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  1. Here's a little bit more info: So we know that Renarin will get some PoVs, but the way Brandon said that he "found time" to put that in makes it unclear if this was part of the original outline and just uncertain, or if it was something he decided to add in later.
  2. I was thinking about how women's script looks like sound waves, so I decided to turn the letters into patterns of notes (not quite the same as playing it as if they were sound waves, but that's where the idea came from). The three different heights of characters in the script correspond to E, G, and C from lowest to highest. The tick marks are played as the C an octave lower than the tallest characters, and whenever there is a curve between heights, the pitch changes between those smoothly. Letters like g and y have peaks in the middle that aren't at any of the normal heights, so they go to notes other than C, E, or G. Each character fits in one beat, with a quarter rest between each word, and a whole rest between each line. Here is the first ideal: First_Ideal.mp3 Yes, it's weird, but it had to be done.
  3. One issue here is that zinc/brass doesn't make a different type of fabrial. Putting zinc/brass on a fabrial will change it's strength (and probably rate of stormlight consumption), but if the fabrial doesnt already have a function, that wouldnt really do anything.
  4. Here's some information we just got about the main characters for this book. When asked if the main characters for RoW would be Kaladin, Shallan, Navani, and Venli, Brandon said this: The most significant part of this is the confirmation that Taravangian will get a fair number of viewpoints. He seems to be a minor viewpoint character, so he either takes a slot in Group 1, in Group 3, or as the interlude throughline. On a lesser note, there are 9 characters listed here in total. The character grouping format includes 10 spots (5 in G1, 2 in G2, 2 in G3, and 1 interlude arc). Of course, Eshonai is just in flashbacks, so only 8 characters of significance are really listed, leaving 2 spots left in the outline that should have less than a "fair number" of viewpoints, which seems to be the rough threshold given here. That threshold is mostly just an interesting element to consider when thinking about the remaining 2 slots on the outline (one of which is Szeth, if my original analysis is to be believed). Whether these lesser slots are both from Group 1 or if they are split between Groups 1 and 3 is unclear.
  5. The difference is that Venli will have a PoV in Part 1, but Renarin will not. Brandon directly said within the outline chart:
  6. Well, we do know that he'll have significant roles in other viewpoint chapters. The reddit comment linked a couple posts back said that "he appears in several chapters and does a some very relevant things to the plot, but always through other viewpoints."
  7. He's not imprisoned by Dalinar, Dalinar told him to go to prison, presumably at Urithiru, which also happens to be what seems like the most likely location for Group 1 right now. Nobody has to accept him to go on a critical mission; he could just stay at Urithiru.
  8. One of the 9 PoVs in Brandon's outline was expected to only get an interlude.
  9. I'm not saying that it's a decision he made. I'm saying he might not have been able to get more.
  10. It's possible that all of Kaladin's squires have now bonded spren and that he didn't get any more squires after that happened.
  11. It's not the only story, just a common one, since it works well narratively.
  12. Whichever way works for you. If you don't like stopping in the middle of a series, go right into Oathbringer. If you would rather see any of the easter eggs that pop up, read Warbreaker first. I read Oathbringer before Warbreaker, and there were just a couple of minor plot points that I was a little confused about, but they aren't very major, and they just felt like mysteries that would be revealed later in the series.
  13. Presumably, this is why it was worded that way:
  14. The strange thing is that even though Kelsier seemed to be between Sel and Scadrial in the cognitive realm, Densities and Vapors are on opposite sides of the Shadesmar map. Picturing this as 2D maps stitched together, that doesn't make much sense to me.