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  1. Nyxim furrowed her brow when, instead of taking her proffered hand, the dude she was talking to took off up a hill. By now she had enough interest in this company by now to see what was going on. Strangely, Nyx wasn't suprised by the massiv tower sitting in the middle of nowhere, she's had expirience with arcitecture in strange places in the past. She saw that there was fighting on the side of the hill, and deciding that she wanted nothing to do with that, she approached and entered the tower.
  2. "I... wow..." Nyxim said, still a tad confused, but decided it was best not to try this man's patience. "Okay then," She turned to Abalard, ready to mount, but he danced to the side. Infuriating horse, she thought, glaring at him when yet again he resisted being mounted. They had a stare-off for a few seconds before Abalard stepped forward and nudged her towards the strange man again. Nyx sighed, connecting the pieces together. She turned towards the strange, maybe even a tad bit not-right-in-the-head man. "My name's Nyxim, I go by Nyx." She said proffering her hand whilst giving Abalard a look as if to say, There, happy now?
  3. Okay, who are you, and why is a ranger from the north on the throne that was rightfully mine?

    1. HoidWasTaken


      Wait, what?

    2. King Aragorn of Gondor

      King Aragorn of Gondor

      @Channelknight Fadran Gondor is mine, it was mine by birth.  Who are you to question my rightful kingship?  As for who I am, I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Isildurs heir, the people of Gondor owe me their allegiance.

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      The rule of Gondor is mine, and none other's!

  4. Nyxim furrowed her brow in confusion. "Wait, wait, back up a little bit, you're after a freaking dragon?!? What prophecy?!? Is it like... legit?? What is going on here, exactly?" She asked, waiting for a story so epic she could include it in her routine entertaining gigs.
  5. She nodded respectfully his way, and nudged Abalard forward. He didn't move. She nudged him again, not an inch. Again and again and again she tried. Come on, move! She thought, exasperated, but Abalard gave her a look, one that clearly said, I'm not moving, you're going to. Nyxim sighed and dismounted, turning to the man who had spoken, "My stubborn brat of a horse thinks something is going on that I need to know about, and by the looks of your party, he seems to be correct."
  6. Nyxim Stromic felt invincible riding atop Abalard. They were cantering along at ridiculous speeds that no other horse should be able to maintain and yet he did. When they came upon a most peculiar group. It looked like, well, Nyx wasn't sure what It looked like, but it did cause her to slow down her horse to a stop, and try to decern waht was going on, multiple people were talking in little groups of about two, all looking different from each other. By the gods... There was even an elf in their party.
  7. @Tesh
  8. Brando Sando is doing a Livestream at 7:00 about why he believes and why he's a member of the church if any of you are interested.
  9. Alexander Hamilton is my second cousin.

    Benjamin Franklin is my 9th great Uncle.

    I'm a direct decendent of Anne Boleyn.


    This is so cool...

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    2. Nathrangking


      Don't lose your head!

    3. Condensation


      I'm related to... a lot of people. Including Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln, and Jane Austen.

    4. King Aragorn of Gondor
  10. I am!
  11. *Strider scowls haughtily at the twigs, not that this did much, as the twigs didn't have eyes.* *decides to take a different approach in shaming the twigs* "Twigs are dumb anyway... like tiny logs... so, THERE!" *With her new found confidence, a shake of the shoulders, and a try at a "I'm better than you" expression, she looks at the leader twig, the one with the win, the king of the twigs, and steps on him, taking the win in the process.* *wins evilly while stepping on a twig corpse*
  12. *Strider grumbles and folds her arms like a petulant child.* "Twig is being very not nice... not nice at all." *quickly realizes that she had the win rightfully stolen from her which makes her grumble even more.* *follows up realization with realization that she is very competent with the weapon that's sitting at her hip, and that there was a twig.* *cackles evilly before plunging her spork into the win, taking it from twig.*
  13. *Strider sneaks in very sneakily* *steals the win, and a cookie, & still, very sneakily, crawls back into her hole." *strokes the win* "It's mine... my own..." *Realizes how creepily creepy she's being, she gets up, and walks away.* And takes the win with her. *wins*
  14. I'm not hopeless when it comes to society. Trust me though, I'm no social butterfly. Petitioning to join the Socially Awkward Bookworms?