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  1. Let's say 10-15 years. 2-3 for the humans to decide to get extra space, and 4-5 for Fused to happen, and the rest for the Oathpact to form and the Fused to be defeated
  2. I could see her and Sigzil (here ya go) making a pair. It's not a bad theory.
  3. This might be a podcast theory but the way I see it is this: Humans come to Roshar peacefully and with all intent to chill in Shinovar. After a relatively short time (few years maybe) some or all fo the humans decide "Oh oh, I want some more, oh oh, what are we waiting for" (cue that song) and bust over the mountains. Being humans, and from a land that was just destroyed they got the inspiration to wage a Sherman's March to the Sea Scorched Roshar Desolation on the Singers. Singers felt betrayed by their gods who had asked them to take in the humans, and start looking to Odium. The Fused are formed. Desolation one is now in full swing. Humans are getting whomped because they think they kill the Fused, but the Fused are all "nuh uh, suckas" and come back with an unholy vengeance. Thus, the Oathpact is formed, locking them on Braize. Then the Desolation Cycle of the Heralds breaking begins. Fin
  4. I'm gonna go back to a much earlier (thread-wise) idea and say Kaladin and Lynn is a good one. She is respectful but not necessarily in awe of him, a little stubborn, like him, and badass. I like it.
  5. So the best group is the Legacy Initiative. They don’t always wear the super suits but they dress in a sort of uniform. They do a ton of homeless outreach and occasionally street safety patrols. When you reach out, tell them Impact sent you (it’s my RLSH name). If they don’t respond, let me know. And I’ll look for anyone else in the area.
  6. Happy 100 posts!

  7. Even if she didn't explicitly hear him, it seems like she at the least *sensed* his warning
  8. Thank you! And you can be one! The cheesy answer I always give (and fully believe) is that if you go out of your way to help people, you are one. But if you want to do the whole shebang (supersuit and cool name) there are teams located in Utah I can direct you to
  9. Nice! I’ve shared a few myself!
  10. Thank you both! I appreciate the welcome!
  11. Real Life Superhero (RLSH) is a subculture, mostly in America, but around the world also, that goes out and does community service using personae of superheroes that they create. I work with a group that does homeless outreach, fundraising for local charities, and street safety walks making sure that folks get home safely.
  12. Hey All! I've actually been a member on the forums for a few months, though I haven't checked out this section before. My name is Impact. I live in Florida. I love Sanderson's works, especially the Stormlight Archive. I'm a martial artist, ultimate Frisbee player, environmental scientist and Real Life Superhero (Look it up or ask)
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. I always think that Sazedium sounds like something you'd actually find on the periodic table
  14. Not even sure it would be acceptable, but you know someone would do it.
  15. I meant more in business meetings than for customers. Still wouldn't be great, but I could see it being done