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  1. He definitely is stuck on Roshar, for now, but there is a way to work around that and he will find it. (Elegy covered it really well). Yes, spren are part of the CR but distance is relevant there.
  2. I always liked Eshonai over Venli (though at the end of Oathbringer they started to go closer to be equal) but with Brandon saying Venli's flashbacks will give us more chance to learn and explore cosmere secrets I cannot decide which I prefer. Just - a character I like or more information on cosmere? (I didn't vote as I can't deicide what I prefer.) Actually, I feel it can be the other way around as well. Eshonai's point of view makes sense as Venli knew too much back than. I felt like the promise was about all that was going 'behind the scenes' with singers, not the certain character. And with Eshonai being dead, focusing on her might as well feel out of place. And don't forget, she will still come back in flashback sequence, just wouldn't have a viewpoint.
  3. As we are following the pattern of oaths - what if 'the Spear' somehow tells us where (or when) he will swear the fourth one? (Though I have no idea what it can mean...)
  4. I feel like the Tower can be as well a reference to Urithiru - and so to all Knights Radiant.
  5. Okay, a thought that can be a little (or quite much) crazy and I'm putting it here before I decide it is too chaotic to share. So here we go. I feel like Nightblood can be similar to a black hole. It will 'eat' (sorry, I can't find a better word) any amount of Investiture just because it is so heavily Invested. (The black smoke is like the part of matter that gets out of the black hole - sorry for putting it so chaotic and simple at one but I'm not good at physics and don't know how to call it correctly). To me, it leads to an 'internal' perpendicularity - there is no way to use it as a typical one - but is a reason why it Nightblood destroys in all three Realms - in the sword they are one. And, kind of using that we're on Nightblood, could someone tell me if it is possible that the presence of Ruin's Investiture was caused by the Command - 'destroy' is almost exactly the Intent of Ruin?
  6. Yeah, I must agree with you on that. But imagine you can eat any amount of calories you can find - Lift is definitely able to eat enough to heal herself. Oh, I believed that Nightwatcher gives you a separate boom and curse every time. Oops.
  7. I might be wrong but I don't think healing uses so much Investiture and than the 'loss', as you called it, wouldn't be very big. (I'm not really convinced if it is a loss because she still is the only one who 'creates' Stormlight, so she ends up with more then anyone else). And to the second part - I'll add third version... As I believe she is the next case in which Cultivation intervened (because for what I know it is not confirmed) it would be logical for the boom and the curse to mix - just as they do in Dalinar's case.
  8. In Warbreaker, Lightsong and Blushweaver in general. Especially this one (putting it in quote box as it is quite long actually...) I remember Mistborn has some as well but I'm just at the beginning of reread so I hope to find more gems. And, actually, during a Warbreaker reread I almost started crying as someone cursed 'Kalad's phantoms' talking to Vasher. It just killed me.
  9. Hoid is awesome but I just realised - does that mean we're getting an in-world book named Rythm of War? Because I just don't find it likely that the 4th book will break the scheme. It definitely sounds like a Singer book, doesn't it? Probably in the Dawnchant, telling more about the beginning of Desolations? (okay, it is just a hope to find out more than any realistic prediction about it...) But I still like the idea of a Singer book and maybe someone has better guesses then mine.
  10. I really like the part of Vax being destroyed as a result of the Shattering (and as Ati talks about it as he sees Cognitive Realm it is at least connected or as you said - a part of CR). But I'm not sure if the Shattering could happen in CR - wouldn't it result in a similar effect as on Sel, where magic is bonded to certain place? The Shards are mostly in SR, so either it needed to happen in Spiritual or the amount of freed Investiture during Shattering created kind of a perpendicularity that allowed new-created Shards to get to another Realm (and if that was the case than I have nothing against your theory and actually such an amount of Investiture would cause some crazy destruction and create some weird magic effect - just look at Threnody).
  11. I might be wrong but I believe Nightblood would just start sucking his Investiture: the metals he is burning but also all he has stored in his metalminds. It would take longer than compared to a person with 'normal' amount of Investiture but it'd kill him sooner or later (and I'm not even talking about his age).
  12. At first I thought of putting Hoid here, but with him being incapable of hurting anyone, he would be rather useless in a fight. Although talking just about the amount of power, he is definitely up there. Also, I am sure I heard once Hoid could have access to the Feruchemy, but went searching through WoBs and found nothing, at least no confirmation. Only that he tried to figure it out (source: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/390/#e12754). But there is also this WoB: What would also give him abilities of a Compounder (if I understand the mechanics correctly). Well, sorry for getting so hard into Hoid (it almost got me off topic) but he is amazing to me.
  13. I wasn't sure as the previous one was a few days ago but I'll know for the next time. Oh, so it even goes further than I thought. Good to know. It actually works even better for what I was trying to say. We have no way to tell anything about Dominion or Devotion, as we haven't seen the 'pure' Investiture of those Shard. Am I right?
  14. Nightblood is definitely the most dangerous thing, not sure if the strongest. That's the problem with what 'the strongest' really means. Because you can have less power but be better at using it. Are you stronger? Well... Are we talking about Vasher with or without Nightblood? Because, well, he is awesome, but tenth heightening Vasher with Nightblood is quite a terrifying idea, isn't it?
  15. Okay, I don't know if I should edit previous post or if I can double post with some interesting WoB (again found by accident). Let's do it this way and please tell me if it os OK. Okay, it is only a part of this WoB but here is where it is getting interesting. I bolded the part I'm thinking about. I believe it can support your theory because before you can change something into more pure form it needs to be somehow 'limited' (can't find the right word, hope you get what I'm talking about). Or did I get the WoB completely wrong?