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  1. "Ok, cool." She said.
  2. "What are you reading?" Nym said, just kinda wanting to break the silence that had been over them for the last little while. @Hope Spren
  3. "Of course. That is just a precautionary plan." She flipped to a page and started skimming. "Oh, Tom Bombadil, you never cease to amaze." @Hope Spren
  4. "If they don't I am going to move to Middle Earth and build an Internet Cafe, where anyone can witness the epic saga. I will need a partner in this endeavor." Nym said, smiling. "You'll do." @Hope Spren
  5. "Good planning then" Nym said with a solemn nod. "You will tremble in wonder at Legolas climbing the arrows, and Aragorn's speech at the black gate."
  6. "They are all amazing, if you can get through the fellowship without falling asleep."
  7. *Wins in a way so that no one else wins besides her*
  8. "Wow. You are an Amazing cook, I am absolutely, completely sure people will love it if they have any respect for Mexican food at all." She then got serious, "We need to have a Lord of the Rings marathon sometime soon, my family used to do it all the time with me." @Hope Spren
  9. "I completely agree, Tolkien is a mastermind of epic proportions, and yes, I have read all of Tolkien's books, they are great, though for Lord of the Rings, I have to say I like the movie better." She smiled at Evelyn, and looked at the half plate of food she had left, "Sorry about that, do you want me to go get more? That food was utterly delicious." @Hope Spren
  10. I is DEAD, and now I will haunt your soul...
  11. You get Mitosis! *inserts Shardscissors*
  12. "OK, " She was about to say something else, but a book caught her eye, "You have Tolkien!!!" She rushed over and grabbed the book. @Hope Spren