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  1. Is it the closeness to spren that allow singers to hear the rhythms? Because if the Rhythms come from the spirit realm, maybe there is something about spren's existence in the SR that allow singers to hear them. Maybe that's why the parshmen could not.
  2. I think this was just a theory posited on Shardcast, not anything confirmed
  3. Very interesting... I could see that
  4. So in my reread of Oathbringer, I noticed that when, in the flashbacks, Dalinar feels the Thrill, it says on a few occasions that he almost hears a beat or rhythm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Singers' rhythms? My theory is that he's hearing one of the Rhythms of power faintly, because the Unmade are spren of Odium and Odium's spren are what grant the new Rhythms. Being under the influence of such a powerful, giant spren, especially for someone like Dalinar who's spirit web has to be a little broken to be a nascent Radiant, creates a mindset or almost a Connection to the Singers in a way not yet explored.
  5. Blow torch heating fabrials You heard it here first, folks
  6. Found a WoB that might dispute the need to fix armor, unless I'm misreading it And I know it's a double post, but this is kind of a new thought/answer to my own question.
  7. I'm fairly certain they do lend it for training and dueling purposes. But you could be right
  8. May be, though when he was alive I believe it was blue, according to the wiki. Not sure if it stayed that way later on
  9. I should have remembered that since I read the scene where he first wore his plate like yesterday... but yeah Never even thought of that. They never do mention that despite the King's plate being borrowed often
  10. That's what I was getting at. I was kind of just "speaking" my thoughts out loud more than implying anything interesting
  11. That was kind of my thought. I imagine that Shardbearers on extended campaigns either keep artisans around to repaint their plate, or end up with a very mixed set of unpainted and painted plate. This also raises the question of getting the paint off. I would guess they basically sand it down? Idunno, just weird stuff I think about
  12. I never really thought of it before, but all the ornamentation on shardplate probably has to be remade anytime damage is taken. Obviously anything welded on (still not sure how that works entirely) would have to be recast and reattached, but any coloration would probably also need to be repainted after the plate grows back. Just something I found interesting
  13. Not gonna lie, even knowing that on Roshar a "chicken" means "bird", I always just imagine chickens with weird properties. For example, a green chicken with a plume on its head. The body structure is still a chicken in my mind
  14. I don't think that is in opposition to my take at all. His honesty with himself and knowledge that his mission won't be universally liked doesn't mean that he doesn't think the world would be better off. The "world knowing" part could be hyperbole. To me its more like in his mind, the world doesn't know what eh and his do, but it would thank them if it knew, even for their brutality
  15. But it doesn't have to be fully accurate. That could be how Nale feels. He thinks the world is better for him murdering nascent (newborn) surgebinders. And even if his job is secret, the world wants him to do it because it will be better off in the end. So it's more metaphorical than exact