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  1. I made a poster of all the characters from my Stormlight TTRPG I wanted to share. A few caveats: There may be some light spoilers through Oathbringer, and Mistborn era 1 (Just what you'd learn from reading the first chapter of Alloy of Law) The RPG is set in Jah Keved around the beginning of Words of Radiance Most of the art is not mine, I made the avatars using https://reroll.co which is a great tool. I drew some details like the spren myself using aseprite. We are using Fate Core for our RPG. We've published our Stormlight Archive rules supplement if you are interested. My character is Keten, the Elsecaller Ardent.
  2. Awesome! At this rate we should just write a whole musical.
  3. Thanks! I would like to come back to this someday. I really want to experience wandering through roshar with a world packed full of spren, flora, and fauna. If anyone here does 3D modeling or texture art and is interested in working on this project please let me know. I am taking a break from it right now but I'd be down to resume at some point if I can find a few other people who are dedicated to keep pushing it forward.
  4. So I was working on a Minecraft mod for a while that was supposed to re-create the world of Stormlight Archive. I have not had any time to work on it recently so I have officially put the full mod project on hiatus. But I wanted to at least post this, I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish and I'd like more people to be able to see it. Previously, these progress updates were only accessible on the Discord server for our minecraft world. The minecraft server is still going BTW, we have a map of Urithiru, the shattered plains, and Roshar world map. We have a resource pack with our rockbud models (see below.) Some other people are working on other methods to create a unique experience without having to have a full mod, such as server plugins and data packs, to implement things like surgebinding mechanics. If you are interested, feel free to drop by, details are in our Discord server linked above. I might come back to this project at some point but probably not unless I can get a bit more help on it. I was just kinda getting burned out being the only programmer, it was hard to find artists willing to volunteer work on the project consistently, and there didn't seem to be that much interest from the community on this project. That said, here's what we were able to get done for the mod project so far: Spheres that recharge during storms, discharge when the weather is clear, and can be used to power lamps: A cryptic NPC that you can talk to: Various Rosharan plants - in the mod they have a retraction animation, in the resource pack it's a static model. Vinebuds: Lavis polyp: Rockbud variant: Prickletac: A skyeel: Concept art of a Chasmfiend by ZackaryTheQuackary: All the modeling and texturing work for the custom models was done by AlahrranHonor with the exception of the cryptic, which was done by me. I also made the animations for the skyeel. I was also working on porting a particle system library to the minecraft version we're using, so I made some sketches of particle systems to represent different types of spren: Gloryspren: Windspren: Lifespren: Passionspren: Angerspren (sprite art by ZackaryTheQuackary): Painspren (sprite art by ZackaryTheQuackary):
  5. So I was chatting with some of the people on Worldhopper's Discord about Hamilton, and I thought it would be funny if there was a version of the The Schuyler Sisters song but... I didn't realize someone had already done a Stormlight version of another Hamilton song, I think that one is better than mine! But people thought I should post this here anyway. Hope you get a chuckle out of it.
  6. So uh, I've been listening to a lot of Shardcast and have been inspired to continue the tendency for making Cosmere dad jokes. Please enjoy this menu I made for the restaurant I would start if Ilived in the Cosmere. There may be spoilers for Sixth of the Dusk andHero of Ages but it's pretty oblique so take your chances if you want. PDF version here (I'd reccomend looking at isince it should be easier to read than the image version.) Image version here (I guess it's too large to embed on this forum.) Apologies for any misspellings, I tried to proofread it but I mostly listen to the audiobooks so a few appear to have slipped througl
  7. Yes! When I first read Mistborn I wanted to do this but it seemed like too much work for a spare time project, lol. I was thinking of trying it in 2D at some point. Glad to see you're working on it!
  8. Thanks for the, uh... inquisitive welcome, everyone! I will steel myself against future barbs. Sorry if I ruined the mood. Hehe, I think perhaps I miss too many little details to be of much use in theorizing but I do enjoy idle speculation sometimes. I do love cremposting however. Sweet! I haven't read it yet but it's on my list. So far I've read The Left Hand of Darkness, The Lathe of Heaven, and The Wild Girls anthology. I just found a copy of Rocannon's World at the thrift store which I am excited to read more of, as the Hainish Cycle seems legit so far. If you like LeGuin I'd also recommend checking out The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. It was the first time any series won the Hugo 3 years in a row and I think it was well deserved.
  9. Hello, I have so far only been using mobile Chrome. I was trying to edit some quote blocks to split them up but I am unable to figure out how to move or delete them. The little move box icon doesn't seem to respond to taps or drags. Tapping the quote title makes it blink but seems to have no other effect. Selecting all and hitting delete key, or placing cursor after the quote box and hitting the delete key both seem to have no effect. I wanted to try deleting my draft and starting again from scratch but I also cannot find a way to do that. I also looked with "request desktop site" which showed a few more formatting options but no delete button. Is there a help page for this forum? I was trying to research this myself but I couldn't find anything or determine which software was being used, so I am guessing it's custom maybe? Thanks.
  10. Hiya folks! Here's my backstory flashback montage: I've been reading branderson since 2016 when a friend recommend I read Mistborn or Steelheart. Months later, I somehow found a copy of final empire at a thrift store and learned how addictive Brandon can be. I devoured era 1 and 2 and then tried Elantris next which was kinda eh (seems to be the consensus.) Took a break for a while but resumed w/ Warbreaker last year, then I finally figured out how to get audiobooks from the library and did AU. I had been putting of SA for years as I was intimidated by the length. WoK was kind of a slow burn for me, but I was hooked by the end and devoured WoR & Oathbringer. And finishing up with White Sand vol 1&2 I have finally caught up with all published Cosmere works! (I also read snapshot but haven't yet tried any of Brandon's other non-cosmere stuff.) Probably like most people before they joined I also used the Coppermind and arcanum a bit, and have recently been finding more podcasts and finally joining some online parts of the fandom. Started w/ SICS and then discovered the delightful PedanticCast which I have been devouring the archives of. Also joined a few Reddit subs. I've decided it's time to get my (figurative) bridge 4 tattoo by joining the mothership. Also social media is terrible and I want to go back to forums. It's called the "indie web" now and we are going to make it cool again! Wow I am really writing way too much. Before I go I guess I should actually say something about myself. I'm a software engineer and semi-retired game developer living in California. My other hobbies include camping, pedantry, and yolish lightweaving. Other favorite fantasty authors: N.K. Jemisin, Madeline Miller, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. LeGuin, J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett. If you've read this far, your fortitude is the stuff of legends. I hope to make your acquaintance! Journey before destination. Eliot