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  1. That's a great idea, not sure how to implement it yet but thank you for the feedback and I will update this post eventually when I solidify how the system works a little more.
  2. Exactly why I chose those words!
  3. I didn't plan on doing it this way, but I think I have a basic foundation started. There are many kingdoms run by what humans think are gods, each kingdom has one god as ruler. The "gods" cannot influence humanity and some aspects of the world unless humans give them permission. So in order to gain influence over mankind the gods each give different gifts in exchange for the loyalty of a human. As a result, humans live and serve in different kingdoms in exchange for gifts from the gods. For instance: Serve the god of knowledge and you have a limited scope of telepathy. It needs to be worked out but its a start. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  4. You have an interesting idea with everyone having a different theory on where magic comes from, thanks for the feedback Karger! Also an idea I had is beings giving a type of magic to humans, but not being gods. Not sure how to reconcile it but I think I'm getting closer.
  5. I'm sorry but its not planned out very well yet, I plan on expanding the system once I establish the source because the source will influence the type of magic it is.
  6. Hey guys! I'm trying to create a magic system for my book and keep bumping into the same problem when I work on the source: Magic is power bigger than mankind, and thus implies that either a deity must exist in the book or a Force, like in Star Wars. Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid gods and also avoid having magic be a well of power like the Force?
  7. Its kinda hard to choose, my favorite series is Mistborn but my favorite book is probably Words of Radiance.
  8. Hey I'm new to this forum so I added this post for the introduction section. I'm a big fan of Brandon Sanderson and his magic systems especially, though the ending of the Mistborn trilogy was a little weird. And I love MTG as well, I play a Mono-blue control deck in modern and a blue red creature steal deck in Commander, though that deck also a fair amount of control strategies. I'm a beta reader for an author I know and I plan to write my own book eventually too. So thats pretty much all, and the end of this post.