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  1. "Oh, I see, Brandon, each surge pair combines in interesting ways and synergies, like how Windrunners can manipulate the air a bit and fly and such. What can Bondsmiths do?" "They can manipulate Connections which lets them do things like speak other languages." "Oh cool-" "And open perpendicularities, and steal spren bonds, and connect you to a planet to drain you of stormlight, and enhance other surges, and repair broken items, and make spren have physical forms in the real world and-" "Wait, how does that come from the power to stick things together and to make things stiff?" "It just does." "Do the Stonewards and Windrunners also have godlike powers from shared surges?" "Nope, as the Stormfather said, the Bondsmith surges work completely different for them. The Windrunners glow a bit during oaths though, so that's cool." --- The Bondsmiths are like someone let a super saiyan join a boxing tournament.
  2. Glad to see him calling out Audible.
  3. I guess it depends on your definition of protect, and if it is slightly looser than Brandon's, but nahel bonds help a bit. Prevents losing body parts from soulcasting, at least.
  4. Devil’s advocate: Chromium was first isolated in 1797 while Aluminum was discovered in 1825, 28 years later. The initial process of discovery for Chromium was pretty simple too, the initial method was reacting ore with hydrochloric acid to form an oxide and then baking that oxide in a charcoal oven to yield pure Chromium. There’s not really a barrier to getting it if you already can produce Aluminum beyond knowing how to do it.
  5. From Words of Radiance, Interlude 2
  6. From the RoW epigraph letters between Harmony and Hoid: Clearly a "sword" is someone who fulfills both intents and acts for Harmony when he cannot. I wouldn't say that Marasi or Wayne can do destroy as well as Wax. Also, as others have said, being a "sword" isn't necessarily some distinct realmatic position or entity, Wax could be the sword simply because Sazed prefers him for personal reasons.
  7. Pain raises blood pressure which could cause a stroke or heart problems depending on the person's pre-existing conditions and lifestyle. There's also the problem of non-mental damage that's still serious- PTSD etc. I could see these pain grenades being defined as war crimes irl. Cosmere All spoilers
  8. Not sure that's necessarily true, steel is also supposed to be theoretically infinite but Brandon has said air friction will burn you up after a certain point. I don't know what may happen, but I don't think we should assume that feruchemic usage compensates for user safety infinitely.
  9. The inability to replicate or advance is directly related to the complacency I was talking about. If people don't understand what they're using there's a major problem. Sure, average people might not fully get how their phones and toaster ovens work, but there are legions of engineers, technicians, and scientists who do know how these things work and the principles behind them. Radio isn't a crazy jump for Scadrians to work out, but what about Sazed giving them modern day computers? Will the Basiners learn to program and to work with hardware when Harmony can replace old technology with something that would take them decades to puzzle through? Who will innovate when God will do it better? Who will experiment when God has given you the right answers without the fumbling of human error? And I'm saying that it would take eternity to build a second one if Harmony wasn't holding their hand for the construction process and the myriad things that are needed to build the parts for the construction. The more Sazed gives, the more reliant they are on him like a child that never stopped breastfeeding. And as it appears, Discord might not be very reliable. Ultimately, think on this: who designs the next Apple iphone, the sweatshop workers or Apple's engineers and programmers? If Apple collapses, will the sweatshop workers be able to make the next version on their own?
  10. I think Sazed's point is more if the Romans in your example behaved like the Basiners, they'd just use it to drive around the streets of Rome. The Basiners' problem in Sazed's opinion isn't a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of a burning need to take what has been given and advance. Like you said, the Romans would dominate the world, while the Northern Scadrians have barely left the Basin even with resources beyond nature's provision.
  11. Yeah, definitely something to think about. I’ve never taken Brandon saying the Heralds were insane as him saying they were always wrong about everything they said or did, just that they weren’t reliable as sources. ”Even a broken clock is right twice a day” as the phrase goes.
  12. Surgebinding. Voidbinding. Fabrials. Singer Gemheart bonds with subspren. For me a magic system is a grouping of closely related powers that share similarities in their function and/or how they are obtained, and are used by sapient beings. It doesn’t cover everything perfectly but neither do concepts like species.
  13. The chapter that epigraph was in was also the first chapter that Sazed ever appeared in.
  14. TwinSoul is an entirely new character in both published and unpublished books. Never been seen before.
  15. I might have misread what you meant to say unless your edit took something out. Was more trying to add information about who those gods might be based on early concepts of Yolen than contradict the service part.