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  1. I've been reading a bunch of WoBs and I've had some thoughts based on a few of them. I probably should have saved links, but I didn't. Sorry about that. Since I haven't saved links I'll probably misremember a bunch of technical terms. Sorry about that as well. BS said that Shallan reminded Kaladin of Tien because Tien was close to becoming a lightweaver. He also said that lightweavers make the people around them be better versions of themselves. Does that mean that Shallans family are monsters who became merely evil through her influence. It's been a while since I've read SA, but I seem to recall that her family were horrible people who, if they existed in our world, would probably be the subject of a Netflix documentary series about a family of serial killers. It seems odd that he described lightweavers as people who bring the best out of the people around them when there are a bunch of scenes that lay clear her brother regularly tortures small animals. Or, is their some sort of external influence that is affecting her family to make them like that, like some sort of anti Pattern? As a side note to this, BS has said that red can mean corrupted investiture, is Shallan corrupted in same way because she has red hair? Could the Horneaters be corrupted in same way as well? Would someone from Elantris be able to use an AonDor when they were on a different planet by drawing a constellation? Possibly a different constellation, depending on the planet they are on, that shows Sel (?) in relation to other significant Cosmere planets as they would be seen from the night sky of whatever planet they are on? Could Shai, from The Emperors Soul, use her soul forging skills to revive the spren from Adolin's sword? It's still there, kind of, so I wondered if she could stamp the shard blade in a way to make it so that the spren had made a bond with Adolin, who hadn't broken an oath. Another possibility for "curing" Adolin's sword, which contradicts my above theory, is would a chromium savant be able to cleanse the spren and revive it? That's about it. Like I said, I'm sure that these have already been asked or answered. Either that or I'm completely misunderstanding several things. Or, you know, both.
  2. When Brade tested her weapon inside the delver maze I got the impression that she actually pressed a button in her cockpit to use it. This means that the Superiority have a way to broadcast cytonic hyperspace coordinates. Presumably the weaponised version was using a lot more power than the version that they use for the taynix, and it was a wide broadcast rather than a narrow one. I'm going to further presume that something about artificially putting the coordinates in the taynixs mind is what causes it to scream when they enter the nowhere. Further to this, I'm going to presume that the method of hyperspace was basically the same for the original crew of the Defiant, except that the engine crew was responsible for giving the taynix the coordinates rather than using a computer of some sort. I think that the Superiority learning how to "program" a taynix would have been what allowed them to win the second galactic war and that part of the reason a third war started was an attempt to stop the Superiority from using the technology, due to the danger it posed to the galaxy. If any of this is even remotely close, than I think that book 3 will see the population of Detritus being evacuated to ReDawn by Alanik on a captured Superiority battlecruiser using the taynix colony that Jorgen found.
  3. You're probably right with regards to this. I think I read once that Napoleon said that moral is to physical as three is to one, a motivated soldier is worth three times an unmotivated one. I think that it's like when you are playing a sandbox base building game, once you get to a point where there are no more resources on the map you can't afford as many new troops or buildings and you know that eventually the game will whittle you down to nothing. The DDF just kind of stagnated and failed to grow. I wonder how much of that is due to the death of Chaser? He seemed to be the one that could talk the rest of the First Citizens into going along with the crazy plans, while Ironsides was the one that everyone looked to to say "well, if you think it's a good idea then we'll do it." Kind of like Spensa and Jorgen. With him gone, Ironsides didn't have anyone to really push her forward.
  4. Possibly, but not necessarily. They are clearly an intelligent species, but not one that has a great understanding of the universe at a human level. If they are unaware that the buzzing noises the snuff out from time to time are living beings than it follows logically that they wouldn't understand that they are related to a species that is even smaller. They may not even be aware that they have a larval form, just because the Diones retain the memories of those type events doesn't mean all species would. The screams may draw their attraction through an instinctive reaction and they're not even sure why. Of course, they are also clearly a fairly moral species and it may simply be that they are being drawn to a creature in pain and are concerned about how to relieve it's suffering, but when Spensa contacted the mind of that delver he just seemed to want to cause the buzzing noises to stop because they were annoying him, not because they had hurt a member of his species.
  5. spoilers

    My theory is that the delvers are related to the taynix, but I had a shower thought this morning that this series could exist in the same literary universe as Conan and Cthulu. I was thinking what if Spensa had asked M-Bot to check the datanet for a story about Conan instead of Fallen Leaf what he would have told her. Then I was thinking about how Robert E. Howard wrote a background of the world that Conan existed in and how it went beyond Conan's time and showed how the different races from the Hyborian Age eventually became the civilisations from ancient history, essentially making it a prehistory of Earth. Add to that the fact that Howard was friends with Lovecraft and put references to his work in the Conan stories then it gets easy to "what if" the delvers are Great Old Ones. There are a few that based on the descriptions from the wiki that match the bill, more or less. Even if you don't try to make them fit, there is definitely a very Lovecraftian vibe to the delvers. Which means that when Spensa made a dedication of battle to Crom, he may have heard her. According to the Howard version, not the movie version, Crom only sends doom and death. I'll have to double check the ending of the book but I think she fights that Krell before she finds M-Bot and Doomslug, so you could conceivably say that that Crom sent both. I know that M-Bot is still "alive" but his body has died. The Great Old Ones that I think are similar to delvers, to save people the time of looking them up. I know there are a lot of tentacles and spines, but they could be reinterpreted as the arms of a maze. Ammutseba Devourer of Stars A dark cloudy mass, with tentacles, absorbing falling stars. Gi-Hoveg The Aether Anemone A cosmic-entity manifesting as a gigantic, spongy, and fleshy mass covered in a myriad of both eyes and spines. He is said to be the nemesis of the Outer God Uvhash, usually summoned to contrast this deity. Xitalu Being of Higher Dimension A tentacled, multi-eyed, soul-devouring abomination which dwells between dimensions. And for the people who want to look them up anyway.
  6. Ok, I was very wrong about Brade's motivation for working with the Krell, my current suspicion is that she will switch sides at the last minute and sacrifice herself in book 4. Wrong about the Kitsen Shadow Walkers being the hyperdrive as well. I had a thought today that Skyward is a prologue that got out of Sanderson's control, that the intention had only been to write a trilogy but there where too many events from Spensa's training that he wanted to address in later books that made it necessary to expand it out to a full novel. I'm curious as to how the hyperdrives would transport themselves away when a Superiority ship was stolen? Especially considering that based on the procedures on the Weights and Measures seemed to be that they carry multiple slugs in case of engine failure. There are questions about Taynix physiology as well. The first being what is the natural life cycle of a taynix? My wild speculation is that the colony Jorgen found aren't the descendants of the Taynix that the Defiant brought with them but are, at least partially, the original slugs the humans had with them. Further to this is that Doomslug was the hyperdrive for M-Bot, which is why Spensa says that she usually liked to be near him. That speculation continues and gets even wilder here. I think that the taynix may be immature delvers. I may just be thinking of caterpillars turning into butterflies because of the dione method of reproducing, but I think it could be possible that the taynix are a type of larval from of the delvers. This would explain why both species have cytonic abilities and also why every time they made a hyper jump Spensa could sense the eyes focusing on the source of the scream, they were looking at their young as it was being tortured. Yep, I think that the Superiority's method of using the slugs was torturing them in some way and I also think that it will turn out that Gran-Gran knows of ways to utilise them without hurting them. If my earlier theory about the slugs lifespan is correct then Doomslug probably wouldn't hang about M-Bot still if it was a painful memory for her. I'm a little surprised that nothing came of the sensors that had been in Spensa's helmet in Skyward. I was sure that the DDF would have been using them to identify cytonics in their ranks. Waiting for someone to decide to tell Cobb that they had seen the eyes of the delvers seems to be an inefficient way to find the people that they know have an invaluable ability. The DDF did get a lot more skilled between books, it seems. Sure they had Spensa and M-Bot, but while she was off at Starsight you never got the impression in any of the interludes that the DDF had started struggling without her. You don't really get a chance to see much of Skyward flight when she gets back so they may have taken some casualties, but Cobb never seemed to have as many battles with mass casualties associated to them like Ironsides did. Sure he's arguably better in the job than she was, but it's not like he changed their tactics too much. One last thing about Doomslug, when Spensa first gets to Starsight and she is being hailed, she asks "By who?" Doomslug immediately chimes in with "By whom!" I'm pretty sure this is the only time that Doomslug doesn't just imitate the noise she hears. But not only does she say something different, she corrects Spensa's grammar. At least I presume she does, I've always been pretty vague about when to use whom instead of who. The point is is that she is saying something else, not just being a brightly coloured lyre bird. I think that, because of my earlier theory that she was the original hyperdrive for M-Bot, she was actually repeating something that had been said by Commander Spears. Well, that's it for me, for now. Feel free to tell me why my theories are wrong. Or, even better, why they are right and a different piece (or any piece in some cases) of evidence to support it.
  7. I figure that I'll post it here so that if I'm right I can look back on this post with self-satisfied smugness, and if I'm wrong it'll be in a handy spot for people to find to mock my stupidity. So, it seems like the Superiority doesn't have hyperdrives and are using cytonics against their will for FTL travel, that's the scream Spensa hears when they are travelling, but I don't think that it's going to be human cytonics. I think that they are going to be the Kitsen shadow walkers and that they were enslaved by the Superiority to be their engines, probably only very senior ranks now the truth. I also think that to be a licensed human the Superiority take a close family member hostage, I'm pretty sure that Brade will have a daughter being held in captivity somewhere. Those are my two big speculations, I have others but these are the only two I want a record of.
  8. Hello all. I came across Sandersons works a few months ago and have been working my way through them, and encouraging friends to do the same, and I've finally decided to ask some questions of the brains trust that is this forum. Apologies for character names that I've forgotten and other such things. First, When talking to a friend, who is multi lingual, and talking her into reading the Cosmere she came across the German audio books for Mistborn. This made me wonder what they did for the translations, since German will allow you to create new compound words. Did they put words like "allomantic" straight into the book, or did they work out the compound word translation? Second, How does the magic work on Sel? I only have a fairly basic understanding of the rules of magic in the Cosmere, but what I know is that there are three types of magic on each world. Scadrial has allomancy, ferrochemical abilities and hemalurgy. Sel, though, has drawing the symbols that the Elantrians use (can't remember what they were called, Ahn Do?) the chanting and bone spikes that the priests use and the martial art that the nobleman used at the end of Elantris. But, Sel also has the forging and bloodsealing from The Emperor's Soul, which brings it up to 5 magic types, unless I'm misunderstanding something which I probably am. Third, is more of a theory. Adonolsium is killed and the shards of his body are split between the sixteen individuals who killed him. We don't know much about that whole situation, but my thought is that those that did the killing had been living with Adonolsium as their god for awhile and where opportunistic when they killed him and divided his power. Since then, they've all struggled to emulate Adonolsium, in their own ways, and one of the ways has been through magic. None of the sixteen understood how Adonolsium performed his magic/miracles and they had all, pre murder, developed their own theories as to how it worked. That's why different worlds have different ways of doing the same things, they didn't understand how Adonolsium could fly so on Scadrial they push against metal and on Roshar they use surgebindings. They had seen Adonolsium grant power to ordinary people and, perhaps, some of the eventual murders had speculated about how he had done so and come up with the theory that he had inserted some type of spike that grants a measure of power, and so on Scadrial that turns into hemalurgy and on Sel the cultish priesthood uses it to create monstrous super soldiers. So, my theory is that the 16 original shards were attempting to emulate Adonolsium with their magic systems and created their own systems based on the speculations of their pre shard personas and channeled by the laws of a universe that they hadn't fully understood when they gained their powers. Finally, to lighten the mood. Would Shallan consider a lace glove to be scandalous lingerie?