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  1. Don't ever take the cookies, they are spiked and will steal your soul. Welcome though.
  2. Oh no Nathan. One lesson for you, never take cookies. They are spiked and will steal your soul!
  3. It has no point yes, but it needs no point does it not
  4. Hmm Clarify, clarify please. You have no need to complicate things
  5. What??? I couldn't understand half of that
  6. ... Now i am confuzzled I HATH BEEN CONFUZZLED!!!!!!!
  7. Nooooooooo
  8. *wins for a second*
  9. Very, very, very weird
  10. I had sbac on my birthday whyyy why would you do this to me california
  11. Done
  12. Because the Ghanderflaffle empire was rising
  13. I'm good, no thank you
  14. I just post
  15. Hmm aha Blah blah blahhhhh now your head is a frying pan btw you cant see