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  1. Is sentinent objects playable
  2. I think I just figured a Good Boon/Bane. Something something about connection to different planets or everything and the bane would then include why magic dosent let him speak other languages
  3. So from a certain point I think it has been revealed The Nightwatcher Boon is all about change atleast. Wait, can Bondsmiths be created?
  4. What kind of boons have been given?
  5. It is meant to make the start of his cosmere/alleyverse harder.
  6. Too be honest I don't know what the Boon/Bane should be. How does someone even decide that. The reason I added it was because whatever I came up with (or someone suggested) it would be quite unique.
  7. How Broken? Like how strong PTSD?
  8. Name: Kadrix (Yeah he was named after one the islands) Physical Characteristics: 15 years old male, long black hair, tanned skin, round face, small for his age, body of someone that both rides and swim a lot. Investiture: He has been to the Nightwatcher. Skills: Kadrix is smarter than most people of his age, he is quite a skilled greatshell rider for his age. He has a talent for speaking that comes from him listening to the merchants that sail to the Reshi Isles to trade. Equipment: Nothing important Weakness: Simple said, not cosmere-aware. He is a terrible fighter, because that isn't really something people of the Reshi Isles do, he is quite young, he has a problem controlling his emotions, especially when someone talks about his height. He knows only how to speak Reshi. Family: Kadrix's father is a greatshell rider, his mother is a worldhopper from Sel that disappered when he was born. Home Planet: Roshar Backstory: Kadrix was abanonded by his worldhopper mother when he was born and thus his father was forced to raise him by himself. As a child he often spied on those that came to visit, mostly for the faint hope one of them could be his mother, but instead learned other stuff while also being taught how to ride greatshells by his father. When he grew older he decided to visit the Nightwatcher for one, single reason. He wanted to know if this mighty Godspren he had heard so much about had a limit and thus he asked for the strongest boon she could give. Guild:Unaffiliated Psyche: Bold and Curious. Personality: Kadrix thinks of himself as a great explorer, wanting to discover everything the world has to offer. Like most Reshi he tries to avoid conflict as he much more prefer relaxing. Appearance: N/A Theme Song: N/A Fighting Style: N/A
  9. So does the Nightwatcher have any limits on her boon/bane that a character can have?
  10. Both sounds best.
  11. That would be great. Is character posted here or in the PM?
  12. And where would I read that?
  13. When is "season" 3 starting? Is it possible to still join?