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  1. Oh wow, wasn't expecting the Skybreakers to be winning this poll. I agree with that result, of course. In my opinion, they have the best surges, the coolest aesthetic (especially with the highspren), and the most interesting Ideals. What they're doing right now is off, but that's even pointed out in world by Szeth in OB. Nale's explanation of the Skybreakers in that scene is great.
  2. It's mostly accurate, but I think the letters with the double lines should be the medium height instead of the biggest.
  3. Note that Rosharan hours are also a different length than our own, and the year ends up being 1.10 Earth years.
  4. The answer is that there is no answer. Or, not an official one at least. So any theory you have that can resolve the inconsistencies may very well be correct. The theory I like is that mass changes, but Wax is not impervious to bullets because the mass change doesn't affect interactions among things internal to him, which would end up including the bullet.
  5. Although neither Radiants or Stormlight can get off of Roshar right now, I assume that problem will be solved eventually, so theory is about solving the next problem Radiants would run into after getting off-world: running out of Stormlight. If the Connection problem solved in this hypothetical future, the Radiant could, of course, take charged spheres with them, but away from the highstorms, what will they do when the spheres run out? Yes, there are perfect gems that will keep holding the Stormlight, but how much can a Radiant do with Light that they have to keep in a gem? Some of the things we've learned in RoW are key to solving this problem. First, the Fused. They use Voidlight to control the Surges, but the Light, in many of of the Fused applications, does not run out. The shanay-im are able to fly around without expending any Voidlight. However, in the cosmere, we know that the amount of matter/energy/Investiture is conserved, so when a Heavenly One moves via flight, that energy has to come from somewhere. Second, white sand. In Navani's experiments, she is able to use white sand to detect how fast a fabrial is using Light, and Moash is able to use it to detect a spren's location. As we know from the White Sand story (and Khriss's Taldain essay), when the sand is white, that means it is Invested. So, for the sand to turn white in the cases mentioned, that means it must absorb Investiture, and as we know, the glow from Stormlight is due to Investiture coming through the Spiritual Realm. This explains how the sand is able to slowly charge even when just next to a spren - the spren, like Stormlight, emits Investiture from the Spiritual Realm. Now, here comes the more theory-based part. When Navani detects how fast fabrials use Light with the sand, I believe the sand is also simply absorbing this Spiritual radiation. When the fabrial uses Light, it tries to pull more power through it, causing more Investiture to be emitted. Combining what we know about the Fused with this white sand detection information, I think that, in most cases, the Spiritual radiation is actually what is used up when someone uses Light as "fuel". The Light itself is not used up, it just leaks - and pulling Investiture through it faster makes it leak faster. This would also explain why the anti-Investiture explosions we see are not as big as one might expect - the Light that is annihilated is actually a relatively small amount of Investiture, at least in comparison to matter. It only seems like a large amount because large amounts of Investiture can be pulled through it. Now, one might point to spren becoming solid Blades as evidence against this disparity between energy levels in Investiture and in matter, but there is much we don't know about the conversion of Investiture to a solid state, and how exactly it differs from other states of Investiture (namely why raysium daggers don't react with anti-Voidlight), that I don't think that argument can hold much weight without more information. That brings us to the idea - how Spiritual radiation being the true power behind Radiants will allow them to have extended use of their powers off of Roshar. A perfect gem charged with Stormlight is needed, along with a supply of white/black sand. If the charged gem is placed by/in the uncharged sand, the sand should slowly charge, while the gem remains full. Then, after accumulating a decent amount of charged sand (using more gems should make it faster), the Radiant can pour water on the sand, causing it to quickly release its Investiture. This should be the same Investiture that the Radiant would have used from the Light, only this allows them to release large amounts of the Investiture at once without having to draw the Light in. White sand does fade over time, so this solution is not ideal, but since the perfect gems don't lose their charge, the sand doesn't need to hold the charge indefinitely - only long enough for the Radiant to accumulate a decent amount. It is possible that a similar solution using nicrosil Feruchemy would be more efficient, but we hardly know anything about how that works, so that is unclear.
  6. Wax never says that - in the scene you are thinking of, he says that it doesn't change density, which does imply a constant mass, but Wax is simply incorrect in that scene. As shown by Wax's talk with Khriss, he has never even heard of conservation of momentum, so he is not a reliable source for physics-related info. In that scene, he refers to how he does not not become bullet resistant to claim he doesn't change density. With only that information, a constant mass would be a valid explanation. However, like I showed in my post you quoted, other information invalidates it, so some other explanation must be the true one (such as the mass change not affecting things internal to the user). Here is Brandon's explanation: Essentially, he doesn't have an explanation. So any explanation we come up with that fits all the evidence could very well be true. But, simply saying it changes weight without changing mass does not fit all of the evidence, so it can't be true.
  7. It is explicitly pointed out in the books to be mass. Once when Wax says it doesn't change free-fall speed, and again when Khriss talks about conservation off momentum. Neither of those would be true if it was changing weight without changing mass. As for things like why he doesn't get bullet resistance, there are multiple theories for why, the one that I like being that the mass change doesn't affect the interactions between things internal to the user, so when a bullet enters them, it isn't affected.
  8. Yeah, that was two different answers. The first paragraph was my reply to Frustration, and the second was more just an answer to OP. So for the first question, yes. You speed up when storing and slow down when tapping. For the second question, even with no friction or air resistance, f-iron affects your speed. That's because it conserves your momentum relative to... whatever the perceived reference frame is - usually the ground. So a if person taps iron while moving, their mass increases, so their speed goes down. It's like running into a bunch of stuff that's sitting still. Air resistance does affect how fast things fall. The higher the air resistance, the lower terminal velocity is. Sazed was floating like feather. If Sazed changed his mass midair to be really light... that's similar to getting recoil. Yes, the recoil pushes you forwards (down in this case) initially, but if it also makes you lose mass, your terminal velocity lowers, and that slows you back down.
  9. F-iron changes mass, not weight. That's why Wax mentions that storing doesn't change his free-fall speed. Sazed is only able to fall like a feather because of air resistance. But, the speed change Khriss asked Wax about is just a perception-influenced conservation of momentum. It doesn't have anything to do with friction. An abrasion user would speed up if they stored f-iron, and slow down if they tapped.
  10. I don't disagree that the spren get something out of the highstorm, I just don't agree that it's vital in the Physical Realm, even if it might be vital in the Cognitive, since spren in the Physical don't seem to experience that effect from the storm. Using spren instead of a perfect gemstone may indeed be a better way to do this process. It's possible though that the Investiture released by spren is different than that released from Stormlight, Intent-wise, which might make it work a different way.
  11. I don't see that as an indication of the spren constantly losing Investiture. For one, that only happened in the Cognitive Realm, and Phendorana was not in the Cognitive Realm when Moash detected her. Also, even in the Cognitive Realm, they don't seem to need whatever they get from the storm - it just seems to be good for them, so it's probably not actually a "recharge". As for whether the shanay-im require Voidlight to fly... I suppose it's possible they don't, but I would find that strange, personally.
  12. I'm not sure when exactly it was revealed, but if you haven't read RoW, I strongly recommend not looking at the RoW board, which this is in, since spoilers abound here.
  13. We don't know for sure if the sand can detect an infused perfect gem, but there is some evidence that shows it could be possible, which I put in my post. One piece of evidence is that the Fused can do some surgebinding indefinitely. And yes, as you point out, for some things, the Fused do use up Voidlight, but the fact that they are able to do just some things without using it up is key. For the shanay-im to fly about, they must be getting energy from somewhere, and if they can do this without expending Light, then the Light itself cannot be the energy source in that scenario. I am suggesting that this unknown energy source is the Spiritual Realm, facilitated via the Light. Another bit of evidence for the "Spiritual radiation" is the sand's ability to detect spren. Unless spren are constantly losing the Investiture they are composed of, it seems that some other Investiture must be emanating from them. As you said, this being true would allow the Radiant to get more Investiture than would usually be possible, by pulling from the Spiritual Realm. However, this is not unheard of in other uses. Again, the shanay-im are able to get more energy without using Light, and in the metallic arts, iron feruchemy could be used to generate energy without using up the stored attribute (tapping weight at the top of a wheel, and storing at the bottom, thus spinning the wheel). Yep, that's pretty much exactly how I'm trying to suggest this would work. I don't know if the Light would count as a mini perpendicularity here, since a perpendicularity connects to the Cognitive Realm as well (which the Light may or may not do), but I do think it's at least similar to a perpendicularity's connection to the Spiritual Realm.
  14. I'm basically suggesting a way to allow a Radiant to use Light like a Fused. In most cases, a Fused does not run out of Light when surgebinding, since they perfectly contain it, and none leaks out. A perfect gem is needed here because it acts as the perfect container, like a Fused. The sand is there to catch the Investiture radiating from the sphere so the Radiant can use it. In a normal case, where the Radiant intakes the Light, they can pull the "radiation" through it quickly, but here, it is just being emitted at the natural rate, which is why the Radiant needs to wait for a bunch of sand to charge before they can surgebind effectively. So it's not extending the life of the sphere or letting the Radiant use extra Investiture - it just lets the Radiant surgebind without leaking any Light.
  15. I'm not saying that Light can't do anything else, just that in the case of surgebinding, that's what it does. (Also don't know that I'd call it static Investiture, but that's not part of this theory)
  16. Under this theory, it's still Investiture, just not the Investiture that is used up. It just provides a pathway to get the fuel, like metals in allomancy do, except in this case, the thing providing the pathway is Investiture itself.
  17. I'm not claiming whether the sand holds less or more Investiture than the sphere. The rate at which the sand gains Investiture is related to the amount of Investiture in the sphere. The amount depends on a combination of the amount of sand, how long it has been there, and that rate.
  18. Oh, I'm not claiming that you'd get more than from breathing it in - just that you would get some. The reason for doing this instead of breathing it in is so you don't run out, even if does end up being inefficient, since the source sphere would not be depleted.
  19. Actually, they were correct in saying it was cohesion:
  20. So, that person on the WoK cover is just supposed to be a generic Sharbearer, according to the artist. However, it does match another Sharblade we know of exactly. I don't know how far you are in the series, so I'll spoiler this for WoR all, maybe early OB: Even though it matches that Blade, since the artist says it was meant to be a generic Shardbearer, I wouldn't read much into it. Eshonai's Blade looks like this in the official Call to Adventure art:
  21. Kalak says in the prelude:
  22. I did a quick search of this thread, and didn't see this WoB, but it certainly gives more fuel to this theory.
  23. I didn't know if I needed to indicate this in a RoW board, but just in case: This post contains cosmere spoilers. Disclaimer: Below, I state some things as if they are facts, although they are merely part of my theory. This is just to make it easier for me to present the ideas, and is not meant to indicate total confidence. Static Investiture - Has passive properties Breaths Godmetals Spiritwebs Metalminds Kinetic Investiture - Can act as a fuel for Invested arts Lights The Dor Static Investiture doesn't do much on its own. However, static Investiture can be converted to other types of static Investiture. For example, upon burning Lerasium, one's Connection to Preservation increases in such a way that also turns them into a Mistborn. This Connection is then part of the Spiritweb. This effect also leads to a major connection between static and kinetic Investiture: Connection to a Shard in the right way allows one to make use of that Shard' s corresponding kinetic Investiture. In Allomancy's case, we see in Secret History that metals glow in the Cognitive Realm, due to them being a window to power In the Spiritual Realm (why metals don't appear to glow in the Rosharan subastral is unclear with our given explanation). An Allomancer's increased Connection to Preservation allows them to make use of Preservation's kinetic Investiture, which Preservation provides through this window. Breaths work similarly. When an Awakener Awakens an object, the Breath provides a stronger Connection to Endowment, allowing the object to make use of Endowment's kinetic Investiture. In this case, rather than how the Investiture is used being determined by the type if metal, it is determined by the Command given. This is why Awakeners can't just Freely access kinetic Investiture from Endowment. Without the proper Commands, they can't actually access Endowment's Investiture. Venli's case is much more interesting. Her form of power gives her enough Connection to Odium to allow her to use Voidlight. However, this does not give her access to it; rather, the power to draw in the Light she uses comes from her surgebinding. Having a Connection to Odium, the ability to draw in Light she can use, and the ability to surgebind means that she can then draw in Voidlight to fuel surgebinding. The fused also have those three requirements, although in Venli's case, the latter two of those requirements come from being a Radiant. Either way, the requirement for Voidlight-fueled surgebinding are met. Static Investiture can also be converted to kinetic Investiture, and vice-versa, although we do not know many methods of doing so. The simplest example is Shardblades. Spren are usually in a kinetic Investiture form, as seen by their ability to charge sand, but when in Shardblade form, they are composed of static Investiture instead. Another example is Feruchemy, as the attributes should be kinetic Investiture in transfer. Similarly, Breaths also seem to take a kinetic form while being transferred. Now, for the most dependent part, and consequently the part I doubt the most. What is the Mist? It is a mixture between static and kinetic Investiture, displaying properties of both. Taking in the Mist allowed Vin to Ascend to Preservation, but it also acted as a fuel for Allomancy. Vin did not need the metals, since the window to the Spiritual Realm the usually provides was in the Mist. That would not be enough alone, however, since the metal is also used to tell the Investiture what task it needs to perform. This is accomplished through a combination of Intent and the static portion of the Mists, similar to how Breaths work. Later, in Era 2, Marasi uses the Bands of Mourning and finds Mist coming from her. Without knowing the specifics behind an unsealed metalmind's creation, this effect is hard to comment on. It may be the kinetic portion of the Mists, the static portion, or both. Nicrosil Feruchemy in particular is unclear in its exact effects. TL,DR: Kinetic Investiture acts as a fuel, while static Investiture gives only passive effects. A sufficient Connection allows one to make use of the corresponding kinetic Investiture, and this Connection is usually given by static Investitiure.
  24. I finally found it. I just realized today where I remembered seeing that.