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  1. Karger's confusing acceleration with velocity. Because of the law of conservation of momentum, you will slow down if you increase your mass while moving. If your mass doubles, your speed will half. However, in this situation involving Lashings, that would not come into play because you are not changing mass while moving. A Lashing defines an acceleration, not dependant on the mass off the object. The mass only influences the amount of Stormlight it takes. If you were to Lash yourself while tapping an ironmind, you would accelerate as normal, and you would have, as you suggested, a large amount of energy. Sadly, because of the need for stormlight as a fuel, this would still not work as you hope. Let's say 1 Lashing gives 10 m/s^2 of acceleration (about Earth gravitational acceleration). Let's also say you have enough Stormlight to Lash your mass (50 kg) once for 1 s. Without tapping the ironmind, you will be travelling at 10 m/s after that second and have 2500 J of kinetic energy. If you tapped your ironmind enough to double your mass (to 100 kg), you would then only have enough Stormlight for .5 s of a single Lashing. After that time, you would be going at 5 m/s and have 1250 J of kinetic energy, which is less than before. Let's say you were filling the ironmind instead for a mass of 25 kg. Your stormlight would last 2 s, after which you would be going at 20 m/s and have 5000 J of kinetic energy. In all three of these situations, your momentum is the same, 500 kg m/s. So, in a vacuum, in terms of Stormlight efficiency, you're better off storing weight if you want as much energy as possible. Another factor to consider is that outside of a vacuum, decreasing your mass also decreases your terminal velocity. Also, even in close quarters, you're better off using a double lashing than doubling your mass, since both will take double the Stormlight, but a double lashing means twice the end velocity, which is more important for kinetic energy (half of mass times velocity squared).
  2. Hmmm... I guess I'll see how this goes. I'll be a twinborn with a-electrum and f-zinc. Supplies: electrum vials, zinc metalminds, a bow, and arrows with obsidian heads
  3. In Brandon's recent AMA, he says that Jasnah gets only a few viewpoints and not until later in the book. I think that this places her pretty firmly in group 3, although a lesser part in group one is technically still possible.
  4. I'm having trouble finding the video. Can anyone provide a link?
  5. I don't want to continue the off-topic conversation (so probably don't reply to this post; not that it encourages much discussion anyway), but I thought that it would be fitting to mention in the context of this conversion that I found it amusing how the profile pictures of @Pathfinder and @Honorless are of opposing allomantic symbols: atium and lerasium.
  6. I'm confused... I can define "fairy," but I don't think they exist.
  7. You're in luck:
  8. She seems to be defining God as one she considers worthy of determining her morality and deserves to be worshipped.
  9. I see... Let's just say, while reading Brandon's adult novels (Mistborn, Elantris, Stormlight, etc.), pay attention to any suspicious similarities.
  10. I can play songs just by clapping my hands a certain way in front of my mouth.
  11. I'm pretty sure that this is not how Mastery works. Brandon's magic systems usually make a lot of sense, and canceling momentum doesn't seem like it would fit (except whatever Spiritual mumbo-jumbo he has going on with speed bubbles). I think that when sand mastery is used to cut, it works by holding the sand solidly in a blade shape, not by shooting the sand really fast. If a knife crumbles to dust when it hits something, the thing isn't okay because the momentum of the knife was cancelled; the thing is okay because the knife is no longer wedge-shaped.
  12. Why is it like that?
  13. Wait... Those sound like exactly the same thing.
  14. I see where you're coming from, but I don't think that Brandon did this just to have a shock point. It seems like a natural progression of Kaladin's arc (although I wouldn't have seen it coming). In WoK, Kaladin decides to always protect those that can't protect themselves. In WoR, he realizes that he should still protect people even if he doesn't like them. In OB, the next step makes sense to be something that forces him to understand that he won't always be able to protect everyone.
  15. Dragonsteel trilogy Elantris trilogy Mistborn era 1 Warbreaker series Stormlight arc 1 Mistborn era 2 Threnody novel Stormlight arc 2 Mistborn era 3 Aether trilogy Mistborn era 4 The placement for Aether has no justification other than wanting to have something between the last 2 Mistborn eras. The Threnody novel placement is only because Brandon said a Silence cameo is a possibility, and Shadows for Silence takes place between Warbreaker and Stormlight arc 1.