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    I've read some books in Polish and there are a few odd/ different names used, especially in Warbreaker. Originally it was translated as 'The Sower of War', which would indicate completely different intentions of the characters. Thankfully, they changed it to what might be translated as 'Peacemaker' so it fits better. The characters in the Court of Gods also have different names: - Blushweaver is Morning Dew - Lightsong is The Gift of Song - Clod's name could be translated as Nitwit or a Fool Fortunately they didn't mess with the Stormlight Archive. And in Mistborn the first novel is called just 'Mistborn' instead of 'the Final Empire' but I'm not complaining.
  2. Thank you all for a warm welcome
  3. Hi, I am happy to join you, especially because my exams are coming up. That is definitely the best time to engage in something! I've been reading Sanderson's books for two years. I still need to read The Reckoners and Alcatraz but I'm up to speed on Cosmere. My favourite Cosmere novel is probably... Oh, well - all of them. I also love Skyward and it's great to read about someone my height (talking about Doomslug, obviously). About me: I am a student from Poland (but I am not patient enough to wait for the translated novels anymore). My favourite authors - my other favourite authors include: Terry Pratchett, Andrzej Sapkowski, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Rick Riordan. Anyway, it's great to be here!