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  1. Sorry I haven't been active that much.  I've been taking a break, my mental health isn't exactly where it should be at the moment, it's not great.  I'll still come here occasionally, but I haven't been doing so well.  Anyway, yeah. Bye for now.

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      I'm so sorry! I hope you get better, and I hope we'll get to see you again soon!

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  2. "Where could I find this person?" Lynn asked, her voice low and soft, acknowledging his request for this to be a secret.
  3. "Wow... so, theoretically, he could help me find a way around my curse?" She asked, hesitant. Maybe... just maybe... I could be a normal fae.
  4. "Who is this Morpheus and what does he know about curses?" She asked, genuinely curious.
  5. "I guess it doesn't matter, because of the curse everything I do, or try to do backfires." She said, dejectedly.
  6. She turned to Allie, suprised, she had completely forgotten about her presence in the room. "Yeah, sorry 'bout that, can't control it." Then Chakra asked about her parents. She felt a spark of anger arise, to put it lightly, she didn't care for them. "The lady I grew up with knew them. Apparently they didn't want or care about some cursed imperfect child." She said, bitterness lacing her voice. @xinoehp512 @WrathofaShardKitten
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!:D

  9. *Puts on an atrociously awful Sottish accent* Alrighty mate, let's get crack'n!!
  10. Lynn furrowed her brow, she honestly didn't know. "I don't know. Maybe my parents? I never knew them." She didn't add that they had abandoned her, but power was genetic, right? @xinoehp512
  11. Lynn turned at the sound of another voice, one that belonged to someone with power. She inadvertently fell into a defensive stance, then realized something, this... whatever he was was speaking in True language, a language Lynn herself had only used once before. Then he started asking questions, about her, and her curse. She groaned inwardly, she didn't like this topic. She then sighed and answered the question. "I don't have a dark aura because I'm not a dark fae, no matter what they say. My parents were both normal fae. I was cursed at a young age, I can't do normal enchantments, Whatever I do, or try to, ends up into some horrible curse that I can't revoke." Without making it worse, She thought, agian, rubbing her arms beneath the glamour and the iron scars that lay there, reminders of what she had done to Sleeping Beauty. @xinoehp512 @WrathofaShardKitten
  12. Lynn shook herself out of her stooper and started trying to keep up with everything Allie was saying, but it was harder than expected, the girl talked SO fast. It was getting easier to talk to Allie, and it was refreshing to have someone who didn't immediately judge her, but, then again, Allie might not know of who Lynn really was. "Thank you, you too." She said, earnestly then Lynn answered her question, "Yeah, actually I'm wearing it right now." The lotion had a strangely soothing effect on her and she'd decided to go ahead and wear it today, to help keep her from murdering the nobles. @WrathofaShardKitten
  13. Lynn laughed, this girl really hadn't changed much. Then she asked about Sky, "He most definitely isn't here. He'd rather eat his own tail, he hates bright colors and fake emotions." Lynn said, but that wasn't the only reason he wasn't here. For Sky was a very intelligent bird, fae magic could do that to animals, and he also hated people in power after the sleeping beauty incident. Unconsciously, Lynn rubbed her arms where her iron scars would be concealed by the glamour. @WrathofaShardKitten
  14. Lynn was getting a bit perturbed. Most of the nobles that Ash had introduced her to looked at her in a way that gave the impression that, if Ash wasn't there, they could tear her, verbally, and perhaps physically limb from limb. She knew that this kingdom and Briar's had a healthy alliance, but she had no idea things ran so deep. A flash of movement caught her eye and she turned and saw the girl from before, Allie. Finally, someone who didn't know who she was and who was fun to talk to. She excused herself, sending Ash a sympathetic look, for the man they were talking to was one of the most boring people Lynn had ever met. She made her way over to Allie, some of her annoyance fading. "Hi, Allie, right?" @WrathofaShardKitten @Bluest