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  1. If you burn lerasium and duralium ...
  2. Hi, I haven't been in this forum for a while. Sooo, Hi all.
  3. I would definitely say Vin, Spook and Saze are some of my favorite characters along with Wayne and some others but I am a bit confused with the newer series on why Mistborn’s are so uncommon. In the older one, I believe Kelsier once states that it is one in sixty Allomancers who are Mistborn’s ( you can correct me on this ) and now in the newer series their hasn’t been any talk of someone being a Mistborn.
  4. Hey all I started re-reading the Mistborn series and I am currently on book 5. Personally I like book 3 because it was so surprising ( I thought Kelsier was ruin ). Anyways what are your favorite Mistborn Books?
  5. Don't ever take the cookies, they are spiked and will steal your soul. Welcome though.
  6. Oh no Nathan. One lesson for you, never take cookies. They are spiked and will steal your soul!
  7. It has no point yes, but it needs no point does it not
  8. Hmm Clarify, clarify please. You have no need to complicate things
  9. What??? I couldn't understand half of that
  10. ... Now i am confuzzled I HATH BEEN CONFUZZLED!!!!!!!
  11. Nooooooooo
  12. *wins for a second*
  13. Very, very, very weird
  14. I had sbac on my birthday whyyy why would you do this to me california