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  1. I guess the big trouble here would be that Honor died like 1000 years before Kaladin was born. I could buy into shards temporarily taking a human vessel to make offspring, but the dude was dead. Edit: Without being crass, I suppose Cultivation could have held on to that seed until it was time to plant it...
  2. Isn’t she using void light to fuel her surges as well? There is a lot going on with Ol’ Ven.
  3. I was thinking that it may be some thing along these lines originally. Maybe they can still hold investiture and surge bind with out touching the Honor blades (literal Shards of Honor?) but they only get the flow when holding them? The thing I don't like about this is that if they are bound to the blades why would it matter if they were touching them? It just seems like a really inelegant way for Ol' Sandy write a weakness in. The more I think about this the more I realize we just don't know enough about how the Honor Blades, the Oath Pact, and the Heralds work. It's fun to speculate but I think we are going to have to wait a few years...
  4. I used to think that the Heralds were just super powered KR's but the WoB's have kind of flipped that idea on it's head for me. I don't think that they are super crazy over powered though. I would like to think that If you where able to pin one down you could overwhelm them to the point of death. I don't see a Herald surviving a severed head. I know we see Renarin tank the TC step but isn't he kind of an edge case? We have no idea what is going on with him as far as what his powers do and how they are changed by the corruption of his spren. Maybe the TC just had a really high arch? Do we know if the Heralds need to be holding the Honor Blades to access the surges? Do we know if they bonded the blades like we see Szeth do later with the Honor Blade or is it possible they didn't know how to use a gem to do that? I would assume that they were bonded to Heralds but I don't recall seeing one of them ever summoning one and we do know that Taln's was stolen... which really begs the question "how does one steal a bonded Honor Blade?". It's interesting to think about. Also, it seems like people want to think of the Heralds like super powered mini gods fueled with infinite power, which they are, but they are also just men. They must have been really tired of dealing with all the crap. I mean think about it. You get sent to Roshar for the Apocalypse, spend what is probably months doing nothing but fighting, every day. IF YOU LIVE you have to be sent to Braise any way, where you will be hunted down like an animal and then once caught you will be tortured. Lets not forget that the Oath Pack allowed them to share the burden of torture with each other, so you don't even have to be the one being tortured to be tortured. This torture can go on for hundreds of years because you can't die. And then some one breaks. And you get sent back for the Apocalypse. AGAIN. This is a really bad deal. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if some times the Heralds were killed because they just simply gave up.
  5. Has any one discussed the Chasm Fiend in the room or did I just miss it? Gem hearts grow inside of things on Roshar... There is clearly a an in universe alternative to creating gems the way we would. It seems to me that on Roshar gems are more similar to a pearl in that they grow through a more biological/investment means than chemical/geological one. Am I off base or missing some thing here?