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  1. I am at work so I will make it (uncharacteristically) brief. I came to Brandon's work via "Silence in the Forest of Hell"? (I forget titles) since I have a habit of reading GRRM/Dezois anthologies to try out other authors. I've become a fan and avid reader of many due to this from Abercrombie to Rothfuss - but none more than Brandon Sanderson. I believe I have read all but the Alcatraz books (I read #1), Snapshot and the latest White Sand installment. I got my 12yo son who DOES NOT READ (I am so ashamed - I lived head in books since 7years old) into Brandon recently and he is devouring Reckoners and recently finished Edgedancer declaiming "Brandon Sanderson is an storming' AWESOME writer!" He has ADHD and puts things off to the last minute. I only learned of his SFF project when 10 days were left and helped him listen to the book for it. I have a post in Stormlight section asking for advice on art he can use for his project: If you can, check it out and give advice Thanks all, glad to be here.
  2. Hello folks, my son (who has ADHD courtesy of dad...) was assigned a "Science Fiction or Fantasy" book report. I have been reading him Fantasy novels for "bedtime stories" since he graduated past Goodnight Moon, The Mini-Masters Board Books, Geronimo Stilton books, etc. Mom convinced me to read to him "The Lightning Thief" at 5, I thought him to young, especially with his (undiagnosed) attention issues. Second book in this vein was "The Hobbit" (which led to Lego LotR and a long standing obsession with all things Tolkien), followed by The Potter books, various assorted "fun" books like Oddkins, Alcatraz (! first introduction), Earthsea, etc. He fell in LOVE with Steelheart (I own the books but I bought it Audible for him, great narrator) and due to the deadline he >>reluctantly<< agreed to put off Firefight since it required an estimate hour and change a day to finish before deadline and that didn't account for report writing. I have him some shorter golden Age SF choices and Edgedancer. He immediately chose Edgedancer (I started with Lift's Interlude 9 from my audible copy snd bought Arcanum in Audible since he could then listen to other stories.) He dared Lift and the story. We decided after Reckoners he is going to listen to Stormlight (yay! will be my 3rd time (1 reads, 2 listens) since he wants more from that world. Wait until he discovers the others. The report requires that it be a travel brochure advertising 2+ site and giving 2+ events from the book. It should have illustrations for cover and various sites either from the book or approximations. It is due tomorrow, we mapped out talking about Yeddaw via Light Orphanage and the Grand Incidium with if I can fit it, Bronze Palace from Interlude. If anyone has other suggestions, that's fine. He plans to write about the pancake festival and treat the whole thing as some of stormin' "pilgrimage" vacation to follow in footsteps of the "Knight Radiant of Azir, Lift" I found for him the B&W Illustration of Lift skimming outside of the carved Yeddaw drawing. I found a pair of good Roshan maps. Not sure if there is any official or fan art of Incidium and/or orphanage. Any tips/links/advice is welcome. Thanks all!