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  1. Hello Everyone my name is Zach. I am the Game Master for a New Actual Play TTRPG Podcast Based in the world of Scadrial From Mistborn Called ASHES & ALLOMANCY (A&A). We will be launching our first Episode or Chapter on June 8th! The game will take place during the first book so if you havnt read the first 3 books this show will contain spoilers if not now eventually. Now a quick note because it is a TTRPG obviously there may be some time line issues along the way so know that i intend to stay as close to the book as i can without sacrificing fun and adventure and player choice. The player will be having their own adventures but occasionally cross paths into the main story to experience all the big moments from the books that can be experienced from an outside character and as for the moments that they can experience i will be re skinning those experiences for the players themselves to see firsthand along with their own stories. The Players of A&A have not read the Books and will be experiencing these stories on podcast. Please follow us at for a teaser and every episode that launches. also show your support by following us at Thanks in advance for joining us and I hope to interact with you in the future.
  2. Thanks for the advice! It's called Ashes & Allomancy and I am doing a campaign using Savage Worlds but I did home brew Allomancy for the campaign and pulled alot from the mistborn rpg for information.
  3. From Mistborn I was a Kelsier Fan and From Stormlight Szeth
  4. My name is zach. Love to game and a recent fan of Brandon Sandersons works Ive read the first Stormlight book the first trilogy of mistborn and elantris so far and working on Warbreaker. Im pretty addicted. Anyway am a father of two boys and I am a Part of a few different ttrpg Podcast including one that i am starting soon that is based in the world of Mistborm that I am super excited about