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  1. Traitor returns, accepting the cookie happily before inspecting it and tucking it away in her pack. She's unsure of whether the cookie barrage is an attack or not, but accepts all the cookies just as happily, offering some to Villain's Lieutenant and Evil Sidekick as well. She'd offer some to Mentor, but by this point Mentor has already left, and Traitor is pretty sure she would accept the cookies either.
  2. Traitor is now even more confused, unused to being invited places, especially not when people know who she is. Traitor follows Mentor a few steps before pausing to look back at Evil Sidekick and Villain's Lieutenant. She's still unsure, looking for some kind of instruction or acceptance.
  3. Traitor no longer knows what to do and looks to Villain, Villain's Lieutenant, Evil Sidekick, and even Mentor for directions. Her monologue has trailed off. Traitor is too confused at Corrupted Hero's sudden decent into tears to continue without external prompting.
  4. Traitor is aware that Side Character and "Comic Relief" are leaving, but does nothing to stop it. Instead, she begins to yell loudly about corruption and heroes, entering a monologue to distract attention away from the fleeing characters.
  5. Traitor is incensed, and abandons fighting Evil Sidekick and Villain's Lieutenant to attack the Corrupted Hero. That was supposed to be her job! Traitor is now out for vengeance. Or job opportunities. Either one works. The job market is clearly limited, and vengeance is apparently accepted. After all, Generic Tragic Backstory relating in some way to World Building. .
  6. creator games

    How in the tenth name does anyone write that fast?! I'm kind of joking, but also really serious. If you know the secrets, please tell me. My normal bribes have been taken from me, but I can offer. . . uh. . . The possibility that I'll vote for your thing?
  7. Traitor makes an overly declarative statement about how she will never betray. . . whoever these people are, into the Evil Sidekick's grasp, and anyway, she's allergic to cookies! Somehow, while fighting, Traitor manages to pass Evil Sidekick a note reading, "What kind of cookies?" She does the same thing to Villain's Lieutenant to ensure the offer of cookies is genuine, and also to play them off of each other to get better offers. How she expects to do this when they are both on the same side, none of the Readers know. Traitor thinks it will work though. Somehow. Against all basic logic and sense.
  8. Traitor arrives and joins in fighting against Villain's Lieutenant and Evil Sidekick in an appropriately dramatic fashion.
  9. creator games

    I might have possibly written it. You know. Maybe. When I got annoyed with other submission attempts/started to run out of time.
  10. creator games

    Really? Well then, I guess I'm signing up. I should have something put together by the end of the day, if formatting stuff works out? Or you could always just continue on without me. Either one would work! Edit: Turns out I lied, everything went long, and I'll instead have it in tomorrow morning if you want to wait.
  11. creator games

    I know it's too late to sign up. That being said, if you need more things to vote between, would it work if I submitted something for one of the people that can't do the music challenge? As in, submitted my own thing that someone could claim, or not claim, as they wanted?
  12. For all of the art you hate, including visual arts, writing, poetry, music, and so on. Because perfectionism isn't everything, so post it anyways. --- I don't know about you, but I am not an artist. I would like to be an artist. However, whenever I try to start, I get set upon by the vicious harpies of perfectionism and self doubt. I can't see the value in what I've done. To me, it looks more or less like trash. Hence the title. And, since all that I seem to be turning out is trash, I quickly get discouraged, and, well. . . quit. I'll actually shred, delete, erase, or otherwise destroy whatever it was that I've made, because it's not. . . good enough. Which is dumb. Failure isn't something to be ashamed of, it's not the end of the story, it's a fundamental concept of life and a way to measure our improvement. This thread, as stated above, is for people to post all the art they hate. It's for the stuff you'd throw away because it isn't good enough and there's no place for it. This thread is a reminder that falling short is, or at least should be, both expected and supported, because it means that you're making progress. What's the most important step someone can take? I'll give you a hint. It's not the perfect one. All too often, those interested in the arts give up because they aren't "naturally gifted." This thread is to encourage them to keep on going, because it might not be perfect, but you're doing it. You're creating! Even those who have been creating for a long time can fall into this chasm. People can make things that just don't turn out right. Or maybe the art is fine, but suddenly imposter syndrome is kicking in and you feel like nothing you make could ever compare. --- I have a tendency to ramble a lot, as you can likely see. I also don't know how to create threads, so if anyone has any advice that would be appreciated. The point is, if you made something that you don't like or doesn't seem to live up to whatever standards you have, post it here. Criticism, unless specifically asked for, is not allowed. Compliments can also be a weird one here. If you feel like receiving a compliment on the work you did would only cause you to doubt the honesty of humankind, let people know at the top of your post that you don't want compliments either. Obviously, follow forum rules. Other than that, I think we're good?
  13. I can't believe no one has done these already. 443. If ever an attractive, well/oddly dressed person knocks on your door in the middle of the night, do not, under any circumstances, invite them into your house. 444. If ever an attractive, well/oddly dressed person knocks on your door, ask for an invitation to enter, and seem to be smiling, under no circumstances should you invite them inside, even if it happens to be in the middle of the day. And also sunny. They might not be a vampire this time, but the vast majority of evil fairies or other spirits operate under the same rules. 444a. If they are not smiling, but instead look serious, sad, or any similar emotion, they are probably safe to invite in. 444b. The same does not apply to anyone who appears to be mad at you. If you don't know them, they seem to be spiting threats and obscenities for no discernible reason, and still require an invitation into your house, do not let them in! Instead, politely offer your apologies for whatever you might have done (without promising anything in that said apology to make it up to them), close the door, and then call whoever it is that's in charge of disposing of supernatural entities. They likely have a grudge against you specifically and will otherwise be back for vengeance when you least expect it. 444c. If no such authority exists, iron, silver, salt, holy symbols. Keep a minimum of one of these things on you at all times, but do everything in your power to keep all four on you at any given time. 445. Be as hospitable as possible without breaking the above rules. You may offer them food, drink, directions and so on. They may even enter your house, just so long as they do not request a specific invitation to do so. Should they require this invitation, as previously stated, do not under any circumstances give it to them and do not leave your house until they are gone. If the individual knocked at night, you must wait until at least mid-morning of a sunny day. Do not trust yourself to the outdoors if it is overcast, or if clouds are moving quickly across the sun. Vampires may strike at any opportunity. If said encounter occurred during the day and the individual in question did not seem particularly mad at you or interested in you and your house in general, wait until the next morning at least. They may have left by nightfall, but to go out then would be violating other rules on this list, and would therefore lead to your downfall. 445a. The only exception to the minimum time requirement should be mundane tasks that you were planning to do before the individual knocked on your door, or if you gain knowledge that waiting would allow the beings to gather followers who are not obliged to follow the invitation rule. Any human is suspect during this time, even if they can enter your house without an invitation. Exceptions of the first category should still be avoided where possible. If an emergency should occur, such as a loved one falling gravely ill, do not leave the house! It may seem cruel, but the information is likely false, and you would fall into greater danger should you leave. Say you are sick. Explain what happened and claim you feel you are being watched. Do what you can to help remotely, such as via a phone call or over a computer. All this is allowed, but do not leave the house. (Even inside the house, it's best to have salt, silver, and iron close at hand.) 446. Avoid any odd, but seemingly naturally occurring phenomenon such as, say, a ring of toadstools. 447. Also avoid any ancient land marks, especially around astronomically or mythically relevant dates or events, such as an eclipse or particularly meaningful holidays.
  14. Comment on the reconstructing oaths thing, I'm not confident in all the connotations of connection, but consider this; Shallan is not reconstructing oaths. She's reconnecting to them. Previously, she had a disconnect between her memories, life, and oaths with Testament. The reconstructions might not be truths progressing the bond, but rather an acknowledgement to her history with Testament. This might mean that "I'm terrified" is part of that re-connection process, a potential acknowledgement of her previous bond, a fear of herself, the situation, and what she has done. It could also mean that "I killed my spren," again, isn't exactly a truth, it's an acknowledgement of her connection to Testament and showing a willingness to perhaps reconnect and continue. Again, I really don't know for sure, and I might be splitting hairs in this. Other comment, more on the literature and writing side of things since I'm not logically adept enough to create all the different theories that you do, but listening to you talk about the confusion and sudden perspective change made me think. This has got to be somewhat similar to Shallan's state of mind. Everything, exactly as it was, with no room for any alternate interpretation or doubt. And then suddenly it's all on its head. Nothing is the way she thought it was. Everything is up to debate, and even her own knowledge of herself is questionable. It might be more annoying than anything else or maybe not quite intentional, but I found it interesting.
  15. Evelyn woke to the sound of pattering feet speeding across the floor and something rather like a hiss, and her heart jumped. She bolted upright, eyes wide, until at last she recognized her room. No, not her room. A guest room, but one that was familiar enough after the amount of time she'd spent there. Pale walls, a desk in one corner, along with a small bookshelf and a window. She could hear raised voices somewhere in the house, too distant to make out the words, but the voices themselves were familiar and raised in what seemed from the tone to be an argument rather than another battle. No danger. Her shoulders slumped in a wave of relief, and she drew in a deep breath of air. What may have been her first actual breath since that jolt of panic, Evelyn realized, and couldn't help but smile at herself. It was silly to be so worked up. There was nothing to be afraid of, right? The attack on the house had probably been a one time thing, and anyways, people would have woken her up if there was any kind of a threat, right? If they hadn't that must mean they thought they could deal with it, and judging from what Evelyn had seen, they probably could. She'd been the weak link in the fight, not them. If that was the case, though, what was it that had woken her? Evelyn got carefully to her feet, instinctively feeling for he maple leaf necklace and running her thumb over one pointed leaf. Still there. Good. She wouldn't freak anyone out, or accidentally reveal herself as an Elantrian. The room was still empty, but she could have sworn she'd heard something. After a moment's pause, she dropped down to look under the bed. She hadn't expected to see anything but darkness. Instead, Evelyn was met with two glowing eyes. She broke into a smile at the sight of them, scooting back a little so as not to crowd the poor thing. "Hey, kitty. I didn't realize there was a cat in the house. How are you?" She began to tap her fingers against the ground, trying to draw the cat into the open. "Probably not too great if earlier was any indication." She threw a glance over he shoulder at the still open door. "Is the arguing stressing you out?" When she looked back, it was to find the cat out from under the bed, watching her carefully. It was scrawny, but obviously lovely, with a ale gray coloring. Evelyn smiled again, switching to petting the cat instead. "You must be pretty clever to come in here, huh? Definitely no arguing going on in here. Can I call you Ene? That's an Aon it means cleverness, something I bet you have in spades." After another moment spent petting the cat, Evelyn stood, scooping the Ene into her arms. The cat tensed for a moment before relaxing and even starting to purr. "Aww. You're a cutie. Let's see if we can get you some food." The smile slid from her face, however, when she turned a corner to see Rob, Cassie and James standing in the hall, clearly arguing. "You agree, right? You don't think I'm wrong, do you?" Evelyn hadn't spent much time around Rob with everything that had been going on, but she was pretty sure that was the most emotion she'd ever heard him express. He sounded. . . pleading. Almost desperate, and Evelyn suddenly got the feeling she'd walked into something she really shouldn't have. Too late to go back now, though. They must have seen her by now, so instead she braced herself, clutching Ene just a little closer, and prepared to enter an argument that she was in no way prepared for. "Guys," she said slowly. "What's going on?" @AonEne @Wyndlerunner @I think I am here.