension. I can handle these in two weeks max. That is a book a day. The reason is, because the writing allows me to picture it in my imagination, and can access and remember where I am at any moment. It is like a moving mental picture in my head and it comes from an extensive ability to read and process what I am reading. It is a talent that is sorely lacking in today's society, since book shops are rarer these days. NZ has plenty of shops where books are sold, and we are considered an odd country because of it. In short, if you enjoy reading massive books, you will be fine. If not, I recommend reading fantasy books that are smaller in size and then build up to Lord Of The Rings and then The Wheel Of Time, since the first books of both are similar in beginning. It takes the stress of the mind in processing the words and themes being presented if they start out similar. If you jump into the story from a easier read, you could over stress your mind to the point that you can easily create headaches from forcing it too much. If that happens, you will never read that series, your mind will not allow you too, and that is the best case scenario. At worst, you will never touch another book again. Even reading signs could be painful for a few days or weeks. I have done that myself. So be careful.
  11. The issue with Demandred is, that while Sammael was considered by the other Forsaken to actually avoid Rand and the Last Battle all together, Demandred they knew would do what he actually did; stay away right until the battle begins, then pick the strongest Light controlled area to smash. Interestingly, Rand knew that Demandred would command the Shadow's battlefield, and that he was the most likely culprit to hit Caemlyn. He also knew that Demandred would reveal himself the way he did, which is why he tried to take command directly. He wanted to draw him out and end him in one big battle, then go to Shayol Ghul. As for the Taim change, it is the existence of both Cadsuane, and the need for Moiraine to be removed for a set time, that most likely meant that the change happened, in my opinion. Because Demandred would have been caught as easily as Cadsuane caught Semirhage, if he was in disguise, in exactly the same way she did.
  12. No, he does not. All I meant is that scene indicates RJ's initial plans to explore what that scene meant in the outriggers that he wanted to do with Tuon and Mat going to Shara.
  13. Mat is still a ta veren, however. There was a moment that indicated to me that his luck was still active. He was also feeling a tugging to go to Tuon, as well. So, he is still needed by the Pattern, which is funnily ironic. Also suits Mat to a tee.
  14. I just last week binge watched The Hot Zone on National Geographic. It was good, actually really good, in my personal opinion.
  15. Hello all!! I am from the Dragonmount Community and just joined. I have Read Mistborn Era 1 and the first two Stormlight Books. Yet to read Book Three.