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  1. The humans that came from Ashyn stayed in Shinovar. Wouldn't this imply that the Nexus of Truth is more likely to be Ashyn than the Nexus of Transition?
  2. The lord ruler likely had kids before he ascended, but not after. That way, we don't have the problem of him letting Feruchemy and Allomancy mix.
  3. What would the effect be if the moon was the same size as the earth (not if it suddenly changed, but if had been like that for at least long enough to get tidally locked)? What ramifications would the increased tidal force and the daily eclipses have on the weather, and how would the day/night cycles on the opposite sides of the planet differ?
  4. I see you finished the time machine. I'll be needing that right away.
  5. You'd probably want the front of the spike, not the back, to have some sort of reinforcement casing because otherwise, the tip would just get crushed if the target is wearing something that resists bullet penetration.
  6. Cue @RShara
  7. This is likely using fabrials, not Windrunners. There are methods by which you can use conjoined fabrials for flight. (without even having one on the ground -- both halves can be in the ship)
  8. Artemis Fowl was a Sanderfan? I knew it.
  9. 73% Slow down... huh... That means something very different to him than it does to me.
  10. How much metal/stormlight does each side have?
  11. Skybreakers and Elsecallers are surprisingly very similar, since both have consistency as a big thing.
  12. etymology

    His name means "born unto eternity" Questioner Did Kaladin’s name come from anywhere in particular? Brandon Sanderson No. I'm sure the word paladin was in the back of my head, but it's not like he shares much with like an actual paladin. His name was Merin in the initial version and it was-- it didn't work, he wasn't a Merin and all the fans-- all the readers were like "this name just doesn't work" so I spent years hunting for the right name for him, and that's the one I ended up with. It's really based-- it's Kalak, which is the Storm-- not really the Stormfather but people y'know. Most of the names you'll find are based off one of the Heralds in some way. So he's KALA + DIN, Kalak and din is a suffix. Isaac Stewart We do have a meaning for it though. Can I tell them the meaning? Brandon Sanderson Ehhh, have we canonized it? Isaac Stewart We have canonized it, and we have told people before. Brandon Sanderson Then yeah. Isaac Stewart It means "Born unto Eternity". Brandon Sanderson ...I mean, it means that in the same way that names mean something, like my name means-- But when they're naming him that they aren't thinking that. What they are doing is picking one of the Heralds and making a name out of it. But my name technically means "Dweller by the Beacon", but really what it means is "He was the son of Alexander". Holiday signing (Dec. 12, 2015)
  13. Yes. Although all I assumed was that Fortune uses the Spiritual Realm to see future possibilities, which is pretty reasonable considering the examples we've been given. It could be wrong, but that doesn't really matter.
  14. I'm interested to know what this term entails. The use of these two words in the same term scares me. Apart... sure. Together... Given forgiveness(x) = |crime(x)| + Intent(x)/√(societal views) Find Dt forgiveness(Dalinar) Yikes.
  15. Shhhh.... We can't let my cognitive aspect realize that, or it won't work. And give it a spine of iron for hemalurgy. (on other things of course, not itself)