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  1. Now Windrunners and Edgedancers go together like peaches and cream. Which is an awesome thing given how fast you could fly with gravitation if friction was removed.
  2. Actually, according to the Stormfather not only is he the oldest Bondsmith in the Rosharan system, he's also the oldest human surgebinder.
  3. I dunno, a shard whose investiture is called Warlight doesn’t sound very pleasant. Honor and Odium look like they’d give you Vengeance or Judgement or something. A really big, really ticked off highspren at best. Odium and Cultivation outright terrifies me because the combination of passionate rage and the desire to shape and control the lives of mortals and the path of civilization seems like a recipe for a god of eugenics.
  4. That is dependent on whether or not he knew where Ba-Ado-Mishram's gemstone prison was located. Which is a distinct possibility given all else he knew about realmatics and the secrets of Roshar, but it's not guaranteed. You'd probably get a Desolation on your hands either way given the False Desolation was caused by Mishram.
  5. I mean we know he wouldn't like Honor: AllomancerSam If given the opportunity, which Shard would Kelsier want to punch next? Brandon Sanderson He would find it really fun to punch Honor. Really fun. Orem signing (Dec. 21, 2017) And clearly his organization is collaborating with the Fused now, I'm not feeling the same pushback as some of you that Kelsier couldn't possibly have assisted in helping Odium's side.
  6. Except Lift can eat food on other worlds for power. Gary Singer (paraphrased) Could Lift convert food from other cosmere worlds into Stormlight? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) Yes. Lift's Spiritweb has something changed about it to allow converting mass to Investiture directly. Out of Excuses 2016 (Sept. 23, 2016) Personally I think its more that Progression is the Truest Surge of Cultivation (Or at least the closest to her given that apparently all but Adhesion are mixes) and that its more resistant to suppression. Lift being close to Culti probably helps a great deal in the same way that being close to Honor apparently helped Kal.
  7. Oof. Well, that didn't age well.
  8. Remember too that Ruin was able to alter the copperminds of feruchemists.
  9. The Arnist method and that illustration of the Flamespren struggling to escape is very uncomfortable.
  10. Sigh I'm going to be a bit blunt here because I've seen this string of thought in a lot of different places, but have you people never looked at David's Michelangelo? Venus de Milo? Durer's Adam and Eve? Rembrandt's Bathsheba? Showing nudity in art is nothing new, sometimes even when it's directly paid for and owned by conservative church or state entities. There's periodic moral panics but by and large people throughout history in even extremely sexual repressed and restrictive cultures have accepted that art plays by its own rules. I know Sanderson would never go for it but if Roshar was real and you showed me a painting from there where the heralds were outright naked I wouldn't blink an eye. This is all assuming this art is even Vorin or from a recent time period.
  11. Just because Pailiah appears to be elderly doesn't mean she really is, she could be pulling a Hoid or utilizing a surge fabrial to regain her power of Illumination.
  12. theory

    Two problems. First is that Edgedancer and Truthwatcher spren are weird from what we've seen in Shadesmar and in the PR- the other spren seem to broadly conform or link to their respective soulcasting elements and gems, but Cultivationspren (who should be primarily of crystal) are made of vines while Truthwatcher spren are said by Jasnah to be appearing in the Physical like light from a reflection. Second- Lift frequently draws lifespren in Edgedancer.
  13. I dunno, how do you think a master Awakener with the ability to animate constructs could propel a ship? When a sock is a deadly weapon and pants are power armor I wouldn’t worry about transportation. As for the perpendicularity? Same way he’d find anything else, he’d go looking for it until he found it.
  14. ... Slytherin is coded WASPy as heck. Snape I'll definitely give you, but Lucius Malfoy?
  15. Depending on how soon after the Recreance he came, Vasher wouldn't have necessarily had to seen any truespren, let alone whole cities of them, unless he specifically went to the highspren. However long the window was before the spren started appreciably regaining numbers from a near complete genocide would allow for him not to even know they existed.