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  1. The last three words seem to be "...recreation as depicted," if that's helpful. I think your interpretation that it's a signature is likely though, so it's probably not very connected to the text next to it.
  2. It's interesting that when Yalb is thinking about the Alethi queen, he didn't also think about how she was a passenger on his ship--and wasn't one of the three survivors.
  3. We recently got shown some more artwork that will be included in the Way of Kings leatherbound. One of these pages shows how the bridge crews work, and it has some captions written in women's script. Of course, the images we have aren't of the best quality, and we'll surely get higher quality ones later, but when has that ever stopped us? Here are the images we have of the page: Here's what I've been able to translate so far:
  4. The groups all start together. The first chunk of the book isn't going to tell us much about the groups.
  5. Yeah, my original post is somewhat confusing, but I didn't mean to come across like I want you to memorize the post--that would be bad. Honestly, I don't even remember all of the points I made in there. There have been a lot of times I've been discussing things in this thread and somebody will convince me on a certain point, and I'll have to look back through my own post to remember why I made the placements I did. Really, the only reason I mentioned that I've covered most of these points in that post is because it's difficult for me to remember my arguments from there, and it will take new a lot longer to respond if I don't know what I'm looking for. About the OB update information being weak evidence, that could very well be true. I'm not trying to take these quotes and present them as absolute truth; I just want to find what the most likely combination is using as much information that I can find. Looking through all of my points, the main weak spot I could find regarding Adolin and Shallan's placement in Group 2 is the assumption that the Group 2 PoVs will both get more than just a viewpoint "here and there," especially in the climax. The "strong" evidence I found for the different points is just strong relative to the rest. If we were going off of concrete evidence only, all we would have to use is the information we've gotten during the late drafts of the book. Really, this is all just speculation, albeit with a lot of references (as many as could find). I don't mean to present it as absolute at all.
  6. Here's his exact wording:
  7. A specific point against that is that Venli should be in Group 1: Have you read my original post? I don't blame you if you didn't--it's long--but I make most of these points there, and it's easier for me to discuss if those points are directly addressed. Technically, Brandon said that Szeth has at least one PoV, which could mean more. Even if he does only get one, the minor group slots were described in a way that wouldn't preclude him from being in them. @Pathfinder Yeah, I misunderstood. I agree with the point Isilel made about that.
  8. I have already given my points against your theory about Adolin, so I'll just leave that be. However, I do have a separate point against this specific theory on the groupings. Brandon said that Group 2 will get viewpoints in Part 1. If all of the Part 1 PoVs were in Group 1, Group 2 wouldn't get any viewpoints there. Beyond that point, my original post goes into more depth. @Pathfinder I had responded because I thought you were asking me a question. Are you saying that I interpreted it wrong and that your question was already answered? Sorry about any confusion there; intention is difficult to communicate through text.
  9. No, the Stump was the Radiant they were looking for, and she was a Truthwatcher. Check out the coppermind--it's got answers to most of the things you have questions about:
  10. Yes, that is true, which means small inaccuracies are to be expected, but I don't really understand how that is relevant to what I said. What I said doesn't assume that there aren't any small inaccuracies. "0" could mean "1," and "couple" could mean "few," or other things like that. The new information doesn't technically apply in any new ways. The new information is just strong additional evidence that those five characters are not in Group 3, and that Shallan and Adolin are indeed in a group together. That is all stuff--as I explain in my original post--that we had evidence towards before. As for the alternative that the groups might be swapping in the middle of the book: There are also other things against that in the update 5.
  11. It bees a city.
  12. There are two problems with this: This was included in the visual outline diagram Brandon made. It means that Part 1 viewpoint characters are not in Group 3. No information from chapters 1-8 was used anyway. @Kuram
  13. Here is the reason I had made previously about Lift not being in it: Now, however, I am leaning on the idea that which PoV character gets the distinction of that final Group 1 spot doesn't really matter. If Syl and Lift are both at Urithiru, and both of them just get an interlude, does it matter which one of them is actually considered to have that spot and which one of them is just an interlude character? Would there be any way to even make that distinction, for that matter? I'd consider the main unknown to be who, between Szeth and Jasnah, ends up in Group 1, and who ends up in Group 3. Try as I might, I can't find any WoB evidence that points strongly either direction. There is slight evidence towards Jasnah being the one in Group 1, but that evidence is very weak. The main spots all have a good amount of supporting evidence. The grouping as far as I can determine (most of the reasoning is in my original post) is: Group 1: Navani, Venli, Kaladin, 1 of (Szeth, Jasnah), and "I don't think there will be any way to determine the final spot, even after the book is released." Group 2: Shallan, Adolin Group 3: Dalinar, 1 of (Szeth, Jasnah)
  14. I wasn't talking about the SDCC reading when I said Shallan would be a Part 1 PoV. I was talking about the preview chapters on Shallan is definitely a Part 1 PoV: Ah, I think you're looking at just the next to last spoiler box. If you look at the 3rd and 4th spoiler boxes , they'll have what you're looking for. Although, there are certain things that make the thing you said about Lift unlikely. I'll go into specifics if you'd like, but I'd suggest first looking at those two spoiler boxes, and maybe the Lift section in the deductions one.