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  1. I don't think this is about Cognitive Shadows but I can agree that almost every Shard has some sort of agents. And on Scadrial I would count Kandra as such, though I don't know if threre was anything like that while Ruin and Preservation were still around. But for Harmony they definitely act as such. And I'm not sure if I would count Elantrians or Shades to be something like that as 'their' Shards are dead. Though it would be very interesting if some splintered Shards left some sort of agents behind as they expected Odium to come after them. I really like the idea but does it make any sense?
  2. It took me quite a long time to find a better way of explaining what I meant but here it goes. @Karger and @Honorless as you were the ones who commented. It can still make no sense and the longer I think about it the more unlikely it gets but I still want to try putting it differently. Well, "hole" wasn't probably the best word for what I meant, I just tried imagining something different to all things we have seen before. And, I imagine CR with a certain density of Investiture (I am not taking into consideration any sentient beings, just the core 'landscape' of this realm). While we have seen places accumulating Investiture - Perpependicularities - the opposite is quite hard to imagine, I know. And while distances between planets or star systems are shortened - it's like a standard amount of Investiture in a place in CR is the same but the equivalent in PR is bigger. And here we go to what I was trying to say earlier. What would happen if there would exist a place in CR where this density would be smaller than usually? I might be completely wrong but I just got this feeling that anything unusal enough should exist in other realms as well (or at least sth unusual in CR has to exist in SR but if the cause was in PR than it would exist in all three). But I guess Nalthians wouldn't spot this thing unless it moves and the planet goes through it once a year (I just realized that it can be very important to know whether it moves or not, but I'm drifting away from my idea).
  3. thanks, @Karger! I knew it had to be somewhere
  4. Well, the phrasing 'spare Investiture' made me thinking of the opposite - something like a hole in the CR due to the lack of Investiture. You may want to add it to that list just to include all options we thought of. IIRC it was a part of original agreement between Shards (although I tried to find some WoBs and failed, so nothing certain here).
  5. Just wanted to ask if it is anywhere explicitly said that Braize is Damnation? I always took it as 'right, it's like that' but I just had a crazy idea and went searching for quotes or WoBs and I just can't find any proof
  6. So as I saw this and freaked out for a while as I really wanted anything more about Nalthis. But moving to thoughts I had. 1) naming it anomaly definitely suggests that Khriss and Nash (and probably the rest of the Silverlight) don't understand how it works or what it is. Just to put it straight. But it is rather a characteristic place in CR so it can be a place that allows a worldhopper to navigate. Not that I find it to be the case. 2) And here we go to a crazy theory I can't prove at all. What if it just appeared while creating Nightblood? We actually don't know the mechanics behind Awakening but there was involved a huge amount of Investiture and it could have some crazy side effects.
  7. I'll put it here without referencing previous people because I fell like it'll only create mess. But here we go. First of all, I believe Tanavast had more control over Nahel bond and KR than Stromfather has now. If it is true (I am not saying it is, just to be accurate) this would probably give him an ability not to accept an oath (though it doesn't sound likely). But I don't think this was the case. Secondly, yes, Intent could have played the part, but I don't feel like it was the original issue. The bond wasn't possible at all at the beginng - just note that it never says WHO promised it could be done. (I can't find whether we know how old are certain songs, I feel like we don't know but if I'm wrong than please correct me). And it totally makes sense to me that it was Odium. Even more, that sounds like this promise might have played a part it switching sides. The spren stopped coming to Singers and they agreed to Odium sending them Regals etc. Just that sounds like more than only spren If it was so, than after Listneres escaped Odiums influence - they would probably view a bond as impossible again and here we have a part with Intent coming to play. This was impossible for a long time so it is viewed as such by both people and Listeners (so it can be the case with Rlain).
  8. Nothing. I doubt Odium would leave behind even a drop of his Investiture like that. Actually, I disagree, as it just feels to much of an accident that enraged Shades have red eyes (after spilling blood). Though I agree that it's not typical of Odium to do so (I feel like there is something strange going on with Shades, Ambition, Threnody and all of that but I still have to think it through to make any sense).
  9. I absolutely agree @The traveller. I used to think (as most poeple tend to) they are Scadrians. Just the fact that we will see future Scardrial seemed enough. But I started to think of them as Rosharan after a reread, when I noticed how much they care about rules and laws. And, on Scadrial they already have a quite effective way of protecting themselves from allomancy: a Coppercloud or some aluminium. But, if ever people from Roshar get to meet Scadrians (which I find quite likely to haappen later in the cosmere) I can easily see them afraid of emotional allomancy, so it makes sense they would like to have Aviars.
  10. Well, to be honest, I freaked out a little when I saw this. I really wanted this to be true, as I had this trio (Dalinar, Taravangian and Lift) in my head that saw Cultivation insted of Nightwatcher (but IIRC Lift was confirmed to see only Nightwatcher and I was sooo sad about this).
  11. Exactly what I thought after seeing the map, so I'm with you on this theory. And, @ChickenLiberty, I'm not sure about this, but I don't think we know the way humans used to come from Ashyn (or I missed some important piece of information, and we know). And, just an addition, but with Broken Sky not confirmed as anything, wouldn't it make more sense as Threnody than Taldain? Just 'broken' goes really well with all the names in this system and what we know about its history.
  12. I would argue with it being the difference, because Shades are CS. And I believe the difference between the behaviour of them all comes from the Shard they originate from. But if they were created in similar way to shades, they would grow in number very quickly. Or at least I feel like this might be a reason.
  13. Yeah, I agree there is no solid proof whether she died, but I believe her being dead. But I'll move to this later, there is another thing I want to talk before. The shades. Do you have any quote for this? Because I always thought of them as cognitive shadows forced into the PR. i just find them very, very similar to Rosharan spren when they come into the PR to form a bond - they also became mindless (though even more than the shades, so probably the latter ones still have some connection to other realm). If you want to see a shade this way it would make for them more sense to be splinters of Odium, not Ambition, though I find them more like a mix of the two: just the fact that their eyes go red when raged is enugh for me there was more than one Shard in play. I am almost sure she died. At least I remember it this way, that she died from mortal wounds received during fight with Odium. But I just realized that Shades could have been sort of her backup plan. These 2 WoBs give me impression that Ambition could have had rather good futuresight (it goes quite well with her intent). It would totally make sense for her to expect the fight and make some preparations toward it. She got splintered, but left behind something that was supposed to try destroying Odium when given a chance. With this I totally agree, but I just not think it is still her. Though I can think of her having a Cognitive Shadow - just like Tanavast has - that would behave in a similar way. EDIT: just found another WoB and it can actually support your theory about her not being dead. So it is still open I guess.
  14. Okay, this isn't as well thought as it should be but let's put it here. I fell like Roshar is much more similar to Scadrial in this than it looks like. Odium didn't want to invest into Rosharian system - so it makes sense he has no 'his' magic system. If this is the case than we have almost the same situation - two Shards and three systems. To put it shortly: Honor - Surgebinding Both - Fabrials Cultivation - Voidbinding (actually I can't really explain why I put the other two this way, it is more like a gut feeling. It has something to do with the way Cultivation alters a person - changing a part of them, though) And coming back to Odium - after such a long time in the system some of his Investiture got in - but it was not enough to create a new system (also, he didn't want to and we know how important intent is in the cosmere). He got his Investiture into already existing systems altering them as he willed. And all he had to do was to create his Spren - as they are an integral part of every system here. To make another Mistborn analogy - just as we see in the second era Trell 'getting into' the systems by creating his metal.
  15. I have found this WoB, which is quite uncertain but at least gives us some idea about the time: If it is really so, than other three things you pointed out must have happened before. I think RShara is right about the signs - that would explain why Stormfather started showing visions (I believe there was a WoB that Gavilar and Dalinar weren't the only ones - but to me it implies that he started visions not so long ago, not more than these 8-10 years ago). Actually, I have problem with Spren that decided on bonding - I don't feel like they would be so concerned about a possible desolation that would bring them into bonding unless we make assumptions that the ones that bonded were like Syl - decided to go against the rest. But both Shallan and Lift were watched /chosen by more spren so it is not true. And, I just wanted to say I really like this theory. I don't know how I haven't thought about it but this totally makes sense.