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  1. "I knew I would like you!" She said, smiling, going to the frige and pulling out a piece of cake. She paused for a moment, "What was rhat you said about making cake right now?" @Bookish Ocelot
  2. "Not sure, I left early." Nym said, embarrassed. She looked at the cake, and gave a smile, she would get along with these people just fine. @Bookish Ocelot
  3. Nym acknowledged Leona, saying, "We are." She wasn't really sure which one of the Radiants it was. She stood up, looking in her direction. @Tesh @Dr. Dapper @Bookish Ocelot
  4. I know this sounds weird, but I'd like to go out in a memorable or heroic way. *wins*
  5. Welcome to the shard!! *marvel's at the fanart* Your fanart is Amazing!!!
  6. Hi, and welcome to the Shard!!!!! We're glad to have you.
  7. Dear worldhopping friends, I call you friends, not because I believe you to be my friends, but we are too well acquainted to be considered acquaintances, and you aren't annoying enough to be called my enemies, nor would I want enemies out of you, so I call you friends, not of any attachment to you, but to my own preferences. I have been recently in the land of Sel, and storms know how hard it is to leave there, but while I was there I found something most unusual, Hope. In the form of a, well, acquaintance. She was a fool, but a fool that believed in us, believed that we could turn the Cosmere around and help. Storming fool made me believe her. So, I seek to call all of you to arms, to fight against Odium, and all he has stood for. To make a difference, and dare I say it, join the one whom the 17th shard has been hunting so diligently. My Brothers and sisters, can we just sit back and watch Odium conquer all? Do we forget so quickly the disasters he has called "moral", the disasters that killed, not only hundreds, maybe thousands of people, but some of our own? I seek to make that which once was, a goal of not only me, but of the original worldhopper. You know of whom I speak, the one who has, to put it lightly, made a difference while you STORMING fools are sitting around, worried about if you'll get the next shipment of spikes. If you've been paying attention at all, you know where I'll be. Join me, Aragorn, worldhopper, Ranger, and King @Honorless, @FictionSpren, @anyoneelse @Dreamer, I did not kill you, though I have been tempted to on some occasions, I was not the one who killed you, and frankly, I am pleased that you have been successfully revived.) @The Traveller, You have been the one worldhopper which I consider a true friend, I know you are dissatisfied with the state of the Cosmere now, so I plead with you, above all others, join me.
  8. Lynn left, Sky flying beside her, the buildings growing distant. As she flew, she thought. Could I really have friends here? I can't recall a time when people actually want to be there for me. That is, except Kate, but she was different, she'd shown Lynn how to control her magic, after the sleeping spell incident. She thought, could I really start over with the Fae? As she poured over these questions, she saw the castle looming in the distance. She felt a sharp panic rise inside her, but pushed it down, fear could wait, this can't. She flew down and landed in a immaculate garden, Sky landing on her outstretched arm. @Bluest
  9. Lynn studied the girl, not sure what to say, then turned and looked at Allie, "I guess I'll see you around." She turned away, and hesitated, she went over to Allie, "I'll be living in the palace for a couple of weeks," she whispered, "If you need anything, you can come to me." She glanced at the girl again, "Now you've seen me." Then, took flight, heading towards the palace. @Dr. Dapper @WrathofaShardKitten @Bluest
  10. Sky had given her warning of the girl coming, so Lynn wasn't surprised at her presence. But then she said something about having her description. "Is that a good thing?" Lynn said cooly, even though she was panicking inside. Who was her boss? What does this mean? And a multitude of other questions came to her head, going on a loop. @Dr. Dapper
  11. Lynn glanced at Allie, not sure what to say, had she heard their conversation? @WrathofaShardKitten
  12. Lynn rubbed her face, why?, why'd it have to be there? Well, seeing as it was this, or go back to her hometown, she'd take this any day. She let out a sigh, "I'll take it, Thanks." She could do this, right? I mean, she only had to withstand it for two weeks, and she had heard that the palace had a lovely garden and forested area. "I'll head over there as soon as possible, Thank you again." She looked back at Allie. @Bluest @WrathofaShardKitten
  13. "Right, well, I may need somewhere to hole up for a while, I was just kicked out of my hotel room." She sighed, "Any recommendations?" There it was, out there, yes, she, revered as an evil fae in most people's eyes, needed help. @Bluest
  14. "Well, neither did I." Lynn said, then hesitated, she needed to continue. "Did you really mean what you said back there, to the dwarf and the human?" @Bluest
  15. Lynn slipped the lotion into her violin case and heard Ash finally answer the phone. She glanced at Allie, looking apologetic, and said, "I've gotta take this." She picked up the phone and answered, "This is Lynn, is this Ash?" @Bluest @WrathofaShardKitten