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  1. I'd put that at more than 80% for me. He was also asked which character was the most enjoyable to write, and he answered that it was this other main character. This matches this WoB very well.
  2. Actually, because of the ways Pushing and Pulling work, this works even without feruchemical iron. We see this when Vin does the horseshoe trick in HoA. It's not a simple "define the force between you and the metal" mechanic. Check out some of the "broken physics" allomancy threads if you want to see some theories on that.
  3. I don't think that that should be a comma. At least, I hope.
  4. 10 number cards, 10 orders, 2 male face cards, 2 male Shards, 1 female face card, 1 female Shard. It's perfect. EDIT: And you can make Hoid the joker.
  5. I don't think that that would work because Lift believes that she shouldn't age, but does anyway, despite having very strong healing. Of course, that explanation assumes that regrowth or stormlight healing would work the same way as gold in this situation, but that seems like a safe assumption to make.
  6. The thing is... Stick is a regular stick, but he is also omnipresent in all books. Therefore, by the definition of regular, most sticks are omnipresent.
  7. The quizzes are not yet very accurate, especially for the orders we know less about, one of which is Stonewards.
  8. I like this idea, so how about: King of the Wind(s)
  9. I'm pretty certain that it has been cracked. I remember seeing the translations for that image. If somebody else remembers the thread I was thinking of, can they post the link? I'm having trouble finding it.
  10. Liberty starts to amble along after Corvus, but, after processing what he had said, remembers that he had left his bow and arrows behind. He says, "So... the tomorrow," and heads off. He goes down the wrong street at first, but before turning around, he taps his zincmind to make sure that he's not being followed. The rebellion seemed to have good intentions, but to trust them fully would be foolish. For all he knew, they might decide that the money he had back at his own hideout would be "needed" to pursue those "good intentions." Looking around, he saw...
  11. After taking a little while to realize that Wibblo was referring to him, Liberty protests, "No... that's not a... what for me. It's a good thing... I need that it's good." Liberty turns back to Corvus, accepting the job. "What this thing is... easier than think... I can do it. You understand... I'm not of same way I seem."