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  1. Happy birthday Impact!

  2. I think later on they mention shorter canes, so i'm starting to believe more the "Rosharan chicken" ie they use the term cane for both a walking stick length and a baton length. I see no faults in this logic. you win
  3. In SoS, when at the Governor's party at ZoBell tower, Wayne says he hides his dueling canes in his fake belly. how short do you think they are? I always assumed they were around 3/3.5 feet long, but to hide in a fake stomach, they'd have to be more like batons. Is this kind of like a Roshar Chicken situation, where the term dueling cane is used "one size fits all"?
  4. My theory on the truths: "I'm Terrified" - to testament, allowed the old bond to slightly reforge and let her Soulcast "I killed my father" to Pattern. He was still new to her so he was still kind of "dumb" but his intelligence came at a much faster rate (than say Syl's did in WoK) "I Killed my mother" also Pattern "there is something wrong with all blades except mine" not a personal truth, closer to a Truthwatcher's, doesn't count. Alternatively, it was accepting that pattern was her blade, and was a truth. "I killed my spren" not sure who this goes to yet I wonder if Shallan can get a blade and such faster than a normal Lightweaver because of this being her second bond. I think she breaks the mould.
  5. Ok the most recent WOB shardcast they talk about how investiture can be stored in gems, but only stormlight can be infused by leaving it in a storm, and void light cannot, and presumably mist light (Scadrial) or gift light (Naththis) cannot. I think that has to do with the fact that Honor’s perpendicularity is in some way tied to the storms and the Stormfather. In theory, maybe bringing gems to the Well of Ascension, the emerald pool above Elantris or Endowment’s perpendicularity will allow gems to be infused with their respective lights. it is possible that it here has to be an intention to infuse the gems as well, but this is at least how I can see a passive system working
  6. I did have one thing that I listening to this episode made me realize (and my GF is reading Warbreaker) but I feel like Lightsong may be Ace. Other than someone he had a deep connection with (Calmseer) he has no interest in sex. And maybe I’m interpreting how different variants of ace present but it seems fitting to me
  7. I definitely thought it was around where he stopped wearing glasses too. But if the countdown started beforehand, likely not.
  8. I could swear that the fused mentioned being unable to use Adhesion because it was granted by Honor alone. The physical aspect part was more my reasoning why and can totally be wrong Edit: Rabonial says “they claim a tenth, of honor alone. adhesion is not a true surge, but a lie that was presented to us” (chp 32) I don’t believe the lie part, because I feel like it’s the Fused being salty, but they seem to think it is of honor alone.
  9. I meant that lining up the True Spren with the surges was harder than I thought because how do you determine which Spren offers which surge. Adhesion is supposed to be only accessible to Honor, because of the physical representation of a bond. also, I don’t think the Fused died with the bonds, they split with the True Spren and then became Fused later
  10. At the end of RoW, Leshwi asks Venli if her spren knows a specific honorspren. Honorspren are obviously related to Windrunners, who seem like the counterparts to Heavenly Ones This makes me wonder if all the brands had bonded a true spren before becoming fused, and that spren influenced what brand they became. I don’t mean a Nahel bond, but more like a gemheart bond. So like all the Heavenly Ones had Honorspren in their gemhearts, Masked ones had mistspren, regrow the would have Cultivationspren, the abrasion ones had Ashspren, division would be Highspren, transformation would be Cryptics, Husk ones would be Elsecallers, Deep ones would be Reachers, and whatever has tension would be Peakspren. I know its not perfect, because obviously the spren each grant 2 surges normally, but I still feel like there is something there. I’m sure this theory has been floated some way or another, but its been itching at the back of my brain for a few days now.
  11. In OB, it showed how they tried, but often would forget him, or do that minority "*you're one of the good ones*" thing, which, even if they didn't mean it, kind of put him on the outside of them.
  12. I had a similar thought after reading a bunch of these theories. What if she never had to reswear the Immortal Words with Pattern, but instead was able to use an extra truth to facilitate the bond. Pattern was way dumber at that point than Syl was at Kaladin's second Ideal
  13. I mean, it kind of makes perfect sense to me. The outcasts spend time together because they both feel unaccepted, and feelings develop. That's pretty logical to me
  14. I'll admit I didn't find Renarin as obvious, but in RoW, Rlain mentions how "mateform never went well" and that one stood out to me. So I didn't really find this as a surprise, even if I didn't connect the dots myself. I'm not sure why they being gay is such a big deal to people? Is it "cramming it in" that we have so many major hetero characters? BS literally crammed in the fact that Kaladin had a failed relationship into like 2 sentences and a couple throw backs, and he has depression. Not sure why someone can be depressed and hetero but someone can't be autistic and gay...
  15. I have a question about the timeline. The side carry is shown to happen before the chasmfiend hunt, though it occurs a full part after in TWOK. How did the varying timelines match up?