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  1. Not to worry! I don't eat cookies, and I traded my soul to Cyrus Puckett for a pencil in 9th grade. It wasn't even a new pencil.
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  6. I just finished reading Warbreaker, which I believe means I am now caught up on the Cosmere. I was left with two questions. Is Susebron's high priest Treledees supposed to be related in some way to VaraTreledees (AKA Denth)? It feels odd to have two characters with such similar names and no explanation or commentary (unless I just missed it). Obviously, similar names do occur (I work with with three Tommys, two Thomases, and a Tom), but in a book with such a small cast the similarity seems like it ought to be significant. Was Clod made from someone known to Vasher and/or Denth? Vasher seems to have a somewhat emotional response when Vivenna tells him that Denth's team employs a Lifeless, and the description of Clod's fighting ability (Vivenna thinks he is as fast as Denth) leads me to believe that he was, when alive, more than just a skilled soldier. The only character mentioned who it would make sense for him to be is Arsteel. Sorry if this stuff's old hat; I was too impatient to thoroughly sift the forums for answers. I would be grateful for any additional information or speculation you all would care to offer.
  7. My name is Nathan and I am addicted to doorstopper fantasy novels. I did come to the right support group, didn't I?